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Soulful Relevance

Soulful Relevance January 11, 2021


Why do we do this - this whole experience of being human?  We have demonstrated for eons that we are pathetic and we do horrible things to each other. Isn’t it past time to say enough?  Will we ever make it to a level of love as a whole?

We see you’re stepping in here with all that you are - no mincing words, no pussyfooting around – so we will meet you there.  We’ll go toe-to-toe with this energy of animosity of self.  We will confront it for you, in you, so you can feel the realizations moving through you.  That’s the issue here. 

You’re aware on one level, you’re contained on another. 


  • So, what do you do with that, this separation of self in you? 

  • Why do we come here?  For the glory of self-realization. 

  • But why would we make it so difficult? 

  • Why would we construct it in a way that nobody gets there? 

  • Is that what you think, nobody gets there? 

  • What if everybody gets there? 

  • Can your mind embrace that the idea of getting there is dualistic in it’s construct? 

  • Where are you going? 

  • Where’s the there? 

  • What’s the achievement? 

  • What’s the goal? 

  • What is self-realization?  

Oh, right, the answer to your question who are we and what are we doing here? 

Oh no, that wasn’t your question.  Why do we do this is your question? 

Well, you can’t rightly answer that if you don’t know who you are now, do you? 


Why do we do this, the doing and the this, so interesting the construct of the idea in itself. 
You are doing being human. 

Is that the this we’re referring to?  All right, let’s go with that concept. 

Why are you being human? 

Is that what we’re doing here?  That’s a good way to look at it.  It’s pretty complete in its knowledge there.  

I’m a soul and I’m being human. 

Why else would you do this?  To be human.  

  • So, the horrible things – why, why, why, would doing horrible things to one another be a part of the experience of being human?  That’s a question to ask. 

  • Why have we chosen that experience of being human? 

Yes, you have, all of you or you wouldn’t be here.  You’ve chosen to explore the depth of separation the ego construct can bring you.  That ego construct is currently defined by these ideas but it need not always be that way.  You’ve heard this before and you each here work with that.  You know that already. 

Your ego is aligned now to the inclination of the soul to seek the higher awareness. 

Isn’t that why you are here? 


You see, you’ve done it.  You’ve reconstructed the ego dynamic.  No, you think you haven’t because you still feel the heaviness of those ideas.  You still feel it dragging on your energy.  You’re still tempted (we like the word tempted) to fall into the rights and wrongs of it. 

Who’s right, who’s wrong, who’s being a good human?  

Where are you in all of it, the real you – not the idea of you, not the idea of what you think you need to be, not the idea of what the energy around you is demanding of you? 

It feels that way, doesn’t it? 

Don’t you feel stretched? 

Don’t you feel pulled as the soul that you are between the human ideas of being –

who wants you to be this,

who wants you to think that,

who wants you to stand with them in anger,

who wants you to cower with them in fear,

and who is willing to pave the way of grace, to hold a space of neutrality that doesn’t allow the outer animosity to overwhelm the sense of being? 

That’s what you are looking to do here.  That’s what you are looking to be here. 


Why do you do this?  Because you can. 


You, who ask this question (and you all do), you are the ones that could not walk past another in pain, that would give all that you have to help another. That’s why you ask, because you look out there and you see people hurting each other and you think that’s what we’re doing here but that’s not what you’re doing here, is it? 

You are acknowledging the pain. 

You’re offering a different dynamic and it got hard didn’t it? 

It got hard to stay in the light. 

It got hard to maintain the belief the light could stay stabilized in this environment. 

It got difficult to maintain the beliefs in the mind that brought in that elevated frequency that extended the light that you are in this reality.  

We’ll bring it in, don’t worry, but we have to remind you who you really are first.  We know you want the human stuff.  We know you want to talk about how to be here now, in the midst of this chaos and we are showing you the push/pull between that demanding, declarative assumption that there can be an intellectual idea offered here that changes everything in your mind and in the dynamic of being. 

It is a process and you are dismantling generations of over-identification with this ego construct of being. 

The institutions have been failing for quite some time and your mind thinks

of the brick and mortar,

of the religious institutions,

of the medical institutions,

of the political institutions,

because that’s the external representation. 


