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Soulful Relevance

Soulful Relevance February 11, 2021

Soulful Relevance 02.11.2021Artist Name
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New Structure of Concretion


Begin with the breath.  Begin where you can contain your idea of being in alignment with a divine sense of knowing.  Keep pondering that concept.  Keep prodding yourself to release yourself from your ideas and your need to fit this reality into an idea.  That’s the process now, isn’t it?  

Yet we will focus all of our energy to address these issues here, to bring to your logical level of being an awareness that can be interpreted intellectually that will allow you to expand intuitively into the higher realms of inner authority.  That’s what you are exploring now and many on the earth plane are lost in their cognitive realities of self-incrimination.  There are so many that feel validated in their egos, yet at odds with themselves internally because of an inner desire to collectively receive a higher sense of purpose here and that higher purpose doesn’t fit into your current ideas of financial prosperity, does it?


Isn’t it interesting that your question is relevant?  There is relevance soulfully to all that is being stirred up in the ego-identity.  

What should I do here as a soul?  

Who should I be here as a human being?  

I have awareness of a higher energy of purpose, a higher frequency of being that I can incorporate physically, that I can be here as a human being.  


You know this because you explore it every time you release yourself from the certainty of these ideas, every time you explore a wisdom beyond that, every time you see fear holding you back or challenging you to overcome that sense of intellectual superiority over your experience.  Everything can’t fit into the ideas, can it?  Everything can’t fit into these boxes of logic, these constructs of being that separate our inner potentials of being.


It’s not whether you are either physical or intellectually adept.  It is, can you find balance in your own individual experience of your physicality, of your intellectual authority and then, beyond that, can you take what you know intuitively and use it to expand the other aspects of self? 


Listen to that because you’ve seen them and they’ll remind you again and again and again - those that bend the spoons with their minds, those that create the illusions but with great certainty.  It’s not an illusion.  What they do is show you the illusion, show the ability of your mind to override the dense, material realm.  You’ve seen that.  They work hard to find that point of contact between the higher mind and the physical mind and the physical body.  We bring you to those that use their mind to direct an experience in physicality.  You see the ones with the boards where they ask you to put all of your force of life to one point of contact between your physical hand and a physical piece of wood, to watch that wood split in a way far beyond your physical capacity because of th