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 Soulful Relevance 

Monthly Channeled Spiritual Support

Soulful relevance is an experience defined for the effect that this experience has on the Soul and the way that that shifts the Soul’s experience of being human which, in effect, shifts the entire Human experience. 

Michael 1-1-21


Laura Mirante will channel the Soulful Relevance

of current events

 The 11th of every month in 2021

At 1pm Eastern Time Zone

Via Conference Call

You can send your questions to  

All topics will be considered and answers

will be spontaneously channeled live each month.

If you can't be there live you will have access to the

audio recording and transcript.

We understand people are in different situations

so we are offering a sliding scale for these groups

-- please pay what feels astute according to your current situation ($11, $22 ,$44 or ?)



When it’s too big to wrap your head around it don’t try. 

 If you can’t figure it out maybe it’s because you shouldn’t.

When it’s uncomfortable for the ego it’s not wrong or bad,

it’s soulfully relevant.

This year on New Year’s Day Laura channeled a message from Michael challenging us to consider ‘soulful relevance’ in our day to day experiences, especially the challenging ones, as a means of calming anxiety and clarifying intuitive insight.

If 2020 has taught us anything it is that we are not in control of how life unfolds and sometimes you just can't make sense of what is happening. It is in these moments that seeking soulful relevance can shift your experience. 

Spirit has the bigger picture point of view that gets cloudy to us when we are in fear. 2020 and the beginning of 2021 has people exploring the depths of fear, anger and separation.

It's difficult to clear your mind of the fear when the majority of the population is stuck in it.

Just hearing soulful relevance from spirit can shift your perspective in the moment. This group will be a continual spiritual support system for living a soulfully relevant life

Once a month we will take a vacation from our limited human perspective and tap in together for spirit to help us find the soulful relevance on our current experiences.

 Laura will channel the soulful relevance on topic(s) chosen from your questions.

Let's join in the intention to make 2021 a year where we allow soulful relevance rather than fearful uncertainty to define our experience. 



Soulful Relevance 

December 11, 2021

Soulful Relevance 

November 11, 2021

Soulful Relevance 

October 11, 2021

Soulful Relevance 

September 11, 2021

Soulful Relevance 

August 11, 2021

Soulful Relevance 

July 11, 2021

Soulful Relevance 

June 11, 2021

Soulful Relevance 

May 11, 2021


It feels like we’re always being tested every time we try to move forward.  Why does it have to be like this?  


Its like people have drawn lines in the sand with their current beliefs.  Here we are trying to come together and create peace yet we seem to be moving further and further away from it.  How do we come together as a community to collaborate in an effort to create peace?

Soulful Relevance 

April 11, 2021

About anxiety and depression and how do our childhood beliefs affect us as adults and the sense that I don’t want to do this anymore?

I may jump around here but I feel that all of it is connected and that each person, in their own way on some level, has explored these concepts, has explored this experience and is dealing with the ramifications of the results of the wisdom accumulated in those explorations.  Why? 

Soulful Relevance 

March 11, 2021

Have you ever taken a look at your life and wondered if you made any sort of difference to anyone?  Have you ever wondered what have I contributed in my life?  Sometimes it seems like an endless circle of darkness, feeling dark and lonely.  The mind can be like a prison.  I’ve lived so long inside my head that I just don’t feel happiness anymore.  I feel like a mess you just can’t clean up, like life has just taken and no reciprocation, always feeling incomplete like something is missing.  Sometimes it feels like I’ve just wasted my time here in this life.  

How do we shift when we are in that state of mind?

Soulful Relevance 

February 11, 2021

Who is right and Who is wrong?  What is right and what is wrong?

Who is right about Politics?  Who is right about the Virus?

Who is right about religion?  According to who’s ideas of right and wrong? 

What if it is not about taking sides?

What if that is the distraction that keeps us fighting each other when we were born to be loving each other through this human experience?

What if the real challenge is allowing and accepting different ideas to offer us different ways to experience being human?

What if it is always about Soulful relevance?

Soulful Relevance

January 11, 2021


Why do we do this - this whole experience of being human?  We have demonstrated for eons that we are pathetic and we do horrible things to each other. Isn’t it past time to say enough?  Will we ever make it to a level of love as a whole?