You can go there and you guys can play in that as long as you want.  You can fight for the right political idea.  You could fight for the right religious ideology.  Whose culture is right in the way that they are choosing to be human.  

It’s remarkable, isn’t it, as you sit here and see this like this, you realize it’s the same battle? 


The question really is why do we do it over and over and over when we seem to always have the same experience of it? 


It’s the cyclical construct of the dualistic experience of the karmic cycles, if you will, that allow each generation the same opportunities. 


There’s always the choice of the generation to define the experience.  Ultimately it is an individual job and you each know that as you look outside yourself and see people fighting each other and think which side do I take? 

Where do I add my energy? 

So many of you old souls don’t want to do it anymore. 

Your ideas of what you think is most loving is a conscious realization to come to that place looking for connection.  When the experiences are happening now and the mind asks you to choose who’s right and who’s wrong, who’s good and who’s bad, consciously recognize that moment. 

Consciously recognize that’s the defining moment of all experience. 

It keeps happening, doesn’t it? 

It keeps getting more intense because we love ourselves so much, we want to make sure we have every opportunity to choose love.  


So, when the mind says, do I think this or do I think that because whichever thought I have I’m going to have to put my energy behind it, start to reconsider that. 


Start to look around you and see how overly invested people’s energies are in these ideas. 


You don’t do this for the reasons your mind thinks you are doing this, just like purpose isn’t what the mind will define it to be. 

Your idea of purpose is helping people.  The simplest version in your mind comes down to that.  If I live for others I’m living purposefully.  But could that be true? 


In this dualistic environment, in this universal experience, if all souls chose to be good to one another what else would we explore?  Now, now, now, it isn’t that we choose to create these kinds of situations.  It is that the energy is there to offer you the platforms that create the opportunities to explore being human. 

For quite some time the human population has given its identity over to the fearful platform of conscious confrontation of these different associations of being.

As you consider the divide in humanity, as you consider the process - the experience of being human – which, yes, we say is a process, isn’t it, and you all know that –

born into this world with complete awareness of your divinity and slowly but surely, over the course of time, it is almost as if you walk step by step with each year away from your intuitive intelligence in to the abyss of logical certainty. 


Then when the world isn’t palatable on that level, when it doesn’t make sense, when you can’t fit it in to the boxes of right and wrong anymore, you condemn the experience.  You condemn it because you can’t control it in your mind’s ideas of what it should be because in your mind’s ideas it should be better than this. 

We should be better than this. 

They should be better than this. 

We should know better.  

But you do and you know you do. 

The knowingness, that is the part of you that feels uncomfortable in the dissonance. 


That’s the part of you that challenges you to create a different experience of being.  Yes, you, just you, the individual you, to take on the impetus of the energy of purpose of this moment and to be it. 

To be that powerful source of inspiration, to declare yourself free from the restricted nature of the ego inclination to adapt to anybody else’s ideas of right or wrong, to refuse in every single moment to look at life that way anymore. 

That’s a goal!

That’s a journey to take. 

That’s a passion to explore. 

It’s a passion of the soul. 

I want to be here free of it all. 

  • How could I be when I’m here as a human being and it’s all affecting me? 

  • There’s a righteous defense mechanism, isn’t there? 

  • Can you override it when the mind rationalizes why you can’t just be divine? 

  • Can you see that right there in front of you, that might be the experience that really came forth?


Maybe you didn’t come to be the perfect human. 

Maybe you didn’t come for success. 

Maybe you didn’t come for power.  

Maybe you did but it’s highly unlikely if you are sitting here today listening to this. 

Not that there’s anything wrong with those experiences.  They give depth to the human experience, don’t they?  They bring contrast to the purpose of being which inspires; you see.  You see it in those that you love and associate with when they fall into the darker areas of fear where they’ve over-identified with the anger to the point where they can’t hear the love or feel the love or even see that it’s possible.  Those are your soulmates, aren’t they?  It’s so, so tempting to judge them, so tempting to deride their ideas and their identities that they’ve created around them but what does that do but bring you to that level of consciousness, of frustration, resentment, resistance, anger - the fight?

