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Accepting Death as A Natural Part of Life. Grandpa Sam's experience dying.

“I felt incredible warmth come over me in my last moments and then I was greeted by a figure I could not make out at first...

It was light in the form of a body But the light was so bright it distorted the actual form and eventually became just overwhelming light that kept begging me to join it.

I felt love like I had never felt before and once it overwhelmed me to the point of recognition I realized it was where I wanted to be.

This moment of realization is everything we become human for.

This moment of rejoining the love we left to experience this life reminds us how incredible this journey truly is.

Do not ever take for granted one moment of this incredibly inspiring experience.

There is more love in life then people allow themselves to feel.

Try to find love behind every experience as this is Heaven...Being able to find the love in the most fearful experiences.

The assimilation process back to our original form is instantaneous. In the moment of recognition, in the realization of our true this instant the energy shifts and we are no longer a part of this physical vessel we have been inhabiting this life.

In this moment our conscious realization converges with our subconscious sense of knowing and we become one with all there is.

There is no Heaven or hell that I can speak of here. There is just pure love.

Maybe this is some people’s version of Heaven but in that assumption there is a Hell and I cannot define any lower form of existing past physicality that I could name anything close to what hell has been described to be on earth.

As you begin to assimilate back into the energy of love feeling openly aware of every situation in your life and every situation in everyone’s life beginning with now and moving back toward your younger years you feel each experience and how each person felt in these experiences.

So one who has made many people feel bad may see this assimilation process as Hell for in this moment they are feeling everything they ever made anyone else feel.

Just remember this going forward life gives us innumerable chances to make others feel good and this is how you can begin to create your heaven.

Were you greeted by Grandma?

She greeted me in the moment prior to the realization for I needed, as a human, to reference a place of familiarity, And she was not alone. There were many others I recognized going into the light. All were at peace. Tell your mother this for she is concerned about a particular relative and I want her to know there is only peace here in all that greeted me.

You will find life bringing you unique signs of my presence. Look clearly for I’m no expert at this kind of communication.

I will move what I can move.

I will flicker the lights.

I will figure out how to and I will realign my energy with a certain creature to catch your attention.

You will know it by how you feel inside when you see this creature think of me and ask yourself was that what he was talking about.

Other then this I have little to share with you at this moment. I am still processing all that has just occurred and I will be clarifying for myself how I intend on living my next life according to how I made people feel in this one.

Remember this- it is not what you achieve individually here that goes with you.

It is how you made others feel that defines for you your achievement in this life as a soul.”

Grandpa Sam on his transition into spirit

Channeled 5_16_09:

This is one of my favorite descriptions of death/dying...and our experience after this life’s a channel for a friend that lost his grandpa...this one changed me. LM


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