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Soulful Relevance

Soulful Relevance February 11, 2021

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New Structure of Concretion


Begin with the breath.  Begin where you can contain your idea of being in alignment with a divine sense of knowing.  Keep pondering that concept.  Keep prodding yourself to release yourself from your ideas and your need to fit this reality into an idea.  That’s the process now, isn’t it?  

Yet we will focus all of our energy to address these issues here, to bring to your logical level of being an awareness that can be interpreted intellectually that will allow you to expand intuitively into the higher realms of inner authority.  That’s what you are exploring now and many on the earth plane are lost in their cognitive realities of self-incrimination.  There are so many that feel validated in their egos, yet at odds with themselves internally because of an inner desire to collectively receive a higher sense of purpose here and that higher purpose doesn’t fit into your current ideas of financial prosperity, does it?


Isn’t it interesting that your question is relevant?  There is relevance soulfully to all that is being stirred up in the ego-identity.  

What should I do here as a soul?  

Who should I be here as a human being?  

I have awareness of a higher energy of purpose, a higher frequency of being that I can incorporate physically, that I can be here as a human being.  


You know this because you explore it every time you release yourself from the certainty of these ideas, every time you explore a wisdom beyond that, every time you see fear holding you back or challenging you to overcome that sense of intellectual superiority over your experience.  Everything can’t fit into the ideas, can it?  Everything can’t fit into these boxes of logic, these constructs of being that separate our inner potentials of being.


It’s not whether you are either physical or intellectually adept.  It is, can you find balance in your own individual experience of your physicality, of your intellectual authority and then, beyond that, can you take what you know intuitively and use it to expand the other aspects of self? 


Listen to that because you’ve seen them and they’ll remind you again and again and again - those that bend the spoons with their minds, those that create the illusions but with great certainty.  It’s not an illusion.  What they do is show you the illusion, show the ability of your mind to override the dense, material realm.  You’ve seen that.  They work hard to find that point of contact between the higher mind and the physical mind and the physical body.  We bring you to those that use their mind to direct an experience in physicality.  You see the ones with the boards where they ask you to put all of your force of life to one point of contact between your physical hand and a physical piece of wood, to watch that wood split in a way far beyond your physical capacity because of the higher intelligence you channel intuitively with your intent to override any idea of a physical limit. 


How many human beings will look at others and say, “Oh, they’re special because they can achieve that.”?  In that moment they have separated themselves from this divine truth.  


All are not equal to every task but all are equally endowed with this higher authority that will move through you individually according to your journey here as a soul, according to the role you came to play for All That Is.  There’s a framework to work with.  You see how we want you to bring it all together, that there’s not the physical aspect of you and when you are all involved in that you don’t know the spiritual aspect of you.  Those were the conditions of logic that stood between the physical experience of being and the divine energy of higher authority available. 


Now, why would your idea of you stand between your physical you and your divine you? 

To challenge you to know better, to challenge you to believe you.  

To believe you, think of that.  

Not because you were taught in school, not because you were taught in religion, not because you were taught in your culture but because something inside of you said, 

“Something out there isn’t fulfilling.  Something out there isn’t complete, yet it seems complete.  It could appear to be complete and I feel like I should think I have everything I need, so why don’t I feel fulfilled?”  

Well, isn’t that the exact intuitive inclination that got you searching?  A literal voice within, it just doesn’t speak your human intellectual language but that’s the thing, isn’t it?  You’ve been challenged to discern which is the voice of truth?  Can one learn the other?  Can there be an assimilation where every thought you have is immediately enveloped in the intuitive body, so that your understanding is immediately expanded beyond the literal interpretation? Isn’t that what this is for - right here, right now?  As you continue to ingest these thoughts, they trigger a different area of the mind and sometimes it is uncomfortable and your ego-self doesn’t want to feel uncomfortable, doesn’t want to think that way.  It doesn’t want to confuse itself.  It doesn’t want to confront what it already thinks it knows.  Yet this gut instinct says, “Too bad.  You can’t have it any other way.  We’re here to wake up and that’s the experience of waking up.”  


