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Soulful Relevance

Soulful Relevance April 11, 2021


About anxiety and depression and how do our childhood beliefs affect us as adults and the sense that I don’t want to do this anymore?

I may jump around here but I feel that all of it is connected and that each person, in their own way on some level, has explored these concepts, has explored this experience and is dealing with the ramifications of the results of the wisdom accumulated in those explorations.  Why?  Because we are all connected.  We’re all souls being human for a while, exploring what we can be here and using these experiences to advance as souls our sense of purpose in one another.  It’s an interesting concept.  It sounds nice on the surface but it doesn’t make sense with the reality you are existing in, right?  Maybe that’s the issue.  Maybe it does all stem from the childhood beliefs and over-allegiance to them.  Maybe our childhood beliefs are like steps, steps you climb.  There are certain levels of consciousness you are here to explore and only in this dense, physical realm can you explore them.  

So, why not be a part of it all?  Why not dive deep into it with everybody around you?  Do you really want to sit on the sidelines and watch them all glorify the brilliance of our oneness?  You are thinking, well, this lady is crazy.  That’s not what’s happening here.  We’re fighting each other.  We’re in global turmoil – from country to country, community to community, gender to gender.  It’s one big struggle with each other and within ourselves.  

But is it possible that in all that chaos there’s clarity?  

Is it possible that the chaos is necessary to find the clarity?  

Is it acceptable to take that position – to say, alright, alright, we’ve been running around with these beliefs in our minds, of our ideas of who we are for generations? Even now we see ourselves struggling within ourselves, with each other, within our community, with one another.  We still feel righteously beholden to these ideas that give people permission to be angry at each other, that give people some sense of superiority over one another.  It is a moment of righteous realization when you’ve realized that the cognitive ideas that have defined your ego personality in this society, at this time in history, are the exact ideas you’ve come to challenge with your divinity.  

Think of that - even you on a spiritual path trying to define a spiritual path intellectually.  You know who you are.  You know how you do that.  Well, how do you do that?  You look around.  You see what others have done.  You see what others can do.  You learn what you can.  You follow in the footsteps of those that know better because that’s what you’ve been taught, isn’t it, that before you were born on this earth people got here before you and they know better than you, so you should listen to them.  It doesn’t give much credit to your soul, does it?  It doesn’t really give you a lot of self-confidence to think you have to mold yourself according to what these ideas of these others are.  Where is the freedom here in this reality, in this society, to explore your divine truth?  Where is it where you’re given that higher awareness permission to speak right through you?  No, only the special ones, right?  But you know that’s not true and you can’t play small anymore because intuition isn’t just for witches and warlocks anymore.  It’s coming to be realized as an innate energetic conversation, as a part of a multidimensional dynamic.  Yeah, big words and the ego cowers and considers and wonders and then finds comfort in what’s familiar but don’t stay out there in the unknowns.  Explore the divine intelligence.  

See everything differently.  Break free from the limits of the belief systems that were handed down to you – not because they’re wrong or irrelevant.  They are limited and defined by the previous generation’s experience of exploring humanity, exploring physicality, exploring divinity dismissed intellectually, challenged and revoked – or embraced and embodied.  Doesn’t that feel better?  Isn’t that the parameters for being human you want to hand down to the next generation?  The limitless kind - the ones that say, here, here, here’s what those that existed before us thought they figured out about life, what they thought.  Now, how can we build on that?  Whatever you do, don’t identify there, don’t over-identify there and don’t limit your pure divine potential by lazily assuming these conditional ideas of being.  

Yes, you need to hear it like that.  It is lazy to just say, “oho, this is what my parents believed and this is what their parents believed and that’s it.”

  As you watch humanity evolve,  are we going to stay stuck in those old belief systems of what we think we are and what we’re limited to?  

Divine creations, that’s what we are and institutions have distorted that idea of divine to the point where people are so confused about it, they’re at a distance from it.  That’s what you feel.  

So, what is it – anxiety in its purest form?  

