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Be Peace ~ Gandhi ~ Channeled 10/9/23 ~

I Am the Love that has come to harmonize this reality again

Once again I extend the energy of Kindness, of wholehearted commitment to Peace and to the ability of the intellect to hold with great certainty a Faith in the inevitable shift in consciousness by embodying a way of Being

Peace I say

Peace is the state of Being neutral mental conditioning will create

And when the ego is in alignment with neutral observations of human existence and experiences One can reframe any situation to build a sense of importance in maintaining a peaceful stature

That is the goal now, that is your role now, that is what the world is being put to task to embody now

A sense of self importance in owning what one is holding intellectually as a pattern of being

Is it fear?

Is it anger?

Is it animosity towards another?

Or is it an unwavering commitment to Be Peace on earth with the infallible certainty of the inevitable expansion of that Peace when embodied with unwavering Faith

Mahatma Gandhi channeled 10/9/23

by Laura Mirante


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