We will pull it all together.  So, has the fog lifted?  Has it begun to clear?  Interesting concepts.  Is this an indication of a brighter future, this frustration with the chosen ignorance of your peers?  Yes, we’ll say it.  Even though you want to love everyone, even though you want to compassionately embrace unconditionally every soul on the earth plane, you cannot fathom how some are making choices that they are making.  You cannot see how we can come into a loving embrace of oneness when we fight each other with such certainty.  It’s so brilliant, isn’t it, the awakening, the brighter future?  Think of that.  It’s a great imagine.  Imagine your children’s children’s children all standing in line beaming their light into this realm saying, “We’ll show you the way.  We’ll show you what true freedom feels like. We’ll show you what unconditional experiencing of self can create.”  


As that light beams into this realm, at this time in history – think about it.  It’s beaming in here and what is it coming up against?  Those stuck in their old ideas of being digging their heals in and saying, “No, it’s too bright.  It’s uncomfortable.”  It does take time for the eyes to adjust to such an intuitively developed frequency of being.  Yes, that’s what you’re talking about, isn’t it?  There’s the clarity you’re talking about because it is clear and it is amazing, truly amazing.  So, be here now with it because it is all a choice and it’s all relative to what you believe you’re capable of experiencing.  It really is and there is a collective reverberation of egoic commitment to a current frequency of being that has defined the current construct of the reality you exist in, and all the confrontations coming up now, so you understand it.  


It’s a gradual process, as each one of you has seen in your own life, and there is a reason for that, isn’t there?  As you continue to develop this inner intuitive relevance, it expands in your reality.  Individually it’s fascinating, awe-inspiring, even humbling at times but now step back.  Step out of yourselves as individuals.  Go to that place where you’re the one standing on the moon and you are looking down at the Earth.  You know what you see now?  It’s brighter. It’s clearer.  There it is, dear one.  There’s the awareness of the shift in consciousness that’s moving across the earth plane because of individuals like yourselves willing to sustain in all of this confrontational ego efforts at control.  Your heart keeps telling you that you yearn to be released from that.  You just want to be the love that you are.  You just want to experience extending the love that you are.  You just want that to be enough and shouldn’t it be enough?  Why isn’t it enough?  Because the intelligent idea of being supported by the exterior society created by the continual allegiance of the individual to that societal structure, the continual extension of your individual energies of purpose in that direction.


That’s what you ask to substantiate now, isn’t it?  Isn’t it when you think about prioritizing your extension of loving efforts in this world because of the material nature of the value system of the worth of your efforts?  What you know is that doesn’t fulfill anymore.  You know that deep down inside there is a part of you that says, “It’s a ridiculous question to even have to approach, that I have to try to figure out in some logical way which is the most beneficial, astute use of my energy, of my experience of being here in this moment in time.  What should I do?  Where should I focus my intention?”  It is difficult to come to this place of complete surrender to the inclination of the will of the One.  Many religious institutionalized versions of that concept have dismissed the relevance of the inner knowing, have tried with great difficulty to override intuitive intelligence to abide by some intellectual dogma.  


So, you have to see it, the collective desire for freedom instigating the collective resistance in the individuals, in each one of you and how the predominant cultural norm is self-deprecation.  There is a pattern of thinking in the individuals that if I’m not doing according to the external reality, I’m not right being me.  If my experience of me doesn’t fit in to the ideas of the best me I could be, I must be doing something wrong.  Just start there.  Just feel how overwhelming that is in our collective reality, how predominant it is as a pattern of experiencing one’s self at this time.  That’s it - approaching that question, approaching that idea, approaching even the need as a human being to categorize the efforts of the extension of being you are called to in the moment.  


You can’t make up your mind because it’s not time.  Could it be that easy?  Could there be that energetic relevance in the uncertainty?  Could it be for you to explore the concepts, not the efforts – the concepts of qualifying the benefits, quantifying the relevance, recognizing the desires of the ego underneath it all?  You’ve got to go here, for that is what’s being redefined.  The ego is not the enemy.  It is a partner in the integration process of the individual representation or projection of the One.  


This is where you learn to work with your ideas, dear one.   How should you prioritize?  Definitely not intellectually, not where your mind is going to say here’s the good in this and here’s the bad in this and this is why this is more important than that.  They’re so insidious, these patterns of duality, of dualistic thinking that take divine potential and quantify it through such limits and in relevance.  So, you go deeper each time.  My mind is asking me to choose if this is better or that is better, if this serves more, if this serves me more, if this serves others more, if this serves the One more?  Feel into those questions.  There is a symmetry there isn’t there.  I want to serve me so I can serve the One as I serve others.  It flows doesn’t it?  Then just take the imagery out of it, as if you’re a separate individual and there’s people out there that are separate individuals and the One is some individual above.  What if it is a divine flow and you are looking to learn to feel the relevancy of the wave you are in the midst of?  


