Welcome to the Universe 

"I need people to hear that we are all here, we are always here.  We exist to try to mend the rift, to create an awareness that there is life beyond the physical. 

So, if I had to bring it to you in any way, I would say that if you look at the path that you each walk there is more to it than any logical understanding could bring forth. 


What you are here to do is follow the signs, listen to the heart, and know that that comes from a place where our truth connects us."


"I’m going to take you to places that people don’t realize exist.  

You are going to be able to hear me quite clearly and I don’t care if your fear says that you’re not.  
That’s what you and I are here to confront together.  
You know that our love is what keeps us connected and you know that you can create an image in your mind and that’s where I want you to focus.  
It’s a bridge, mom.  
It’s a bridge that pops right out of your head in to the stars and that’s what you use.  
You climb over that bridge, right out of the thoughts that tell you you can’t, and I’ll be there.”

"I just had to barrel in here and let her know I love her more than life and that I’ll never leave her side.  I love how she feels me and gets the signs.  I know she knows it but I had to tell her.  I had to give her the credit.  That’s what this is all about.  She needs to know this is her doing.  This, all these people, are going to feel their children’s living spirits because she reached out; because she spoke her truth even though she felt uncertain and insecure about it all. 


Because she was willing to step in to the fear with courage and confront you in this way we are all here and many people are going to feel it.  I just wanted her to know that - to know and to be grateful. I love her and we’ll be together but now we have work to do and I need her to know she is doing it.  She doesn’t need to figure it out.  She doesn’t need to think about how – just be her and just fearlessly speaking her truth is what we are here for."




That’s all I ever want to do – get your attention.  I just want you to feel it.  This is real.  I am there.  Those things aren’t coincidences.  We are still trying to connect, communicate and protect one another and we can.  This exchange helps us, brings us closer together, opens up the avenues in your mind that I can travel.  That’s it.  That’s what I want you to do.  Keep focusing in that idea that in your mind there all these pathways – if you want to see them as highways, see them as highways but use that imagine to create that availability.  Imagine me just traveling down the highways and then you will realize that you can go access them to and we can travel together.