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I accept who I am as a Divine being of light brilliantly exploring all the darkness humanity has to offer.

I will never forget that any experience of myself that brings me anywhere in my mind other than love is an exploration of the darkness of the human mind.


The experience itself is the opportunity to find my balance by loving me and in my inner balance my light will shine on the path through the darkness of the balanced experience of me.


"Say it 10 times at a time and say it several times a day and your going to change your entire way

of being you"


channeled by

Laura Mirante

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Compassion is a detached state of acceptance, unconditional acceptance intellectually and emotional support.

It is a thought that says:

“I see you beautiful soul and I see the difficult life you’ve chosen for your growth and I honor you for walking this path.

With all the love that I am I support you on your journey.

Without judgment or expectation of result I love you.”

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