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Soulful Relevance

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Soulful Relevance May 11, 2021


I appreciate the venue and offer my most humble energies of hope and ask that each soul engaging this moment embody their deepest sense of authenticity.  I say close your eyes to the outside world right now. Release yourself from responsibility to it.  Take a deep breath and allow it to help you feel how you expand into the energy of your divinity and of the divine forcefield that surrounds this Earth that we are all feeling.  All souls know who they are.  All human beings have a sense of knowing.  It is in the collaboration of all senses that the human being comes into alignment with its experience, its fullest experience of purpose.  Some get stuck in the body.  Some get stuck in the mind.  Some get stuck in expectations and assumptions and get stuck behind monumental walls built of fear and doubt and insecurity and inferiority or they take that aggressive posture of intellectual superiority that regards anger as its most staunchest defender.  


Each soul wanders aimlessly through this magnanimous experience of life calling forward the individuals in their own experiences to guide them through it.  That’s what all souls are to each other.  They are guides that prompt each other to make a choice, to have an experience, to move further away from your divinity or to feel embodying divine truth would be the most authentic and best use of your human experience but that’s a choice, you see.  It’s a difficult one to make in the human experience, in the human mind that feels so enamored with its humanness and its physicality and its diligent intellect.  There’s a feeling of success in ego mastery.  That’s a part of the human experience.  There’s a feeling of entitlement to feel superior to others.  That’s an exploration, a conditioned thinking that affects your ability to love each other freely, to be love freely.  


Isn’t that the challenge of being human and isn’t that the glory of the human experience?  Isn’t that what you’ve come for – to glorify the embodiment of a divinity in physicality affected heavily by the influence of the ideas of what one can be?  The true journey now is to pioneer beyond those ideas to feel entitled to live beyond the limits of that limited source of information you call your logical mind.  Don’t you see?  We embody a truth that feels frustrated with the limits of those ideas, that, at times, feels offended by the ego’s allegiance to those ideas.  There is another way here.  No matter what the situation is, no matter what the thoughts of the situation are, when you look at life independent of thought you see it without limits of expectation.  When you embody it without resistance from a sense of inferiority to the task at hand because of an inability to conceptualize it.  The mind says, ‘I don’t know. I don’t understand what is coming but I feel it, something I should pay attention to.  Something I feel is important.’ It will always be how you approach that feeling that defines your experience.  


That’s the exploration of you.  When you let go of it all, the ideas of it – the good ideas, the bad ideas – and you observe our experience of it you begin to work with the creation of life.  When you take a stance that has no flexibility in your mind you become imprisoned by it and then you feel isolated in it.  So, the energy in the moment is asking people to explore their ideas without needing to believe each and every one of them.  That may be the point of the inconsistency in the collective idea of life right now.  Some want it to go this way.  Some want it to go that way.  How do we create peace in ourselves in a world that is so at odds with itself?  That’s the inner struggle, isn’t it?  But we’re consistent with our dualistic interpretation of what we need to think here, aren’t we?  Or is it how we need to think – that there is a good and a bad here, a force of good and a force of evil?  It’s all in the way it has been perceived but that is life.  


That is the creative process and that’s where we are as human beings – each person individually trying to figure out what is this, really, I’m feeling here?  I’ve made the efforts.  I’ve lived astutely.  I’ve tried to be kind.  I’ve tried to do right.  I’ve tried to live within the lines and follow the rules – mostly – and even when I didn’t, I held a space of compassion. So many of you condemn yourselves because of the ideas of right and wrong you’ve lived in.  Yet, as souls, you’ve come to journey.  You’ve come to explore, to explore experiencing.  But if others have gone before and had the experiences, do you just take their word for it and does that have the same affect or are you here to explore cognitive dissonance in all of its glory?  Ultimately that’s the underlying foundation for the human experience, isn’t it - to have a belief of what you are and yet to have truth, if recognized, expose the distance from truth of your belief.  It’s funny to hear people talk about it as if somehow their mind can figure out the truth of it because the ultimate in cognitive dissonance is thinking you are just that human being having that human experience and not realizing that you are a divine being of divine potential, an expression of purpose beyond your concept of you.  How do you live from a place beyond your concept of you?  


Victimhood and addiction


The first thing that is challenged over and over and over again, as you say, is the feeling of victimhood that the mind finds comforting. Think of the early explorations of feeling victimized by a life that doesn’t work according to your expectations of life.  Who created that - some god outside of this creation damning you and condemning or did it all start with your expectation?  Prior to that our souls were exploring physicality, exploring our ability to emote and communicate to explore the collective field of experiential communication that we’re all a part of.  Think of that.  There’s a huge grid of energy and each one of you are an aspect of it.  Beyond your idea of you there’s an illusive truth to that image.  The quantum mechanics of your divinity exists far beyond your ability to understand who you are and what prompts your desires, your inclinations and your ideas.