So, we have to bring you back to the awareness of the light that you are because, for a minute there, you got caught up in it, judging them, choosing sides, creating the rationalizations to justify your right to choose the side that you’re on and to believe that you are right and they’re wrong. 

That’s digging your heels in on a real base level of consciousness, isn’t it, and you feel it and it’s uncomfortable. 

You know why it’s uncomfortable?  Because you’re not meant to live there anymore. 


You’re just not.  You’re thinking, well, that’s just crazy.  When the world is going deeper and deeper into that darkness how can I say to myself I’m not meant to live in that when I’m here right now? 

What does it mean to live in it? 

It means how far you’ve gone in identifying with it - with the fight, with the rights and the wrongs of it, with the good and the bad of it. 

Is it possible to observe it while you’re seemingly a part of it?  

You are.  You are there.  Your body and mind and ego are a definitive part of the human experience, without a doubt adding to the collective. 

Even though you don’t feel like it - you are bringing balance as they tip the scales and you feel it. 

As more and more people jump in to the fear, define themselves in anger, the boat is tipping and you’re sliding, aren’t you? 

It’s hard to hold on to those feelings that come with the freedom from being attached to those ideas, so much so that they define your identity.  You’re not that. 

The parts of you that have explored being that, that still feel any ego attraction to that, keep you in it, don’t they?  They keep you feeling frustrated by people who could possibly believe this or that.  Think of that and then let it go.  Don’t hold on to it. 


Think of how it feels and then ask yourself, what is that? 

What’s the experience I’m having? 

Not what’s right or wrong about the thought – who’s right, me or them.  0h No, no, no. 

What’s the experience you’re having about it? 

Really, the most intense feeling you are having here is that resistance to jump in to somebody else’s ideas that don’t seem to fit in to yours.  So much so that people are willing to detach from souls they know they love, just to defend their right to believe their ideas.

Now, take it to another level. 

  • What about you, your ideas?  

  • How attached are you to what you think is happening, of what you think is right, of how you think others should be in this moment, in these tumultuous waters, in this moment of chaos? 

Don’t justify them.  Don’t need to. 

Observe the way that aspect of you processes the experience. 


You ask if we will ever make it to a level of love as a whole but we are.  As a whole we are love and not romantic love, not the conditional love defined in your ideas of love.  We are the essence of unconditional support of one another. 

  • We are that and what you’re saying really is how far have I gone from that? 

  • How far have my experiences taken me?

  • No, no, no, that’s the victim mentality, dear. 

  • How far have you overidentified with the fight? 

  • How far are the logical thoughts from the soulful desires? 

Yes, you are right.  They are far and the rationalization here is - 

it’s this world,

this society,

these belief systems,

these cultures –

what we have to do, who we have to be. 

That’s all belief - all ratified only when you add your energy to the experience.  

The mind thinks, well, I’ve had no choice, but you have, every step of the way.  You’ve made them and they’ve taken you down the path that brought you the experiences that have assisted you in seeing the way the mind manipulates the individual sense of self, the way the individual is dismantled when identified by the external institutions.


"I need to think this because of the political influence in my life. 

I need to think this because of the religious or spiritual influence in my life. 

I need to think this because of the scientific influence in my life. 

I need to this because of the educational influence in my life. 

I need to think this because of the family culture in my life, the societal expectations."

You are a society defined intellectually and the issue is, this prompt from spirit does not cater to that level of consciousness. 

It does not align with surrender to intellectual superiority.

There’s the real fight, isn’t there? 

There’s the real struggle.  The ego construct of self begs to be redefined. 


There need not be a complacent acceptance of the continual resistance to embrace all that we are.  That does come with embracing the concept that there are parts of who we are we cannot contain logically.  There are parts of the human experience that will not make sense in the moment but they are a part of a much bigger framework for the human experience, for the experience of being human. 

That’s why you come, isn’t it? 

Here you are in the logical construct that there must be a goal to achieve.  The goal, according to logic, is when the world comes together in peace and harmony.  It’s a wonderful image and a good energy to work to integrate and embody but as long as you are looking out there, projecting out there, why they’re fighting out there, why they’re acting this way, why they’re doing this, you’ll never flick the switch. 

Every spiritual teacher, leader, and human being able to transcend self-animosity, knows this.  

