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Soulful Relevance

Soulful Relevance March 11 2021Artist Name
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Soulful Relevance March 11, 2021


Each day you are gifted life.  Each day is an opportunity to experience being a human being.  Everyone, every day, living on this Earth receives the same gift of life in every moment.  Yes, all of the moments are all gifts, all opportunities to explore your humanness to be here in all of the glory of physical limits and ego attachments to ideas – ideas limited by self-imposed ignorance chosen upon birth to release yourself into the wilds of the mind knowing no two minds are alike, knowing no two experiences can be, recognizing the underlying need of the ego to feel a comaraderieship in this reality born like everything in this life of love because as love we are one.  Beyond physicality we are the frequency of love in our purest form.  So, when a human being chooses to be love without conditions you get close enough to the frequency of the pure essence of being.

You know what gets in the way, don’t you?  Your ideas of love.  Once again, having the experience of being human through the limits of your individual ideas unique to you.  You think they are not unique to you because so many of you repeat the same thoughts, build each other up in their rightness so that you can feel a kinship, a connection, a community, a sense of belonging.  I belong here because we have the same ideas, so we match intellectually.  You have the other community connections of the way you look.  I belong here because I look this way, because I speak this way, because my hair is this way, because my skin is this way.  Communities.  Communities, pockets of ego-delineation of self.  We are a community because we have these similarities but they, over there, are different.


Interesting how in search of our connection we separate ourselves from others.  Could it be the same in your individual journey - as you search for your connection to your divinity, to your soul, to your sense of self-worth, to your sense of fulfillment, to your sense of community value - because you have come to realize that no matter what you think as a logically defined human being, no matter how detached or disoriented you are in this reality you still feel that inner knowing that you are here to serve the community you exist in.  That would be an intelligent interpretation of a divine purpose but limited by the limits of the intelligent mind. Are you here to serve that community, the one that you’ve delineated as different from the other communities on the Earth?  Are you here to serve the One?  Going deeper into our essence of being brings our truth forward and that’s what fills the void.  That’s what fills the gap.  That’s what being purpose is.  That’s what the energy of purpose is.  It is an experience of being, not something you do - an experience of being fulfilled and complete in your sense of self.  

Your sense of self.  Think about that.  Who am I?  That’s what the idea is – self as an individual me but that’s it.  This is the disruption in the flow of your divine awareness.  It can’t fit in the qualifications of the intellectual ideas.  Self itself is different.  Self in the logical idea as you as an individual.  Self in your soul is the essence of knowing you as a fragmented expression of the One, of oneself, a higher self, a unified field of intention.  You, an individual representation of that One, of that divine self.  The divine self – there you are.  That’s what you are looking for.  Who are you underneath it all?  What is this energy that keeps nagging me to fulfill my sense of self?  The mind says to live my purpose, to do the thing I came to do, to have the effect my individual life came to have or was created to execute.

As you consider the divine self, as you consider yourself a soul using the physical, corporeal body as a vehicle to integrate the essence of purpose of you being you, as you see it that way, can you see, feel and know this energy of truth that has been trying to motivate you, inspiring you, instigating your knowingness, tricking you into seeing things in a different light in moments of confrontation, challenging you to rise above the fear of the unknowns, challenging you in these moments of insecurity to trust a divine self and its ability to inspire a divine sense of purpose in the moment?  It’s all a matter of focus but you’ve been taught to focus in this logical mind.  It’s interesting to see how caught up people have gotten in their ideas of themselves.  How they haven’t rectified in their experience of being human that sense of separation within one’s heart center when someone crawls up into some ego sense of superiority because of an idea they feel defined by.

You’ve struggled with that.  All of the ideas of all of the people in your experience in your life in this world and this society coming at you in your inner circle and from the external devices coordinating the mental manipulation of the individual so that the sense of divine oneness is irreplicably disintegrated.  Of course not.  It could not be.  You could never detach from the One because you are the One.  You see, only your mind would think that you’ve gone so far you can’t find your way back.  Only your mind would think I dove so far into denial, into the darkness, into some sense of self-animosity that I have actually let go.  As if the divine could ever - but it’s an interesting concept to consider, isn’t it, that this earth plane experience, in and of itself, isn’t what the mind thinks it is and the experience of searching it for answers, the experience of repeating the same thoughts, the same ideas, the same considerations, projecting the same expectations and assumption of life, repeating the patterns of thought of those outside of you or those that came before you, of those that feel over-identified with the institutionalized version of being human. They are the ideas you think you need to live in.

