Private Session Request

with Laura Mirante

Sit with Laura Mirante over the phone

as she channels messages for your highest good

from your loved ones in spirit, guardian angels

or guides. 

You can ask any questions you have or

no questions at all.

Spirit always knows what we need to hear to live a soul supportive life. 

Every experience is unique.

You can hear a life path message from a guide, Insight on a situation in your life, and/or hear a loved ones account of their experience crossing over and realizing we do not end.  

Stay connected with who you truly are by connecting to the energy of truth

through Laura Mirante

Private Phone Channel Sessions are $222 per hour

$111 half hour Follow up sessions "Available after first session" 


Private in Person Session 

(Are NOT available at this time)

Please Suggest below the available days and times

YOU would like to meet?

Specify Date ? Monday - Friday 

Specify Time ? 11 am to 5 pm 

( I am on Eastern Time Zone ) ​

As soon as we get your request we will send an email

letting you know if times and date are avalible

with payment options  

Hope to see you soon. ​

Laura Mirante

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