We see you’re stepping in here with all that you are - no mincing words, no pussyfooting around – so we will meet you there.  We’ll go toe-to-toe with this energy of animosity of self.  We will confront it for you, in you, so you can feel the realizations moving through you.  That’s the issue here.  You’re aware on one level, you’re contained on another.  So, what do you do with that, this separation of self in you?  Why do we come here?  For the glory of self-realization.  But why would we make it so difficult?  Why would we construct it in a way that nobody gets there?  Is that what you think, nobody gets there?  What if everybody gets there?  Can your mind embrace that the idea of getting there is dualistic in it’s construct?  Where are you going?  Where’s the there?  What’s the achievement?  What’s the goal?  What is self-realization?  

Oh, right, the answer to your question who are we and what are we doing here?  Oh no, that wasn’t your question.  Why do we do this is your question?  Well, you can’t rightly answer that if you don’t know who you are now, do you?  Why do we do this, the doing and the this, so interesting the construct of the idea in itself.  You are doing being human.  Is that the this we’re referring to?  All right, let’s go with that concept.  Why are you being human?  Is that what we’re doing here?  That’s a good way to look at it.  It’s pretty complete in its knowledge there.  I’m a soul and I’m being human.  Why else would you do this?  To be human.  

So, the horrible things – why, why, why, would doing horrible things to one another be a part of the experience of being human?  That’s a question to ask.  Why have we chosen that experience of being human?  Yes, you have, all of you or you wouldn’t be here.  You’ve chosen to explore the depth of separation the ego construct can bring you.  That ego construct is currently defined by these ideas but it need not always be that way.  You’ve heard this before and you each here work with that.  You know that already.  Your ego is aligned now to the inclination of the soul to seek the higher awareness.  Isn’t that why you are here? 


2020: A Soulful perspective from Michael:


“You have worked diligently to hold yourself in some state of awareness of the need to be Love, to find compassion as a vehicle out of the angst and anxiety the external world has created in the intellect and in the physical experience of being human.  

It has not been comfortable.  

It has been ‘Soulfully Relevant,’ dear ones, soulfully relevant at a time where it is necessary to recognize the relevance of the inner dynamic in a world where we are so enamored with the external environment.

But the ego/mind still frustrates the process, you each know it.  

The world has called for it - that moment of surrender of the individual to the whole.  

That moment where you understand that who you are is a necessary part of a community effort at being here, at being human, and the human being has explored its conflicts, inner and external, in the most glorious way this past year.  "

Michael 1/1/21

Here are the questions Michael has asked us to ponder as we step into 2021...


  • Why would the soul glorify this most auspicious moment in this way?  

  • Was it really to prove which side is right and which side is wrong, who knows and who doesn’t?  

  • Are we still there with our experience of one another, of who thinks they understand something with a greater rightness than another?  

  • Have we learned nothing from history?

  • Are you ready to live a soul-centered life?  


  • Does your mind think its relevant and will it allow?  


  • Over and over and over again, you come to that point on the journey and you think can I give in even more?


  • Can I let go even further of what I was taught to believe I needed to be here, of what I was taught to believe living a good life was?


  • Are you the Creator?  

  • Is there a source of life outside of you telling you you should have this experience, that would then judge you on doing it right or wrong?


  • Or is there a source of inspiration that comes as potential and offers you the opportunity to choose your journey?


  • Or is there something more, more than any of those concepts can contain, and are you willing to just lean back in to it?

  • Are you fighting for control of your life or are you exploring the journey your soul is taking you on?

  • Can you give yourself permission, every moment, to not condemn the thoughts the way the thoughts condemn the experience? 

"Step gently onto this path laid before you,

for you will find it,

each one of you,

unfolding minute by minute,

orchestrating a dynamic of being defined by the moment. "

Michael channeled 1/1/21

"This is a glorious moment of exploration of our divinity and we want to recognize the relevance of the souls that we are as a community. 

Engage one another as souls. 

Listen to their hearts, not their words. 

Feel the energy beneath the surface of the projections. 

We are One in the energy. 

We are collectively exploring a greater sense of self. 

Thank you.  Thank you, dear souls, for walking the Earth at this time. 

Thank you for being brave enough, for being strong enough, for being courageous enough to face the fears, to face the doubts and insecurities and to know that’s not who you are. 

Thank you for choosing to be the one to embody the divine by believing you are divine and expecting the divine to show you the way every step. 

With a tremendous energy of appreciation, we embrace each one of you with an authority we have created in our ability to create this bridge. 

We are the Entity Michael and we embrace the human experience in this moment with a willingness to support your journeys and inspire the awareness of purpose to be who you are."

Michael channeled 1/1/21

Yoga at Home

We understand people are in different situations so we are offering a sliding scale for these groups -- please pay what feels astute according to your current situation ($11, $22 or $44)

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