Now, don’t you see, before we created the assumption and expectations in the ego desire for a sense of superiority and control, we were curious souls exploring what we could create?  If we move in this, if we look in that direction, if we hear in this way, if we see in that way, if we put this and this together what do we create?  If we add that what do we create?  If we try this with that over there, what happens?  Remember, deep down in your soul, the pure desire to explore being physical as divine potential?  Try.  When your mind is condemning you for not being the right you, when it takes that stance of victim of it, shift for a moment your idea of you.  Shift into this state of freedom where you let go of all the ideas and the expectations that come with those ideas and you free yourself to explore a grander sense of you – a grander sense of you as an individual and you as a part of this experience of being.  It’s different than being a part of just this society.  


What if that feeling of victimhood is the first rung on the ladder, the first hurdle you are here to 

 overcome, and the glory of the potential of self-realization are in the steps above that?  Are you willing?  Think about that.  Some people don’t like to climb a ladder.  They feel unstable.  They like to stay grounded on the floor where they think they understand how to maintain control.  That first step is the hardest because, like you’ve said, we’ve overcome one hurdle and then three more come at you so quickly, how could you not feel victimized?  How could you not feel that you didn’t get validated in your efforts?  There it is – the first expectation to deal with, isn’t it – validation for your efforts. That’s what the ego looks for, isn’t it?  That’s what we’ve been programmed to expect.  First hurdle – let me let go of the construct in logic that contains my ability to explore the deeper potentials here, the opportunities for growth through self-realization. 




Now, someone who has dealt with addiction will tell you that’s the entire thing – self-confrontation.  ‘I’m willing to see where I slipped as a human being, how I made mistakes in my logical ideas of what I should or shouldn’t do or explore.’  There’s a lot of self-condemnation there, as if all souls are created equal intellectually, physically, emotionally, socially and artistically.  We are not and you know that so why do we still expect of each other?  It’s as simple as that.  Why? Because we’ve defined the rights and the wrongs, rights and wrong ways of being human, haven’t we, in our mind’s ideas and that creates expectations and unfulfilled expectations give us the opportunity to explore disappointment, self-condemnation, judgment of others.  All the glory we have as souls exploring all of these dualistic constructs of being - all, all, all created in logical expectations of what life should be. All limiting our experience of our self as souls on a journey.


That’s what the inner voice quietly requests – that you remember that you are energy underneath it all - divine, astute, aware energy of higher consciousness.  That’s what you are outside of your logical ideas of you that you have encapsulated your experience of you in your ideas.  So, you come here as your souls have requested - each in a unique way but somehow or other you are here - hearing this, receiving this, allowing yourself to feel entitled to be released from the need to keep thinking that way, from the need to keep isolating yourself in those thoughts.  The mind will give you so many justifications of why you can stay in that victim stance but it is just a part of the expereince - no right and no wrong and no good and no bad. It is just intensity of energy, intensity of resistance, intensity of a desire as a soul to explore the depths of the human experience to magnify that feeling of isolation that your state of perception can create.  


It isn’t easy, especially for those willing to explore those deeper metaphors for our desire as a soul to be free.  That is an underlying energy that addiction represents here.  It’s clear.  The message that it sends is I don’t want to live in the limits of logic anymore.  Isn’t that the statement you make when you look for the substances that distort those patterns of thinking?  So, in a way, temporarily, you are released from them but they are patterns, right?  Even though the substance opens the door and allows you to fun freely and play for a while, when that energy dissipates you are right back in the patterns of being you.  


The only true release is recognizing the patterns and choosing not to believe them anymore and choosing to relinquish their authority over you by taking it back.  You say, “But wait a minute.  It’s those moments where I am beaten down in my sense of self by that arrogant, aggressive sense of authority of those ego assumptions and patterns of thinking.”  That’s it.  In the mind they seem like thick concrete and steel walls that you can’t break free from.  That’s the deeply ingrained patterning of victim mentality.  Again, those walls are made of justifications, rationalizations, all the practical reasons why life is hard, and it is too much for you, and you should feel overwhelmed, and you are a victim to it.  That is a glorious exploration of the ego dynamic of being.  We’ve all come for a part of that but, again, it’s the first rung on the ladder to self-realization and it is up to you to say, “Okay, I have explored every angle of that” - as you do know you have or you wouldn’t be here – “so, what do I have to lose?  I’m not going to deny feeling victimized by this harsh, human expereince.”


