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Message from Mary - Allow the concept of a higher purpose beyond the human idea of purpose, to be what brings a moment of pause in the midst of the grief.

I lived the life of the one known as the Mother of Jesus.  

I understand with a depth of compassion the true inner workings of the human psyche and the true relevance of holding ourselves accountable to our divinity.  

That’s my statement.  

That is the ultimate effort that can be made by a human being, to transcend the limits of the logical ideas of death and dying and grief and the limited versions of transcendence that has been handed down since.  

I understand the need to feel safe and protected within the limits of one’s understandable, comprehendible ideas.  

Yet, as we know, the Divine is the aspect of all souls beyond logical cognition, beyond physical touch and visual sight.  

The sounds of the Divine are felt.  

The awareness of the Divine is embodied.  

There is a distinct difference of how we experience ourselves as souls to what we think we know as human beings.  

It is in our capacity to expand into the All That Is by releasing ourselves from the limits of the ideas that hold us hostage in separation.  

We are One,

One soul,

One energetic communion of being,

One series of explorations of expressions of being.  

In the recognition of our Oneness, we allow in the Divine, the energy of purpose that overrides fear of unknowns and doubt in sufficient capacity.  


When we allow 'what is' to be our guide as an experience of being, an experience worth exploring as a soul, we place no blame and, in allowing, we let go of that which frustrates the process of integrating the energy of Oneness and embodying the awareness that brings a sense of purpose.


There is no father that has received a sign from his child in spirit that doesn’t understand that statement, the feeling of knowing that recognition of a communing on a deep soul level, that is truth, undeniable truth.  

Yes, but where we 'know,' in our little, human minds, there is still that need for literal validation we question, we doubt,


when we wonder in awe and amazement of what is possible, we validate that soul’s efforts at reaching through and giving us a sign that makes a difference, that makes a connection so powerful we cannot deny it.


I offer the energy of purpose of the idea of my existence to all souls that have gone through the experience of loss in any form but most importantly to the mother of the child that followed the wisdom of the soul to a higher purpose of being.  

It is the most confounding understanding to accept, so allow the experience to be accepted without understanding.  

Allow the concept of a higher purpose beyond the human idea of purpose, to be what brings a moment of pause in the midst of the grief.  

For in that moment of pause, when the need to understand is dismissed, there is an experience of clarity, a feeling of knowing.  

Yes, the mind wants it in words, the eyes want it in a physical image, but the knowing is the true Soul-to-Soul communion.

The knowing that may not be validated by anyone outside of you is the truth you are challenged to trust with all that you are to believe without question and to live accordingly.  


 Mother Mary Channeled 10/27/22

by Laura Mirante


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