What is it as energy, what the mind would interpret as angst?  

As it’s been put here in these questions today, it’s an underlying energy, isn’t it?  

Twenty years or thirty years of knowing it’s there but never embodying it to the point of say let me explore this and see what it’s trying to tell me here.  

No, no, let me cover it up under this positive expression of me, under this joy-filled extension of me, running around with all of the ideas of what it looks like to feel good, what it looks like to act like you feel good.  How many of you do that?  Sure, if I focus on these positive affirmations, I can override that feeling of angst and anxiety in my gut.  

How is that working?  Is what you are realizing more than ever is you can’t approach yourself from just one angle – body, mind and soul – and when you are feeling off balance pay attention to where you’ve not been focusing.  

If you are giving all of your energy over to your thoughts and your thoughts are keeping you out of balance, then what do you want to do here if you want to find balance?  You want to pull yourself back to center.  To stay up there in the mind with all the thoughts of confusion, of anxiety, of what this anxiety could be, you’ll create more of it.  Right now, you are living in a convoluted state of mind because nobody knows what to believe anymore.  Yet you try so hard to believe you think you know what you know.  You know?  

So, it’s there in all the convoluted thoughts that you lose yourself and the energy that you feel - that angst, that anxiety - you followed it.  If you followed it with all that you are, you would find that it is in your mind.  Your mind is what antagonizes you to not address it soulfully, wholly, with all that you are.  

So, when you feel it don’t label it Anxiety – label it excitable energy.  

Dismiss the ideas of why you should be anxious.  

Take a breath.  

Take two.  

Then take an even deeper one.  

Fall freely into your core where the excitable energy is.  

Seriously close the eyes, take the breath, see yourself as if you’re falling backwards into a pool of feathers three feet thick.  

You are thinking, “well that’s not what anxiety feels like.”  

There you go.  Let it go. Take a breath. Go deeper and deeper into that space of knowing because in the space of knowing there’s peace.  In the uncertainty of the mind there is angst.

You are energy and you are in a field of energy, a quantum dynamic of being, with all energies feeding into your experience and you extending the energy of the effect of your experience into the All That Is, into the field.  

When you take that breath, you commit to that breath and you commit to detaching from all thoughts so the entirety of your focus can fall freely into this place of unconditional support of all-knowingness and of the perfection of you.  

That’s a different dynamic, isn’t it?  

It’s a different experience of you where there’s nothing but love for you - for your effort of being human, for your effort of being love - not a doing it right, the thing in the human experience you think you have to do right.  These are thoughts that have expectations that are attached with judgments and assumptions and projections that are linear, logical and ego feeding and dismissive of a higher intelligence, of an awareness of a higher purpose and of an excitable energy that looks to be in this experience.

There it is.  Energy that’s excited to be – to be through you in this world, to be love through you, to be divine intelligence through you, to be divine support through you.  Think of it.  That’s what we’re here to be for each other.  Sometimes we speak the words others need to hear.  Sometimes we bring the energy they need to feel.  Sometimes it comes in a way that looks loving and supportive in logic and sometimes it looks confrontational.  Again, it is all a matter of your state of perception.  Your mind will challenge the rightness of your beingness, your soul will always bring forth divine intelligence.  Then it’s a choice.  Then it’s a real moment of free will.  Do I crawl back up into that mind that has all these questions and doubts and fears and limits or do I trust this inner knowing?  Do I allow that divine voice to speak through me?  Do I believe that’s possible?  Well, there it is.  There’s a belief you want to check in to.  

You’ve asked about the childhood beliefs.  Every belief handed down to you was an opportunity to explore a dichotomy of self, for all beliefs outside of one’s own inner knowing are always a challenge to find one’s inner knowing.  Always.  Imagine how much people have given over that divine right by just taking on the ideas that have been handed down to them.  So, the effect of your childhood beliefs has always been defined by self-love and self-love is following one’s inner voice regardless of what the ideas require or demand.  Now, there you have it.  As you sit there ingesting logically all that you’ve been taught you are also receiving divine intelligence simultaneously, energetically – in your gut, in your heart, in your inner knowing – and it has always been a choice to trust that or to believe I have to override that because this society says so, because this family says so, because this culture says so, because this religious institution says so, because these laws say so.  