The rights and the wrongs, that’s what is up for redefinition now, isn’t it?  So much of what you’ve brought forward here today is logic.  It’s looking at your life through your mind’s ideas of it.  The concept of feeling imprisoned in your mind, it is important for you to recognize that feeling, that assumption and to fully investigate your responsibility here.  

Who makes you listen to your thoughts?  Who forces you to repeat the same thoughts?  Who speaks to you with such an antagonistic voice of superiority that judges?  Who thinks it knows better?  What voice would tell you you’re not purpose?  What voice would tell you you’re not affecting All That Is with every breath you take?  Who would believe such an atrocity?  Not one soul.  Not one tiny fragment of our divine self.

You’ve come to remember who you are.  You’ve come to take your power back.  You’ve come to hear it, feel it and know it with all that you are.  You ARE NOT required to stay in that prison.  You ARE NOT condemned to that experience.  It is only in intentional allegiance to your ideas that you stay.  That door is not locked.  That prison is not hardwired.  Every thought pattern you have is a configuration of logic instilled in your mind’s perceptive process.

So, it comes down to you loving you enough to have the wherewithal to silence that voice and to realign with the divine voice, for it exists in all souls for we are One and the divine is always, always trying to remind you who you are.  That heart is always asking the mind for permission to love yourself.  You are capable of breaking free from the idea that you are imprisoned by acknowledging it.  By acknowledging that’s an idea, it’s a concept, and it’s a concept that you’ve given validity to by repeating it over and over and over again.  How many of you have?  How many of you have supported each other in that idea?  You’ve created the patterns and therefore you can shift them.  It is not easy.  It’s a collective kind of experience you are having.  Reach into that.  Reach deep into that because we are One and you are not alone in that construct of dismantling the divine truth that is so present in the logical idea of being right now.

So, you’ve come to that point where you realize this that you have been no longer serves.  No.  It doesn’t make it wrong.  It doesn’t make it a mistake.  No wasting of life has been done here.  Every minute is a gift of life and you are gifted life by divine Source that knows the remedy for this reality and knows it is you on this Earth at this time, questioning it all.  Can you imagine that - that you were put on this Earth to know better, to buy into it, to give your energy over to it to realize the lack of reciprocity in defining your life wholeheartedly intellectually and buying into a system that serves the material and the ego by dismantling the idea of our true self?  

Yes, it is true.  The institutions themselves – every different religion took a piece of our divinity and pulled it away from the whole.  How can you believe in the institutions of love that won’t come together in love?  Some do but the hierarchy of the need to feel intellectually superior from some over others is deeply ingrained in the current pattern of being human.  So, pay attention to how you feel pulled by the institutions.  Are they asking you to fight for them?  It’s time for individuals to recognize that.  When you choose to fight for an idea, another’s idea political or religious or cultural, you have become a part of the divisive nature of that ego construct defining ideas of superiority.  No matter who you are, no matter where you in this world, no matter what culture you’re fighting for - ultimately, innately, all souls right now are feeling that divine union of intention desiring to come together as one to freely express love, freely express joy, freely support one another’s uniqueness never condemning the experience, always searching to be the love, always searching to make connection.

That, in essence, is who you are.  That, in essence, is the purpose of all souls on the Earth right now and what their minds are projecting into their ideas of being are the exact confrontational experiences that require full attention, full acceptance of one’s divinity allowing that acceptance of one’s divinity to bring love into the picture to fill the heart with that inner love that unites all souls.  Not romantic love, not expected conditional love, but divine love that knows no limits and doesn’t live in the requirements of logic.  Divine love knows how you are here to support one another and it doesn’t always look the same.  Logic puts things in categories.  It says kindness looks like this, love looks like that, and it limits the power of the potential of that energy.  That’s what you have felt – limited in your ability to be love.  That’s what’s missing.  That’s the void all souls are feeling.  

In every minute you recognize your breath as a gift, feel that - that simplification of being that this breath right here is why I’m here and without it I would not be.  When there is no other thought but that you can feel the vibration of the divine union of intention of being.  You can feel divine love supporting your existence.  You see you can.  It’s there.  That’s what breath is but where do you focus and it is a choice now.  Now it is a conscious choice to know I can focus on my breath and simplify my experience of being to one essence of purpose which is to be love.  If my mind is abusing me, then I feel a greater sense of importance in focusing nowhere but my breath and allowing me to experience nothing but divine love until it overwhelms me.  Until I remember that it is me.  That I Am divine love.  That I Am here to bring divine love and any thought that antagonizes a sense of insecurity or uncertainty in my worth and my value and my purpose are all the myriad of patterns of thinking impregnated in this reality to challenge my ability at self-mastery. Remember who you are.  You are divine love that’s come to explore being human.  You’ve come to explore the limits.  You are not limited but the concepts are.  The construct of physicality gives people an illusion of physical limits according to that physical strength.  Yet many have overridden those limits and found a divine strength available with mind’s ability to release itself from the limited ideas of physicality.  

