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We are pleased to share that Laura Mirante is partnering with the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) to study how transformative practices influence interconnectedness, well-being, and intuition.


Participants in this Intuitive Development Series are qualified to help IONS Discovery Lab change how we understand human potential, how we understand the nature of reality, and who we are as humans in this interconnected reality. Click the link for more information about IONS Discovery Lab.
If you choose to participate, you will complete TWO surveys. The first survey will take approximately 20-30 minutes to complete BEFORE the series and a second survey will take 15-20 minutes to complete AFTER series. 

You are not required to participate in the study if you join the class.

  Intuitive Development

  Uncover your innate ability to interact intuitively with

your Loved Ones, Spirit Guides,  Angels & your Higher Self


your Loved Ones, Spirit Guides, Angels & your Higher Self

Learn your unique path to Sentient Acuity

Peace of mind comes when you know you will always know what you need to know when you need to know it.

Your soul knows this.

This experience will help align your mind with the innate intuitive intelligence of the soul.

Anchor 1

"I know more than I think"


Say it with me


"I know more than I think"


Because it's true and your mind needs to hear you say that so say it again,

"I know more than I think!”

Wouldn't it be great to know that you will always know what you need to know when you need to know it? 

So how do we get our intellectual mind to think that and how do we get our thinking mind to believe it?


The definition of ‘intellect’ is; 

 the faculty of reasoning and understanding objectively, especially with regard to abstract or academic matters. 


The definition of ‘intuition’ is;

 the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.


The definition of ‘instinct’ is;  without conscious thought.


You are a soul connected in and to a field of awareness. The intellect may label this field of awareness divine, the Holy Spirit, the Tao, Allah, Almighty Source, God consciousness, Quantum field essence the divine speaks as 'innate knowing'.


The field is filled with ‘insight’ always trying to make its way into our thinking minds through our five senses because that is what we think we are, what we can perceive through our five senses.

What we truly are is what we know we are prompted to 

‘be instinctively intuitively’ yet we have been programmed intellectually to think we have to think. 


How many times has your incessant thinking mind driven you off a cliff? 



How many times has your "gut instinct" guided you to safety?



We are learning to redirect the point of focus of our ‘intent of being’ from the thinking mind to the soulfully connected, purposefully driven,  intuitively inspired heart.


The heart is the door that leads to the field of awareness.  

Faith is the key. Faith in the immediate availability of the instinctual intuitive knowing. 

So we use the insight from the messages we get in these groups and the signs and synchronicities in our everyday lives to make the surreal SO-real, believable and undeniable.

Screen Shot 2021-08-17 at 6.23.59 PM.png

Every 4 weeks receive LIVE

Channeled teachings, frequency downloads, meditations, mantras and personal insight into your own intuitive gifts and blocks from souls in spirit channeled through Laura Mirante.

You will learn from:

Spiritual channels, healers and mediums like

Sally Baldwin, Edgar Cayce, Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Jane Roberts,

Entities like Seth, Michael, Abraham, +

Arch Angels, Spirit guides, Loved Ones,

and you will receive a message directly from your Higher Self and many other enlightened souls.  


I am a changed person (for the better) due to this mother’s group and the insights provided by the kids, Sally and those you channel. I show up much differently in the world and feel at peace with no fear. I am forever grateful for your role in helping me find a way forward after my son's passing. 


The channels create a head/heart space to receive and be open to an alternative perception to navigate this Earthly life. It’s transforming to know that there are nurturing spirit guides and an all knowing, loving Divine Source who take an interest in and guide my spiritual growth and well being. 


One of the greatest gifts of these readings is changing the hierarchy of decision making, allowing instinct and heart led compassion take precedence over the logical mind. Trusting the heart’s lead and Divine Source for finding my center has changed the way I show up in the world and has helped me find my center. I especially appreciate the reminders from the spirits who have come through during our sessions to move away from the ego’s needs and focus on heart centered motivations. 