Over and over and over again, generation after generation after generation, we refine our belief systems according to the tenacity of the spirit of those that challenge them.  Those souls that have that inner voice that speaks so loudly they can’t pretend it’s not there, it’s not real and it’s not asking them to challenge some of these institutionalized beliefs.  It is a time to challenge your ideas of self-mastery, to bring yourself into balance by honoring your divinity and challenging any thought that makes that concept feel challenging because why would it be if you are divine?  And as a part of your divine constitution there is divine intelligence available to you innately, intuitively.  

Could it be that is what anxiety is asking you to explore and yet the mind programmed to look for its answers in itself intellectually is not only not feeling that breath of freedom that can heal but it’s also adding these layers of discontent that create the disassociation from self - the layers of discontent, the ideas that we’re not perfect, the idea that we’re limited, the we don’t have what it takes, the idea we’re not going in the right direction, the idea that we’re not being who we came to be.  It is not something to be dismissed.  It’s not something to be dismantled.  It’s an opportunity to change the dynamic of being.  

** So, there’s a feeling that things are changing beyond the way you are planning your life to change and the mind wants to figure it out because you want to be good.  You want to do it right.  You want to find the most loving and productive way to be.  Check in on all of those thoughts and ask yourself if they imply that you’re already not perfect, that somehow you have to do something more to be a better you - if you take that heavy weight of ego authority off of your divine intelligence, off of your divine potential, off of your divine beliefs, exploring every experience with the challenge to use the experience to go deeper in your love of self by holding yourself in a state of compassion, by not judging your choices and actions and ramifications of those actions but by exploring the areas of being human your divine intelligence is using to illuminate a gift of conscious awareness of a higher purpose in the human experience.**


Sit with that for a minute, that concept, people running around trying to do things to look productive, trying to do things to be something, to become something but here in this state of appreciation of the experience is an opportunity to delve deeper in to duality without judgment, to change preconceived ideas of right and wrong taking you down intellectually but really holding yourself in a space that says, wow, this feeling is overwhelming - this feeling of uncertainty, insecurity, anxiety.  These thoughts are heavy and they’re weighing down on me.  You see that.  You really all see it.  

Depression is a part of the process of self-discovery.  It’s at that point on the journey where the soul can no longer pretend it’s okay with dismantling it’s pure perfection by projecting expressions of being that are not authentic.  That’s a big one when you think about the way depression has spread across this globe.  The way it runs rampant in your societies and how it is expressing itself so violently right now.  That’s right.  People think depression is only when you sit in the dark and feel isolated from the world but let it be known these outbursts of anger come from the buildup of that angst and anxiety created with the disillusionment of self in the ideas of inferiority and feeling inferior to your purpose of being.  In other words, you are so lost in your ideas you don’t think you’re being who you came to be.  So, you have this idea of a bigger purpose that you’re here to go and do and your mind can’t conceive of it, so you beat yourself down even more – add another layer of certainty in your incapacity.  

You see how the ego dynamic is creating an intellectual divide within one’s sense of self because the ego, in its current intellectually defined state of superiority, finds the ability to maneuver materially, physically, intellectually in this world superior and the soul is screaming for something more.  In order not to hear that inner voice, the human mind has created rationalization after rationalization to justify living for the material.  Living the limits of logic which elevates the physical and dismisses, almost wholeheartedly, a divine voice of higher intelligence always asking to be a part of the journey.  It is a knowingness that tells you there is something more.  It is your inner voice that you feel and it is excited, it is not anxious.  Your true intelligence is a part of a quantum dynamic.  You’re not out here on your own.  You are a part of the human experience and you are all sharing in it – feeding in to each other, feeding off of each other, supporting one another as souls whether you believe it or not, whether it looks like that in the physical or not but you do want to see what you want to be released from.  