So, just bring it back to as my mind considers what’s the best thing for others and simultaneously what’s the best thing for me?  Look at those thoughts and recall where they come from.  They are each different levels of consciousness interpreted through your intellectual mind trying to find relevance but you are looking for human relevance and challenged to find soulful relevance.  Yet soulful relevance won’t fit into the ideas of the moment, so it brings you back to that place that there’s a purpose here.  These experiences are triggering maybe angst in me, maybe a curiosity, maybe both and I know it’s angst and the curiosity I want to explore, not the ideas, not the assumptions and not the need to fit it all in to one idea or assumption.  So, you are feeling into feeling through life when you’ve been taught to think through it and you are recognizing the need to find a balance where the thinking mind appreciates the intuitive intelligence to the point of recognizing the beneficial hierarchy of submission, you see, not saying the thinking mind is giving all of its power, it’s adapting to a new structure of cocreation.  


Yes, a new structure of cocreation.  You see it so clearly.  The ego has been predominantly materially oriented, intellectually defined by its sense of intellectual superiority completely or almost completely negating the brilliance and beneficial effect of intuitive integration.  It is time, and science knows it, to expand beyond the ideas that it all fits into ideas but who then will explore this new frontier of inner awareness? It’s not about being in a lab.  It’s too interactive, the dynamic.  You must be frustrated in your ideas and love yourself enough to choose to rise to the occasion, to believe the intuitive intelligence is being guided by the will of the One and it is always a moment- by-moment awareness that offers you that sense of fulfillment.  When you are figuring it out and you are enacting your logical plan, it may touch on some energies of purpose.  It may bring you some moments of alignment but when it is complete in its organic unfolding there’s no breath of uncertainty.  There’s no moment of doubt in any of it.


Here’s the thing.  Understand the experience of doubt.  You can appreciate that there’s more than you can understand and it doesn’t mean you have all of the ideas of what’s happening.  The doubt we speak of is doubting the soulful relevance and that’s where you start in every experience.  Bring it back – if I’m quantifying the good and the bad, I’m stuck in the linear processor of me and I’m more than that.  So, you see, you work with yourself and say, “Alright, my mind might have an idea of a good here and a bad here, of a right and a wrong, but if I stay stuck in that I don’t get to the good stuff.  I don’t get the feeling of being free of the judgments and expectations of that dualistic framework.”  Realize that ego, the old paradigm, is completely identified in that.  That’s what the resistance is.  Can there be something other than a right and a wrong in an experience?  Can you find freedom in exploring that?

What does that mean when you consider that beam of light coming from the future generations?  You want to remember that.  You want to consistently bring yourself back to that light as if it is pulling you forward.  Think of that.  It is not about bloodlines.  This is soul to soul aspirations of being, speaking intuitively among all of us.  That’s what intuitive intelligence is.  We are collaborating on the higher levels of self and we are trying to set ourselves free and we do want to assist future generations because we are them.  Think about you, the inner child you, the freest experience of you, out there in the future energetically pulling you out of your attachments to the old ideas of right and wrong and good and bad ways of being you.  Remember.  We bring you back to that combination of self if you don’t fit into this reality.  How people are coordinated in their mind to judge themselves, to grade themselves.  All it takes is that one brilliant breath that says, “I love myself enough to believe my uniqueness is exactly what is needed in this moment, more than any idea of accommodating any right and wrong handed down to me by an ignorant exploration into duality, ignorant to our divine truth.  Not a wrong way to do it, not a good or bad way to do it, just and experience of conscious ignorance of our divine self.”


We’ve explored it fully to the point of losing ourselves – almost.  So, you feel frustrated when they ask you to go back into the fear.  Think about that.  All these individuals fighting to stay in the fight - asking you to be angry at this, asking you to be angry at that, asking you to fear this, asking you to fear that.  How frustrating it feels to be here when those are your options, right?  No.  Remember the light.  Remember the awakening.  Remember the fog really is lifting and that is why we need this adjustment period.  What is it that you have to adjust here?  Your humanness, your idea of you, your idea of how to be a wakened soul in a dualistic experience of being.  What can you control?  How I think about it.  Every minute, every day, every experience that asks you to judge it in a right or a wrong way or a good or a bad, take the challenge.  Right there!  Right there is the challenge that that’s the old model being offered to you and you refuse to take it because you know better, because you know there’s something more that you are now choosing to create a space for by not containing it all in these dualist boxes that keep us fighting.