 So, the ultimate in this experience, in this moment, is to choose self-reflection rather than external judgment.  Isn’t that a powerful concept to embrace, right now, to embody and say, well, if that’s my goal, boy oh boy, did I create the reality to give me the opportunity to master that experience of being!  What if that’s it?  We come to neutralize the charge.  Do you ever think of that?  Everybody is adding their positive or their negative, where’s the benefit of neutrality? How do we get there?  Thin about that.  How do we get there from here?  Are the angels going to come and sprinkle fairy dust on us?  No, come on!  That’s like waiting for the government to change the system.  That’s like waiting for the doctors to tell you to heal yourself naturally.  Come on! That’s it.  You get it? 

It is up to you to figure your way out of all the ideas that have dismantled your sense of self.  It is up to you to realize that, to see it so clearly in the external world.  You know, no religion is right.  No religion is wrong.  No political agenda fits All That Is.  Do we keep fighting?  Do we keep judging or do we come together?  It’s the effort, the individual effort, that changes everything.  It is more powerful than 99.9% of souls ever come to realize - the effect of choosing to dismantle that argumentative construct of self-confrontation incorporated in this intellectual construct of being.  It is a conscious effort at maintaining neutrality in yourself that shifts the dynamic.


Scientists know this.  The quantum physicists know this.  [There’s totally another word for that.] So, don’t need the details of it, of how it works or why it works. 


You’ve tried anger, you’ve tried fighting, you’ve tried submission, you’ve tried surrender, you’ve tried depression, you’ve tried devastation and hopelessness. 


So many old souls just look to be released from it all.  We feel you.  We hold you in an embrace of compassion with an extreme effort at supporting you, of giving you the confidence to know that you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t have what it takes and that you do know what you know, that we are meant to love each other and that, maybe, this is the wave. 

Maybe this is what we need to know, how far from love we live.  


We don’t despair when awareness surfaces. 

This is so important for you to know.  When it all gets stirred up, all of the ugly, and it’s on the surface for all to see and those that live from a heart of compassion feel a feeling of brokenness inside of them, don’t despair. 

Don’t dive in to that brokenness with logic that says we’re broke. 

Don’t identify with that limited aspect of who you are. 

Feel it as breaking free.  Feel it as breaking through. 

Feel it as building on the momentum of hope beneath the surface of all of the angst and self-animosity stirred up on the surface. 


That’s the breath you take, dear old souls

As you feel something shifting your heart and your mind says my heart is broken, please don’t stop there.  Say it is broken open and a new level of love will come through. 

A new point of purpose in me shall be, because the only thing the ego/mind fears is its own annihilation and that is, most certainly, a part of the purpose of the souls that you are, isn’t it?


When you feel it recoiling in submission glorify the moment, glorify it by knowing it’s a point of contact and the energy of love is yours to behold.  When you know that you are more than that fearful mind can conceive of, when you know that the pain that you feel is equal to the love you will be exposed to as you walk through this moment of discourse willing to hold that awareness of the power of the soul that you are, the power of the energy of purpose to bring you to this moment and the illuminating effect that surrendering in faith can have on the path forward.

In one way you’ve been there before, that, "dark night of the soul" they call it. 

It is just the end of the path at that moment and you realize it.  You keep taking a step forward in that direction you’re walking in to a wall.  

It is not wrong.  It is not bad.  It is a moment of redirection and it is out of your control and that is why you can glorify it. 

That is how you find your way through it...saying,  

" I have no control over this.  This is absolutely something beyond all human concept – the plan or the projections."  

Rather than fear that, imagine embracing it and saying,

" Wow, I can’t even fathom where we go from here."  

Oh, you’re saying it but not quite with the same awe and wonder.  Your state of perception is your point of reference and that’s your conscious choice.

[Laura – I’m going to keep channeling but I want you to know the crystal bed (behind me) just turned on.  We’re being joined.]

There must be a recognition.  There must be, in you, that willingness to


observe it – the response to the experience and to observe the judgments of the experience

just to see it,

just to see that as the point of separation.

If you could stop it right there at that point, you create alignment of higher awareness in you. 