So, shift the experience by shifting the idea of the experience first.  When anxiety is felt, don’t label it that.  Shift your focus from what you think you’re feeling by taking that breath, by following it deeper, deeper than thoughts can travel, into the knowingness.  But you have to believe it exists there.  You have to believe that at the core of your center of being you are plugged into All That Is.  You are plugged in to the quantum field fed by the divine creator of all life.  You need only align there to receive the spark of hope the divine intelligence will inspire the wisdom to know in the moment a pure expression of divine love inspired by the One. You are each equally endowed to receive this divine intelligence.  You feel it.  As you hear this, you feel it moving through you.  You feel energetic communication.  You feel resonance with divine intelligence.  So much of this you know and you know you know because of the response at your core, because of a calm reflection of self you feel within.  That’s you in the field feeling divine intelligence reverberating in your system.

You are struggling with that intellectually.  You see it?  That’s the issue.  Our minds won’t let us believe it.  Our minds fight it.  Our minds take an excitable energy of potential and dismantle it because it can’t contain it.  You are coming to realize you don’t want to live in those containers anymore, in those boxes of logical ideas that have limits.  You’re coming to realize you are here to explore more than what the previous generations experienced.  You’re here to grow through these moments of conflict between what you think you know and what you feel you are here to explore.

So, if we can simplify anxiety as excited energy misinterpreted intellectually, well then you can dismantle depression the same.  You can close your eyes and breathe deeply into the center of your beingness.  You can release yourself from all thought.  You can hold yourself in a space of unconditional love.  Without all those thoughts of expectations and judgments you can be here in that core place of connection.  It is what’s being challenged now, isn’t it, all these ideas of what is the right way to be and what is the wrong way to be and who’s expected to do this and who’s expected to do that.  If you can be free enough to challenge yourself to stay fully focused in the breath, in the heart in every moment you will see how demanding the intellectual pattern of being is right now.  How it uses fear and anger to keep you stuck in those patterns of thinking based on expectations and judgments.

It is a shift in consciousness one must choose to reframe in their own experience.  So, you challenge any thought that challenges your ability to stay focused in your heart where your belief creates the space for divine intelligence to prompt your inner knowing and guide you in every moment. You are individual expressions of divine energy, individual fields representing a part of a divine field, a quantum field.  A scientifically quantifiable energetic connection between all souls is where you place your point of focus.  You create in your mind the idea that we’re each a part of a divine dynamic and that divine dynamic is always inspiring our astute alignment with divine intelligence and we’ve been distracted by our ego’s allegiance to the illusion of intellectual superiority.  You are now willing to expand our conceptual ability intuitively.  Follow the science.  In a humble state of curiosity look at what’s been handed down to you and ask yourself – this is the foundation of the future.  What can I create on it that allows there to be a free exploration of divine intelligence?  

That’s a quantifiable shift in your use of you in this lifetime, isn’t it?  But your mind, given those ideas will take you on quite a journey, so don’t go there.  Ask the soul, ask the higher self, ask that reverberating force of life that moves through you in that illusive way.  It is illusive only to logic because it asks you to believe in more.  It asks you to trust more.  It asks you to give hope a power by not needing the answers.  Now, that will come in the future. Hope holds that space, you see.  It's a magnetic frequency.  That’s what hope is.  Imagine you are holding the most powerful magnet in the universe when you choose hope and the forces that that hope will attract, think about it, they must match that frequency.  It’s so much more powerful than what fear can create, than what doubt will allow.