Well, that’s ridiculous.  You’re not going to dismiss what is.  But what you can consciously choose to do is say, “Okay, I’ve had that experience of it, now let me see another.  Let me take a break from that construct, that archetypal structure in my mind, that so many have ratified in this human expereince.  Let me take a breath and then let me take another, another that goes even deeper from that prison in my mind – that sense of victimization, that feeling of defense.  Let me take one more breath and go all the way in to my heart.”  For a moment, take a journey in to another expereince.  For a moment, release for an instant all of the rationalizations of feeling victimized.  Take a breath so deep that you reach that elevated state of awareness, like where you go in meditation or in the dream state, where you know you’re still human.  


You are still attending to a physical body experience but there is something, something else out there, that is feeding you and has been all through life – inspiration, instigation, confrontation and support.  It’s there in the quantum field of you, in the ethereal body, in the Holy Spirit, in the divine dynamic, in the soul.  You get there to a place where your mind believes you have a soul, you area a soul, and that soul is a part of the energetic, creative force of life itself.  In that awareness there can be no sense of victimization because you are a part of the process of creation and in the experience you are having you are creating a way of being.  In this moment that you choose to move beyond the expereince of victimization, victim mentality, you create a way of being that is empowered by divine truth that allows a sense of purpose to take over.  So, you are not exploring the mind’s idea of being a victim.  You’re now exploring a divine energy that brings you a sense of freedom because of the inspiration and synchronistic definition it brings into your reality.  Like climbing a ladder, you can’t get to that view, that vantage point until you take a step up, until you step off of that current rung.  


It’s not easy, when life challenges you, to not fall into that pattern of thinking this is wrong and it shouldn’t have happened, so I’m a victim.  Nobody is denying the intensity of some of the challenges you’ve all been through but how you are going to move forward will be defined by how you continue to align in your thoughts.  So, rather than deeming it wrong – because remember right and wrong is what got us in trouble in the first place – how about this is inconceivable, overwhelming and humbling.  It is not that you must love your experience but it is about loving yourself through it.  As you think about thinking about being a victim to it, about feeling victimized by it, it doesn’t feel good.  It doesn’t make the experience any easier but acknowledging the pain and looking for something beyond the ideas of right and wrong and good and bad, that effort alone will bring you a sense of peace, a sense of peaceful acceptance that there is this inner potential in me.  


That is something you all do know on some level.  How much you let yourself know that – that defines your experience.  Here’s the thing with addicts, since we are focusing there in the moment.  They know they know. Imagine that.  They know they know there is a potential they are here to explore and they can’t figure it out.  So, they get stuck feel less than in their mind, feeling less tha in their expereince of being them because of their feeling of feeling less than in their mind’s ability to embody the potential of purpose because you are looking for an idea of it.  What if, right there in that instant, the ultimate in being purpose is overwhelming all of those negative expectations in the mind with a sense that there is something more than your mind can figure out or put in that box of right and wrong?  There is an astute, intuitive intelligence that maybe doesn’t fit in to your ideas and expectations in the moment but it is a guiding force when you are ready to step into it, to step up on that ladder beyond that victim mentality, beyond the expectations of right and wrong that create this distance from truth.  


There is a place that you can get to but it is part of your effort at self-love that brings you there.  So, it is interesting, isn’t it – the game, the dualistic confrontational expereince of being human where I know I feel I have a divine potential but I condemn myself because I’m not living it, at least I don’t think I am, because I don’t think I know what it is.  What if it truly is self-love?  What if that’s the key to everything?  What if the moment you start condemning yourself for not living your purpose you are challenging yourself to live your purpose?  What if when life is not working the way you think it should you confront the expectations with just that simple reminder that I don’t know everything that the world needs but I’m a part of the divine power that does?  Somethow, in this moment, I am challenged to love myself beyond my ideas of what I should be? 


There is a balancing act going on here in this world right now, isn’t there, and it has to do with your questions.  Is there a right and is there a wrong?  Is there only one way to look at life?  Is there only one right way to view any situation?  Should you force yourself to think in a certain way?  Should you feel as if you are entitled to receive some sort of accolades when you get through, when you achieve that goal that you set out for?  


So, the addict, judging themselves for exploring life beyond the limits of logic, starts already in an energy of shame and guilt and self-animosity.  They’ve taken on the biggest challenges as human beings. ‘Our goal is self-love.  Our goal is unconditionally loving ourselves and everyone in the human expereince.’  What if that’s it?  What if that alone is the ultimate purpose of all souls?  Think about that.  What if you could simplify every expereince down to that. ‘I’m in this expereince.  I’m having this expereince and underneath it all the goal is self-love.  The goal is unconditionally accepting all souls as perfect in their exploration of their expereince?’  Can we do that?  Can we? 