It is the challenge of the moment.  It is the challenge of every generation.  It has never been declared with such intensity as it has right now.  You all know why.  You’ve been building up to this for quite some time. 

The ability of the logical mind to expand its idea of our divinity is now prevalent in the intention of being human now. 

You all know that, each in your own way, because of the journey you’ve taken to expand your ideas of your divinity, your idea of the ability of that divine self. 

  • Can you believe you are more and if you do can you allow the relevance to be more than you think you need to know in the moment? 

  • Can you allow other people the forgiveness of your expectations and the appreciation for the dynamic they create in your experience of you? 


There’s a lot of distraction out there right now, a lot of ways the mind can keep you from living this truth, from exploring this purpose. 

  • Can I love beyond my ideas? 

  • Can I be love beyond my attachments to my expected actions?  

Your expected actions have a lot to do with your ideas of right and wrong, people.  Let it go.  Whatever it is you are attached to thinking this world has to be for you, let them go, the ones that challenge you.

Let them go in your mind, you see? 

Do I have to walk away from them? 

Do I have to cut them out from my life? 

No.  Just as you want to be free from your ideas of you, free everyone else of your ideas of who they need to be.  It’s a beginning and it’s not a matter of not acting.  It is not a matter of not being who you are.  It is a matter of realizing how affected you are by your ideas of these others in the situations and the cognitive interpretations of the situations.  You do this to challenge yourself to be beyond what others have accepted as normal.  

That’s how you shift the reality. 

Are you capable?  Absolutely. 

Are you willing?  That’s the question.

How willing are you to love yourself?

to the point of self-awareness? 

to the point of self-realization? 

You love yourself by letting go of the torment and torture in logic. 


You embrace that you know what you know on a deep soul level and it enhances what you think. 

Knowing that your thoughts can always be expanded, knowing that your thoughts can always be transformed, gives you the freedom to explore. 

That may be the challenge.  Do we have to live in the construct of logic that the previous generations handed down?  Look how each generation fights with that.  Look how you struggled with it. 

Breathe in a moment of grace, an embrace of yourself that says I love my tenacious soul that wouldn’t give up on me!  I love my persistence, my persistent devotion to soulful truth, to bringing in that inner knowing so I wouldn’t be lost in the outer world.  You come for those moments of realization, dear ones.  You come to recognize that there is an opportunity in every situation to get beyond the limited thinking. 


You come to see how over-identified people are with the ideas that keep them fighting each other. 


That’s who you are here to be now – the Peacemakers. 

You’ve understood that it’s not going to come through verbal communications. 

It had to be you first, put in these situations to challenge your ability to stay hopeful, to stay calm in the midst of chaos, peaceful in the midst of uncertainty and open.  

You are capable and you are empowered by your willingness to know that there are souls joining you.  Each and every one of you are supplied an army of souls you’ve known in the human experience - of guardian angels and guides and ascended masters that have paved the way for you, that have left a sprinkling of signs along your path.

They get your attention.  They do.  They show you the way.  Your teachers show up. 


Your experiences challenge you to know you better, not to judge others. 

Don’t stay in the condemning mind.  Don’t identify with the hopelessness. 


See that as the illusionary construct that challenges you to know what do know.  It’s just a moment, a moment of transmutation of energy.  Yes, the way you need them you are here now.  Declare it is so. Demand it to be so. Do not expect it to be easy. 


You are physical, remember? 

You are in a 3D realm moving through gradations of self-realization that confront the ego dynamic. 


It is what it is.  So, be at peace with it.  Change is a part of it.  Confrontation is a necessary part of the transition process but it doesn’t mean you won’t ever be comfortable again. It doesn’t mean you won’t ever feel those moments of pure joy in connection and community support. 

That’s what you create now in you – that sense that there is more than the condemning mind ever allows and you are not here to live in that place of condemnation.  

Just breathe in every moment where you feel the thoughts triggering the emotions that overwhelm you.

Find your way back to that breath that knows we are all One and we are transmuting generations of self-denial. 

This is a transition which means there is another side to this. 

Hang on, people. 

We’re with you – supporting you, guiding you and holding you in an embrace of compassion for we can appreciate all of the ways that you are standing for all."

Channeled by Laura Mirante

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