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Navigating the Waves of Grief: Lessons from the Soul of David Hawkins

When you feel those waves, you know you are not alone in the experience.

So, it will be put to you in that way.

When you are in that grief of a loved one in spirit, you are feeling the energy of the embrace of that soul all around you.

That is a powerful exchange of love.

It is in the mind’s perception that it is termed in any other way - if you go there.

Other than that, you experience an experience, an exchange of love so big the mind is humbled to tears and the heart is blown wide open and your ego is humbled in to submission.

It’s a powerful moment of honoring a connection and an opportunity to explore its transformation.

I like that concept, don’t you, to think:

the wave is a moment where we are once again coming back in to each other’s experiences, feeling the intertwining of energies of purpose being redefined now as the other is at an elevated frequency and a new experience of being and it challenges you to have a new experience of being.

That’s where you are given the opportunity to explore the new experience of you or to try to hold the other hostage to your memory of them.


Have animals been known to mourn? Yes. As each individual shifts its dynamic of being, we are confronted in ourselves. Who are we now if this other is not sitting next to me? Yes, many of the different kinds of animal companions feel this sense of camaraderie of spirit when they are alive together on the earth and feel this uncertainty in the moments of transition.

You see, the transition isn’t just for the one that dies.

No, for once two fields were intertwined together in physicality in the same plane of existence, intertwined energies co-mingling experiences of being.

When one shifts and elevates and expands into the limitless nature of being of the field it affects this one that is still stuck in its physicality and its denser state of being, yet moving through a transitory experience.

You all know that when you lose a loved one you change.

You change and you are changed because of the experience of being you shared with the other.

Whether it was a relationship that is now broken in to a different dynamic or a loved one that passes on, the relational energies transition in to a new experience, therefore each individual is in its own experience of transition redefining itself, re-exploring a new way of being.

What does that do but, in the mind, makes people fear I don’t know who I am and I don’t know who I will be without this other one here. Of course, the mind knows the mind is incapable of figuring it out without the assistance of the One, of the Divine, of the higher self. So often, human beings get stuck in the idea of the relationship, of what he should have been to me, of what that commitment should have meant and just in there, attachment to the ideas and the expectations of one another the idea is created, they are stuck of their own volition, of their own choice, exploring resistance - resistance of evolving beyond the previous experience of being.

So, what is the purpose if it keeps coming back up you ask? Why am I riding waves when I’m standing in the ocean you ask? Because your mind has an idea of what healing is because you have an idea of what letting go is, because someone once told you something about relationships and acceptance and understanding but they didn’t fully comprehend the nature of souls, the power of the soulful dynamic to continue to affect one another beyond the ideas of the relationship and connection manifested intellectually.


Many generations have pushed down the true nature of the experience of grief because of all the ideas of it that you each feel obliged to. There are so many feelings that confuse the human mind when such a travesty occurs that you can’t conceive of the underlying voice of adventure you are feeling from your loved on as they transition. I’d be deemed crazy as a scientist if I put it out there that way.

Thank God, I can say it from this realm through another’s voice but the truth is you did come to be human and what you’ve put forth here today in that way is saying, well, if I don’t feel the grief then I’m not human and if I’m human I’m going to love and if I’m going to love I’m going to grieve.

There it is.

It’s all right there wonderfully defined and beautifully purposeful.

How about that!

How about you don’t judge the experiences of grief as wrong or dismiss the relevance of having the experience?

The Soul of David Hawkins as channeled by Laura Mirante 5/19/22


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