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Mother's Day  Healing Event 

Soul to Soul Messages 

Channeled By 

Laura Mirante

& Sound Healing

performed by

Tecia Linville (Sri Prabhavati Devi)

Join Laura and Tecia as  they create this sacred space to connect, heal and be inspired for new beginnings. Laura will channel a message for the group and offer individual messages.

 You can receive a ,message from your Mother for Mother's day

and Mother's can receive messages from their children in spirit


After the channeling Tecia will amplify the healing effect of these messages with a Sacred Sound Healing.

Saturday, May 13, 2021 

at 1:00-4:00 pm

Eastern Time Zone 


Other Methods of payments

Zelle (561-302-5405) 

Venmo (@Laura-Mirante)

Laura has always tried to offer these sessions to all regardless of financial ability to reciprocate. It takes a tremendous amount of energy, physical, emotional and mental to allow souls in spirit to speak through her.

While Laura doesn't want anyone to miss out what she is offering is priced at $111 USD for this 3 hour healing session and she has created 3 discounted options for those in financially challenging situations.

You will receive many hours of continued healing in the future with the recordings you receive from this session. Each time you listen you will feel the deep healing that comes with the energy of the channeled messages followed by the therapeutic effects of Tecia's sound healing.

Click the player below to listen to a 6 minute

Healing, Empowering Meditation Channeled for Mom's

Meditation for MothersDivine Mother Mary
00:00 / 06:20

Tecia Linville is a recording artist, Sound Therapist, Sivananda Yoga teacher. Reiki Master and Energy worker.

Tecia has dedicated herself for the past 25 years with the purpose of helping others to find their own inner power.


She plays a variety of Sacred musical instruments with the frequency of 432hz. That frequency helps release negative energy and welcome unconditional love and healing energy. 

Tecia holds her practice in Usa and South America in Yoga studios, Hospitals and Healing Centers


A mom asked her son what his experience crossing over was like and here is his response channeled by Laura:


"All I see is a spark of something that just grew and grew. That’s what it was like, like all of a sudden there was this flash of light and it was me but it was me outside of me. I was the light. I was the spark that was growing and distracting me from what I thought was me so that I could realize who I really was. That’s the first thing I have to tell you. It was amazing and I don’t think until this moment I had really realized that. That it wasn’t all devastating and painful.


It was amazing. It was simple. It was immediate. It was instant. It was, all of a sudden, like a cartoon washed over me, like a cartoon version of me - no human limits, nothing I couldn’t do or be. When you’re drawing a picture, you can draw the character upside down on top of a tree or floating in the sky or morphing in to some animal. It’s like that, like that’s really me! That’s what I’m doing here.

I’m exploring all of these ways I can experience me. It was so simple but there was no thing about it.


There was just me, outside of me but still me and more magnificently me than I ever thought I could be.

I mean, momma, I can make a tree get your attention. I can make it so one flower sticks out of the whole bunch and you can’t stop looking at it. Those are the things I want you to think about. I’m dynamic. I’m a part of everything that God is and that’s everything. You give me some time and I’ll show you in a thousand different ways the love that I feel for you. See what I did there? You thought I was going to say the love I have for you but I know you know that and if you’re asking me if I know how much you love me, well then, I’m going to spend every day trying to prove it to you by bringing it back to you in all the ways that I can figure out."

You can read this message and more like it on this post Laura created for moms with children in spirit that has a collection of messages previously channeled in groups for moms.

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