There’s the issue.  One in a state of depression has overidentified with a feeling of hopelessness because thoughts have rationalized the concept out of the way.  That’s where you want to understand it is just a matter of working breath-by-breath in those layers of misconceptions where each thought that comes up is meant not with an idea of where do I put that?  Do I align with it? Do I resist it?  Do I judge myself because of it?  Do I just judge others because of it?  Notice that.  Notice that that’s the process your mind has been programmed to work with.  Find yours.  Work with it. Visually release the unloving thoughts in the most loving ways you can imagine.  Hand them over to your guides, to your angels.  Start with that belief that you’re not alone and that as you look around this world, as you look around your community, your society, depression is an experience being explored right now.  Anxiety, a part of it and when you detach from your individual experience of it, think about that.  All these beautiful, loving souls in this world right now feeling unworthy, feeling less than or inferior to the task of being human because their mind can’t conceive of why we are in this situation of what is to come next, of where you’re not living purposefully, the right way.  

What if our collective soul brought a wave of purpose so magnanimous, so magnificent, so overwhelmingly inspirational it’s inconceivable to our minds that we could be that, that we could be a part of it?  So, we cower.  We cower intellectually because we’re it now.  Think about that.  This feeling of living purpose - I’m not it so I must be wrong in my experience of the moment.  What if you are all here collectively facing it – the need for more love because isn’t the ultimate depressed feeling, feeling alone in the world, alone in your thoughts, alone in your ideas, alone in your truth?  What if it is the judgments of our mind’s ideas that we’re supposed to have the same truth, that we’re supposed to agree, that we’re supposed to believe the same and be the same?  Isn’t that ridiculous?  Isn’t that the exact opposite of experiencing oneness?

Think about the light refracted through the crystal.  Think of all the colors.  Should yellow envy red?  Should purple judge green?  You are all here to add something unique, something different – a different perspective, a different experience, different from everyone, every single one of you and who is glorifying that?  You see these thoughts, they challenge that.  Depression, it illuminates that, doesn’t it?  When you have these experiences notice what speaks loudest, then don’t judge it and don’t overidentify with it.  Start with appreciating the opportunity to explore the experience as divine love.  Then you are not identifying as alone.  You’re saying, “Oh my Lord, why would my mind ever allow me to believe that?  I want to find my way back to my heart where I know love connects me to all life, where I know divine intelligence not only accepts me as unique but is defined through me because of my willingness to be authentic in my expression of me.”  That is self-love, isn’t it, that right there.  Not only am I entitled to be different but in a world of conformity it’s a revolutionary act that stands up for the soul.  Isn’t that what depression asks of you - to be who you truly are as the soul you came to be, to believe you’re entitled to be?  That’s freedom.  So many depressed people will take that cue and take their lives and think, well, I’m a divine being so let me be divine but it really negates the purpose of coming into this physical realm and challenging it, doesn’t it?  

We can be divine beyond the physical.  The true goal is to be divine while you are here.  It is not about standing with pomp and circumstance, wearing your gold robes and preaching the Bible or the Koran or the Torah.  It’s a moment-by-moment walk with your divine self, with your true source, in an inner conversation not confirmed or affirmed by any institution outside of your true creator.  

That’s the issue here.  Depression is the soul’s way of saying, “Stop listening to all of those condemning thoughts.  Let go of living up to somebody’s expectation and love who you are in the moment, for that love will be the light that guides you out of that darkness.”  So, depression is an experience of over-allegiance to ideas of being because your ideas separate you from the truth of the One that is always guiding you, always inspiring intuitively and giving you the opportunity to take that intuition and build on it.  Hope is a spark of divine intelligence the human being has the ability to choose and when you reach from the depths of depression for that spark of hope you are saying, “I Am worthy of being loved unconditionally.  I Am worthy of believing I Am divine and divinely supported.”  That is a healing energy available to all souls.  

Love your hearts.  Love your souls.  Give them time to speak in this world.  It is a collective experience and remember that you are not alone in it and what the collective is asking for is hope.  Hope that can lead us to our divine truth.  Hope that our divine truth can heal our sense of isolation and hope that we can embrace our divine truth and embody it and love our uniqueness in all of its glory.  Be you.  Be nothing more than you.  Love you beyond what anybody believes is possible.

Channeled by Laura Mirante


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