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There are Angels among us. There are loving beings of light in every experience we have.  There are powers beyond the human comprehension here in Spirit and in physicality, willing to assist u

10-10-10- Channel with St. Francis


It is an energy of the One that defines how we each, individually, add our own, unique interpretation of this effort to shift the Collective.

So many are waiting for a great avatar or a significant leader to follow. So many still look to others to generate this sense of Unity in our individual efforts at finding our own innate Truth, but my dear friends, it is in your individual efforts to follow the energy that the Unity comes.  There is no guideline for this.  There are no higher or lower levels of enlightenment to achieve in a certain order.


It is the individual journeys that define the Collective experience and it is through each soul’s willingness to explore their individuality to the fullest that promotes the evolution of the One. 

Be who you feel intuitively pulled to be in this moment.


This is the most direct way I can relay to you, the most astute use of your energy.   

Be who you know you can be with the most persistent devotion to feeling your way through each shift on your journey.  Be willing to shift in any given moment with the flow of the energy.


Each individual experiences feeling the connection to the One in their own way and this is a true acceptance of the Divine energy that is guiding us through this illuminating experience.

Feel your way.

You do not have to be a psychic or a medium to hear, or feel, or know what is being relayed to you, energetically.   You each have had your moments where it has been obvious to you which direction you should move in and you each have had your moments where you have questioned what it is you are doing.

Remember, the energy is fluid and continually shifting with the tides of the human experience.   

Be open to the fickleness of the energy, for in one moment, you may feel pulled to let go of everything you have and devote your life to Spirit and, in another, you may feel inclined to settle down and find comfort in the little things in life.


Be genuinely accepting of these inclinations to shift, for each experience brings forward a new level of heightened awareness, a new stage of emotional progression, a new form of logically integrating and understanding of this experience through the acceptance of these different levels of knowing that become clear through our willingness to believe that each experience is guided by our higher selves, in conjunction with the energy of the One that is so deeply affected by this collective experience.   


This great effort at achieving a logical understanding of how this all works is part of the process of lifting the Collective out of this fog of fear it has created, to dilute the investment Spirit has on this physical existence.

There had to be a defining energy of separation and this is the benefit of the fear; it is the part of the human that is defining this human experience, for without the fear, there’d be only Love and then what fun would this experience be?

Mastery is feeling the fear without allowing it to affect how you perceive your Truth.

Be the master of this life.

Be the energy of Truth that will not be persuaded to be anything other than the Love we are.   


There is no logical term to reference the kind of energy beginning to assimilate through this experience and as you each move away from this exchange, call forward the energy of the Angelic realm on a daily basis, for it is this level of energy that is supporting those willing to look beyond the ego for comfort, beyond the mind for understanding and deep into the heart for this sense of Unity.

Be fueled by this experience to begin to acknowledge this energy of mastery within reach. 


Believe that this is not something only for the enlightened ones of your time, or of times past. 


Believe this is your birthright and this is the time to claim this birthright, for there has never been a more willing energy of assistance on this plane of existence before now, with such a tremendous Love for those in physicality willing; willing to share, willing to believe in this energy that is so elusive, yet so affecting; willing to say emphatically that there are Angels among us.


There are loving beings of light in every experience we have. 


There are powers beyond the human comprehension here in Spirit and in physicality, willing to assist us humans along this journey; willing to take a step back and digest it all and create a fluent line of communication among these energies that I speak of.   


You, each, have experienced Divine communication in your own way.  Whether it be the butterfly trying to get your attention, the energy of the mouse scurrying by, or the tree that brings you comfort, just by its willingness to stand strong and give, of itself, whatever it is you need in that moment.


Feel this level of connectedness with all of life.    

Realize that from outside the physical experience your world is a conglomeration of energies that is guided by a higher intelligence that is affected by the individual experiences you each share willingly.  


Realize that this conglomeration of energy is what you are a part of.  It is not a place that you are visiting, but you are a part of this place you see as your world. 


You are an energy feeding a bigger energy of life, just as each cell within your being feeds you in some way, you feed the collective energy of the entire world and then this world feeds the energy of the Galaxy and then this Galaxy feeds the energy of the Universe and so on and so on.

You are a magnificent creature, beyond limitation.   

Your energy moves so far beyond this world, you cannot comprehend how many levels of consciousness you actually affect.


Okay, let’s create another image in your mind; one where each of you is sitting in a circle and you each hold an intention of helping heal a world that humanity itself has affected so intrinsically.

Imagine that your hearts are overflowing with the compassion you feel for the fish and dolphins in the oceans, feeling their little part of the world being smothered with garbage.

Imagine that you can feel the immense energy of the trees and the effect they must have on this wonderful globe we exist on and imagine that your hearts are filling these trees with your Love, in hopes that this Love will flow through their roots to the center of the earth, to be shared where it is needed most.


Imagine that you stand in the desert with arms opened wide, embracing the beauty of the sun, in all its glory, and basking in the warmth it feeds this earth.


Imagine that your efforts to help heal this planet can actually be the impetus for change; can actually produce a sense of accomplishment, a sense of certainty in that this intention alone has helped the earth, has given new life to those in the ocean and has fed deeply the Collective.


Imagine that this is enough.


The intention to be whole again is enough.


Imagine that you, as a part of this whole, holding this intention, can affect the entire human experience.


channeled 10/10/10

by Laura Mirante


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