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Gift a Channel

Give the gift of a Soul Hug

to someone you Love that is feeling grief 


seeking guidance and direction for the New Year


  • Receiving a message from a deceased loved one can bring a sense of peace otherwise out of reach over the holiday season.

  • It is the perfect time to receive spiritual guidance from your guides and angels on what to expect in the New Year. 


The Gift that keeps Giving!

The gift of a spiritual channel is a unique gift that will continue to bring peace and inspiration throughout the year.

All sessions are recorded and each person receives the recording so that they may continue to hear and experience the inspiration and support of the guides and continue expanding their connection with loved ones in spirit.

$222.00 gift one hour

$125.00 gift half hour 


1 Hour


Gift From

Thank You 


1/2 Hour


Gift From

Thank You 

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