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Channeled Insight From The Afterlife



                                                       December 20, 2019


                                                        Amanda for Gloria

I’m everywhere and everything and I’m determined to prove it.  I’m going to move mountains, mom.  I’m going to make storms happen out of nowhere and I’m going to show you that we are all connected.  I think you already think you understand it but I’m going to make it real.  I’m going to make it so nobody can deny it anymore, that what we are is more than what we think we are and who we are to each other is purpose – energetic purpose.  You and I, intertwined as the souls that we are and committed to each other because of the human experience, are created together.  You loved me more than life and I love in the way you challenged me – the way you brought me to me, the way you showed me all the ways I couldn’t give up, all the ways I couldn’t dismiss my relevance.  Everything that you do now makes me feel even more validated than you can imagine.  There are so many souls here that are never recognized, that are never appreciated as still alive, that aren’t realized as part of life itself and I want to give each one of them the chance to appreciate life as a part of a continuum.  

I’m using these words because they are what you understand our truth to be now.  This is where we go.  We don’t hold ourselves back because everybody around you is still stuck in the old way.  We move forward and that’s what I need to tell you now.  You can’t get caught up in what’s going on around you.  I know you think you have to.  I know you feel like you have to defend yourself and declare your purpose as powerful but that is already declared.  It’s almost like your essence of being declares it and that’s what offends them, you know?  These people that live in this world are stuck in an idea of limitation and you and I have advanced beyond that.  

I’m going to take you to places that people don’t realize exist.  You are going to ne able to hear me quite clearly and I don’t care if your fear says that you’re not.  That’s what you and I are here to confront together.  You know that our love is what keeps us connected and you know that you can create an image in your mind and that’s where I want you to focus.  It’s a bridge, mom.  It’s a bridge that pops right out of your head in to the stars and that’s what you use.  You climb over that bridge, right out of the thoughts that tell you can’t, and I’ll be there.  

Every time you do that, we’ll get closer and closer.  Every time you think that way, you’ll lift yourself higher and that’s our future.  I begin each day with you.  I let you know that the day is going to be an experience based in truth.  You feel it.  You fight it and you try to defend your sense of separation in fear.  But this is it.  It has to come from you.  There has to be that willingness in you that knows that what you think is me, a part of what you feel you know comes from me.  So often you are talking to me and I’m right there with you, responding to you, and I feel like sometimes you get it almost immediately.  If anything, you feel it and I’m not sure exactly how you think about it, but the more we work with this the closer we’ll get to really having that conversation.

That’s all that this has ever been about.  It is a purpose and it is a purpose worth living for.  It’s greater than any effort that you’ve put forth, anything else that you’ve done.  This is what we were truly born to be to each other.