It’s been said before, so many different times, but these different ways of integrating it become these threads of truth and they become these neuropathways.  There’s science here to work with.  Go with it.  Go with it.  That’s what we’re saying.  Science knows it.  We can’t play small anymore.  Of course we can, and many still do, and many still choose and that’s fine but it’s not for everybody, is it?  So, when you have your considerations here about the direction to extend your energy, feel the waves of pure potential.  You can only do that when you are far from your ideas, expectations and desires – even desires to help people.  Realize that.  There is still an attachment to the humanness there and, right now, it is best to detach.  It is best to own the freedom necessary to be intuitively guided without human editing.


It isn’t always going to be this confusing.  This is how we change when we are forced to readapt our idea of being.  The discomfort is only in the ego’s confrontation of its ideas of itself.  That’s all.  That’s what you want to see.  Love yourself every time you feel uncomfortable in it.  Love all of it – the resistance and the knowing.  But remember the resistance is only an offering from the previous generations of the limited experience.  Sometimes you buy into it because you love your parents, you love your grandparents and you want to believe they knew better than you or they knew something you didn’t know.  They did.  They knew who they had to be for their experience.  That doesn’t mean you are here to be who they had to be and many generations got lost in that.  You honor them by being you.  You don’t honor them by living your life because that just supports the self-denial.  When you challenge and you live your own, you offer past, present and future generations a different experience of being because, remember, you share that experience intuitively, soulfully, always, always.  So, when you are feeling inspired and the anxiety creeps in, think beyond your thoughts because the feeling of anxiety is energy.  It is an energy that brings awareness in your humanness to a shift in the experience.  


Now, if you think only in your thoughts, then your thoughts are going to search your mind, which will search your experience for something wrong that you can attach to.  You can say, “Well, this is the anxiety I feel because I see this, because I have to experience this.”  There’s a lot the mind can do with that but you want to reflect in the idea of feelings and the effects of the thoughts interpreting the feelings and how they trigger in the emotional body a wave, an experience to be explored.  The issue at hand in a world in fear when so many are in pain, when there is so much chaos going on, if you are embracing a moment of joy and the mind considers those that are not, what is the best way to serve them?  Is it to join them in fear?  Is it to join them in uncertainty?  It is a blessing to have awareness to work with, a blessing to yourself but a blessing to others as well, and human beings haven’t fully embraced that concept - how much we do on the ethereal level, how affecting our prayers are for one another.


So, if we are all connected in the energy and you’re thinking of those that have difficulties, that are struggling, if you are in a mode of prayer but in an energy of guilt or shame you are extending a frequency of disharmony, a frequency that doesn’t honor the experience you are truly having.  You are owning a frequency of a thought of less than.  Now, if you are in an experience of joy and an experience of embracing the blessings in your life in the moment, and you think of those that do not have the same blessings, well, number one, consider your idea of blessings as your idea of blessings.  Consider other souls are here to build upon other experiences of being and that many, many will tell you that it isn’t always satisfying to have everything you want in the material.  Some who have much less, feel much more fulfilled in their experience of being.  


So, revel in the blessings of your individual, human experience as the soul that you are.  Then when thoughts of inequity surface in your mind, bring yourself into an experience of balance where you extend compassion for the souls that are willing to explore that depth of duality, that experience of being that challenges them in the way they are here to overcome in their own way.  Once you set an individual free to explore their life according to their own desires as a soul, you have taken yourself out of a position of authority intellectually.  Even there, you don’t want to live in the rights and the wrongs and the goods and the bads - the have and the have nots create opportunities to explore different experiences of being human.  It is a challenge but, you see, it is the challenge of the moment to climb out of that dualistic construct by not qualifying, quantifying or putting in any relevant ideas of right and wrong in any experience in this moment, just walking forward curiously exploring the soulful relevance in the moment of you in your experience as a part of the whole in a moment of transition out of a dualistic concept of being based on these precepts of right and wrong and good and bad.





Channeled by Laura Mirante


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