Well, it starts with you, doesn’t it?  Can you love yourself unconditionally?  Can you see the effect of your expectations and how they set you up for disappointment and the sense of victimization and you are stuck there on that base level of self-denial of your own divinity?  Your divine self says, “Just love me!”  In all of your glory you are exploring being human.  Is there a right way and a wrong way?


Now, think about the old souls that come into this reality, trying to hold on to their divinity in a world so materially oriented.  It’s not an easy task but they do it.  Don’t you see, they keep trying to find light in a dark situation and they try by using substances and they try by getting sober.  They succeed when they find their true divine connection to Source.  They succeed when they realize there is a divine love that’s not judging them.  There’s a divine love that is limitless in it’s compassion – in it’s compassion – and so many believe that of their Creator, their God, of their Source, of the Higher Power.  


Now the journey of all souls is to believe it about themselves – to embody your divinity to the extent where you no longer question the validity of your existence, the rightness or wrongness of your actions, your choices, your ideas and your explorations of being human, as you are living at a time where the soul is looking to expand beyond the limits of it’s ideas of itself. Well then, those addicts, those beautiful souls that are exploring dementia and Alzheimer’s and autism, they are leading the way.  They are the pioneers of existing outside of the limits of this construct of being. 


You think, well, you can’t.  You live on this earth.  You live in these societies.  You live in this reality.  These institutions define our experience of being but anybody who has been paying attention has recognized that the walls of the institutions are crumbling.  So, what does the ego do but look to the patterns.  What do we do?  What do we recreate?  Where do we shore up those walls?  Is that what’s happening now?  Are you all exploring fear like you’ve never done before?  Are you all feeling overvalidated in your ideas of any need to?  That constant barrage, the constant onslaught, that’s part of this moment in time, isn’t it?  We would love to say, yes, peace on Earth is your due and it’s around the corner and you worked hard enough to get there.  Oh, dear ones, we would love nothing more than to tell you that – the hardest part is behind us – but you know better know better don’t you?  You know why you know?  Because you’ve been exploring it – the resistance of the ego to let go of what once was comforting. So, what do you know about those souls that feel like life keeps coming at them?  Eventually they are on their knees, aren’t they – humbled, in a state of surrender that says, I am not in control.  You think, ‘well, that’s harsh, isn’t it’?  It is.  It is the exact balancing energy of the intense desire of the current construct or ego dynamic to be maintained.  


 So, keep getting back up.  Keep loving yourself through the experience by reminding yourself you are not a victim.  You are a warrior.  You are a powerful soul who is embarking on a journey that is not for the weak-willed.  You have come in with the power, on a soul level, to withstand by detaching from the expectations by feeling something more than what that victim mentality thinks.That’s what keeps you going. ‘I know there’s a reason.  I know there’s an energy of purpose.  There has to be something more.’  Hold on to that feeling.  It will pull you through and that’s what we need right now – more souls willing to trust that sense of knowing that I may not be able to see that validation of my efforts but I get hints in my inner knowing that the passion for this purpose of being me is relevant.  


That’s what you feel.  There’s something more and that’s it.  That’s the relevance of your existence now. Even if your mind can’t figure it out there’s one thing you can focus on.  It may not give you all the answers your mind searches for but the one thing we can give you is that if you are willing to challenge all of those thoughts and release them - all the rights and wrongs that make you feel victimized, all of the expectations and assumptions of yourself that make you feel shame or guilt –  they are unsustainable.  If you are willing to see them all as thoughts and let them go, if you are willing to believe in the power available in the still mind, you can embody it.  It will not change the experience you are meant to have as much as it will change the way you have the experience.  The minute you release yourself from the idea of victimized in the moment you immediately shift in your inner body to a place of alignment with that warrior self that came to overcome that feeling of separation from your true potential, from your divine self, and from All That Is.  


Every effort made to momentarily release yourself from any thoughts that make you feel victimized or separate from divine truth are moments where you open the door and you let it in.  You let in the brilliance of pure potential that already knows how to support you through this, that already knows the path of grace.  So, you take those breaths and you say, ‘I Am a warrior soul and these efforts that I make are more than just to feed my sense of self, my ego and my society’s expectations of me.  The grander purpose of me defines me.  The grander purpose of me is all I’m here to lvoe, not my ideas, my expectations or anybody else’s.’  In those moments that you align with that way of being you bring in a healing energy, inspirational awareness and divine synchronicities that allow you to see the divine in your reality, to hear the wisdom in your insight and to experience synchronistic engagement with others of your ilk.  


Don’t condemn the path you are on.  It is a journey to explore your ability to find your divinity.  Anything that challenges your ability to love yourself is a call to action – not to change the experience but to change your perception of it, so you can find your power and be your truth.



Channeled by Laura Mirante


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