As I mentioned to you before, I am abundantly grateful for my connection to you and my intuitive, spiritual growth through these sessions. I walk a more spirit led path that provides more ease to my day to day life. Thank you Laura. I would love to continue!!!!

With much gratitude,

Laura Mirante studied channeling and intuition with Sally Baldwin from 2005-2012.

Sally made her transition to spirit June 6, 2012 and has been teaching Laura and teaching through Laura from spirit ever since. 

Now you have the unique opportunity to learn about you as an intuitive soul having a human experience from Sally Baldwin and many other enlightened souls channeled  live each month directly through Laura.

Being a part of Laura’s Intuitive Development Class has brought me to a whole new level of realization of what my spiritual journey means to me.  Being a mom who lost her child, at first, was only thinking about how I could reach my son… Laura’s class helped me discover there was the potential not only to communicate and have a continued relationship with my son, but there was the opportunity for growth for me as well.  It became apparent the loss wasn’t only about me connecting with my son through Laura, it was about me creating those connections and doing something with them, taking everything to the next level, sharing my experiences with others and creating a ripple effect. 

If you can believe this, the loss, as painful as it was, presented a challenge…to find the open door and walk through it.  The profound life changing messages I have come to embody, are now an integral part of who I am, they carry an energy that moves you in a way that you know there is no going back. The bond you create with the others in your group is for life, and you know, without a doubt, it was meant to be.  This class has empowered me, I know who I am, and I know what I can be in this lifetime.  My life has changed in ways I could never have imagined, I am forever grateful to Laura, who continues to change the world in so many ways every day with her love and compassion for what she does.


Gloria G

Each group will meet once a month for 2+ hours.

Each month each person will receive specific insight on how to develop their own intuitive abilities.

Each month will be taught by different 'teachers' channeled through Laura so you receive different perspectives of your personal gifts, abilities and blocks and how to approach them.

Each month's messages will build off the previous month's messages so that over the course of 6 months each person receives  a complete picture from spirit's perspective of who they are choosing to be and how to live an intuitively guided purpose driven life.

All messages are recorded and each person receives the recordings to continue to work with throughout the month and beyond this series

Special Groups have been created to help Mother's connect with their children in Spirit


Other Offline Methods of payments

Zelle ( 561-3025405)

Venmo ( @Laura-Mirante )

CashApp (5613025405)

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I definitely want to keep doing this group on a monthly basis! Yes PLEASE!!!! Tuesdays are good. And i would make any day of the week work bc this group is that important to me!

I have studied with alot of different "spiritual teachers/shamans" over the years. But this group and the collective energy created, has felt like a fast-track of evolution for my soul consciousness. I am deeply and eternally grateful for you! 💚💙💜 Sequoyah 


I just want to say how fantastic each of these sessions has been.  They literally leave me speechless.  I feel like the phrase “there are no words” is being taken to a whole new level for me.  It really is like there are no words, only feelings which are inexpressible with words.  I think that is what some of the channels have been talking about in terms of moving into the new energies.  It’s so great! But admittedly my ego finds it a little frustrating. LOL!  After doing hands on healing for about 20 years, I delved into the world of channeling about a year ago.  Which is to say, I started learning lots about it but it was only within the last 5 months or so that I’ve actually tried my hand at it.  I know I’ve been channeling for years during sessions (and probably lots of others times too) but it always just happens spontaneously so i wanted to learn how to be more intentional with it.  Just sitting in the energies while you channel I think has expanded me to be more open to the energies.  I only hope to be as open as you one day!


  The synchronicities have been coming so fast I can’t even keep up with them.  I have been journaling (for the first time ever!) to try and catch the big ones.  Thanks again and again for jumping off and creating these classes and for your sharing your amazing skills and gifts with us all. ❤️  

Much Love,



Screen Shot 2021-06-03 at 9.50.49 PM.png

You want to embody Grace?

Get humble –

humble in your ego/mind.  


Humble that ego/mind and you’ll live in awe of the brilliance of the soul.

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