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Soulful Relevance

Soulful Relevance April 11, 2021


About anxiety and depression and how do our childhood beliefs affect us as adults and the sense that I don’t want to do this anymore?

I may jump around here but I feel that all of it is connected and that each person, in their own way on some level, has explored these concepts, has explored this experience and is dealing with the ramifications of the results of the wisdom accumulated in those explorations.  Why?  Because we are all connected.  We’re all souls being human for a while, exploring what we can be here and using these experiences to advance as souls our sense of purpose in one another.  It’s an interesting concept.  It sounds nice on the surface but it doesn’t make sense with the reality you are existing in, right?  Maybe that’s the issue.  Maybe it does all stem from the childhood beliefs and over-allegiance to them.  Maybe our childhood beliefs are like steps, steps you climb.  There are certain levels of consciousness you are here to explore and only in this dense, physical realm can you explore them.  

So, why not be a part of it all?  Why not dive deep into it with everybody around you?  Do you really want to sit on the sidelines and watch them all glorify the brilliance of our oneness?  You are thinking, well, this lady is crazy.  That’s not what’s happening here.  We’re fighting each other.  We’re in global turmoil – from country to country, community to community, gender to gender.  It’s one big struggle with each other and within ourselves.  

But is it possible that in all that chaos there’s clarity?  

Is it possible that the chaos is necessary to find the clarity?  

Is it acceptable to take that position – to say, alright, alright, we’ve been running around with these beliefs in our minds, of our ideas of who we are for generations? Even now we see ourselves struggling within ourselves, with each other, within our community, with one