So, could it be that you were born on this Earth at this day in this time in history to transcend the negativity of the current patterns of thinking, to transform the experience of being human by loving rather than judging, rather than condemning, rather than staying isolated in community, breaking down all barrier of logic by doing nothing but loving?  Yes, you can.  Yes, you can.  It’s not reciprocated by another human being.  It isn’t about a give and a take, is it?  There you go with duality again – right, wrong, good, bad, give, take, up down.  No.  Take all of those limits off your pure divine strength and let it be.  Let it be.  Let life be.  Let you be.  Let love be without requiring it to fit into an idea.  

Is it possible for you to be here without thought affecting who you think you have to be?  It is when you have the wherewithal to choose to be love.  Not to do loving things according to what your mind thinks are loving things – distractions.  Don’t think I’ve got to go out there and do that.  Let me go volunteer right now because that’s a loving act.  Overwhelming yourself is not a loving act.  More now than ever the gracious effort at supporting one another here as souls in this human experience is learning to release yourself from that negative self talk, learning to release yourself from the fight, learning to see the affect of the ego superiority on our ability to feel fulfilled in ourselves as divine love.


What if you are here on this Earth, on this day in this time in history, to choose to be different, to choose to believe you’re entitled to take the gift of this moment of life and release yourself from all expectations of what you have to be according to all of the patterns of thinking that you have programmed to believe are your truth?  You give yourself the gift to experience this moment as nothing other than pure divine exploration of being divine in a physical realm.  

You figured out how to be human in the material way.  Now allow there to be more of you than that.  Believe that this frustration, this incompleteness you feel in life, is not your soul judging you.  It’s not some God Source saying you’ve done it wrong and you didn’t fulfill the mission I sent you to Earth for.  No.  No.  It’s your loving soul saying, “Alright, we had that experience.  Alright, we found what we needed to learn here.  Alright, we’ve got what we need to go forward now and we’re ready to transmute all of that nonsense.  We’re ready to realize the love we did bring to this world.  We are ready to realize the way we maneuver through the challenges.  We’re ready to realize the true affect of our existence was the way we explored it.”  Not that there is a right way or a wrong way but that in your life, dear ones, you’ve chosen to explore it all.  

As pure knowingness, as divine truth, as the energy of love you have taken your time and explored the experience of being you through the lens of fear.  You through the lens of entitlement.  You through the lens of submission.  You through the lens of victimhood.  You through the lens of guilt, shame, anger, resentment, frustration.  You’ve really worked this purpose and it was purposeful and it is purposeful to see the true refractive nature of life in all of its glory.  You’ve gone the distance.  You’ve experienced joy.  You’ve experienced growth, challenge, grief and moments of divine recognition knowing you know that one but you’ve never met him before, feeling an instinct and following it.  There are so many ways your divine self has been showing you you.  So many ways you’ve been supported by that divine truth all along - even when your mind wants to judge you as wrong, never giving yourself permission to think I’m just exploring being that ignorant of my divine self.  There is no source judging you.  There is only divine love supporting your exploration of being human.


As long as you want to choose to be ignorant of your divinity the Divine will support you with those kinds of experiences.  As long as you want to wake up to your divinity, your divinity will expand in this reality.  That is a divine truth.

We would like to say that’s a fact, Jack.  Test it.  That’s what you are here for, to test how far you can go with this.  How far into the fear can you go and still know your power, still feel the support of the Divine?  You’ve tested those waters and your mind has said, well, we’ve reached it.  There’s no divine here.  Darkness must mean there is no divine here, right?  Isn’t that what the intelligent idea of light and dark has created?  Sure, light is good, dark is bad.  Boogey men live in the dark.  Bad things happen in the dark.  Light is known in the dark, dear ones, and to find it is to allow yourself to be guided by it.  It’s always a gift to you, isn’t it?  Do I believe the mind that tells me I’m alone down here in the dark or can I take a breath away from those thoughts?  Can I take that breath and remember that when I take that breath, I simplify everything?  I release myself from all thoughts.  I bring myself back to my divine truth.  In that breath it brings me back to my heart center, that frequency of being that is divine, that unconditional space of love.  Can I give myself the gift of taking that breath long enough to hold me there in that embrace of divine love, in that energy of divine truth, my divine truth?  Am I strong enough to love myself enough to be the light that guides me through the darkness where all of the deepest moments of realization of our divinity exist?

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