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Soulful Relevance

Soulful Relevance January 11, 2021


Why do we do this - this whole experience of being human?  We have demonstrated for eons that we are pathetic and we do horrible things to each other. Isn’t it past time to say enough?  Will we ever make it to a level of love as a whole?

We see you’re stepping in here with all that you are - no mincing words, no pussyfooting around – so we will meet you there.  We’ll go toe-to-toe with this energy of animosity of self.  We will confront it for you, in you, so you can feel the realizations moving through you.  That’s the issue here. 

You’re aware on one level, you’re contained on another. 


  • So, what do you do with that, this separation of self in you? 

  • Why do we come here?  For the glory of self-realization. 

  • But why would we make it so difficult? 

  • Why would we construct it in a way that nobody gets there? 

  • Is that what you think, nobody gets there? 

  • What if everybody gets there? 

  • Can your mind embrace that the idea of getting there is dualistic in it’s construct? 

  • Where are you going? 

  • Where’s the there? 

  • What’s the achievement? 

  • What’s the goal? 

  • What is self-realization?  

Oh, right, the answer to your question who are we and what are we doing here? 

Oh no, that wasn’t your question.  Why do we do this is your question? 

Well, you can’t rightly answer that if you don’t know who you are now, do you? 


Why do we do this, the doing and the this, so interesting the construct of the idea in itself. 
You are doing being human. 

Is that the this we’re referring to?  All right, let’s go with that concept. 

Why are you being human? 

Is that what we’re doing here?  That’s a good way to look at it.  It’s pretty complete in its knowledge there.  

I’m a soul and I’m being human. 

Why else would you do this?  To be human.  

  • So, the horrible things – why, why, why, would doing horrible things to one another be a part of the experience of being human?  That’s a question to ask. 

  • Why have we chosen that experience of being human? 

Yes, you have, all of you or you wouldn’t be here.  You’ve chosen to explore the depth of separation the ego construct can bring you.  That ego construct is currently defined by these ideas but it need not always be that way.  You’ve heard this before and you each here work with that.  You know that already. 

Your ego is aligned now to the inclination of the soul to seek the higher awareness. 

Isn’t that why you are here? 


You see, you’ve done it.  You’ve reconstructed the ego dynamic.  No, you think you haven’t because you still feel the heaviness of those ideas.  You still feel it dragging on your energy.  You’re still tempted (we like the word tempted) to fall into the rights and wrongs of it. 

Who’s right, who’s wrong, who’s being a good human?  

Where are you in all of it, the real you – not the idea of you, not the idea of what you think you need to be, not the idea of what the energy around you is demanding of you? 

It feels that way, doesn’t it? 

Don’t you feel stretched? 

Don’t you feel pulled as the soul that you are between the human ideas of being –

who wants you to be this,

who wants you to think that,

who wants you to stand with them in anger,

who wants you to cower with them in fear,

and who is willing to pave the way of grace, to hold a space of neutrality that doesn’t allow the outer animosity to overwhelm the sense of being? 

That’s what you are looking to do here.  That’s what you are looking to be here. 


Why do you do this?  Because you can. 


You, who ask this question (and you all do), you are the ones that could not walk past another in pain, that would give all that you have to help another. That’s why you ask, because you look out there and you see people hurting each other and you think that’s what we’re doing here but that’s not what you’re doing here, is it? 

You are acknowledging the pain.&n