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"The purpose of my existence is to elevate the frequency of the collective consciousness by allowing people to know the depth of their true spiritual nature and the continuity of their life force energy beyond physicality."

Laura Mirante is an internationally recognized Spiritual Channel, as well as an evolutionary healer and teacher of soul-centered living. For 20 years, Laura has taken on the selfless responsibility of giving Spirit a voice. Through individual channeling sessions, group/public channels, podcasts, workshops, and her very essence of being, she inspires and leads others to greater union with their higher selves and soul’s purpose. With relentless faith and unwavering hope she assists the process of releasing fear, discovering personal truth and emerging in a life directed by soul.  Yet, her ultimate daily inspiration to live true to her soul is her role as a mother to her beautiful 11-year-old son Troy.  



Laura’s journey to becoming “employed” by Spirit was not a lifelong calling like many before her. Quite the contrary, it was a series of life-altering events in her mid-thirties that initiated her awakening to her true purpose. She has come to call these events “the three D’s”: Disease, Divorce, and Death.  These intense experiences redirected her path to the eye opening connection and bond she built with Sally and Steve Baldwin; her life was never the same again. Perhaps unforeseen, but it was this divine union that allowed her to discover her gifts as a Spiritual channel.


In Laura’s own words, “I do what I do for the Soul…souls in Spirit and souls in physicality. I remember my father, after his transition, telling me that not many people recognize him or give him a chance to prove he still exists and I know if it were me I would want people, especially my loved ones, to know I was still here.  My experience with my father ignited my desire to help others see death as a natural transition for the soul in the human experience, not as an ending.”  


What Can You Expect When Getting a Channel with Laura?                                         

As a Spiritual Channel, Laura will be giving you the opportunity to work closely with Spirit.  This allows you to gain a clearer perspective on life in the physical, directly from souls in Spirit. Only you will be able to recognize the undeniable feeling of truth Channeling creates deep within. With a new and profound sense of hope and faith, you will begin to move through life’s challenges with grace and ease.


What Services, Other Than Channeling, Can You Receive From Laura?


For a practical and hands-on experience, Laura also provides individual coaching for intuitive development and self-awareness through the Michael Teachings, Meditation, Reiki, HeartMath and other Energy Healing modalities. 


Working with Laura is truly taking on the journey of self-exploration with a facilitator of divine energy. Are you searching to understand this life, this world, and your place in it? Then receiving coaching with Laura is for you.  She has devoted her life to understanding what it means to be energy in a physical body and is committed to sharing what she learns, in order to assist you in growth and embodiment of soulful truth.


 What is Laura’s Background and Other Certifications?

Laura Mirante is an authentic Spiritual Channel & Reiki Master. She has studied with Sally and Steve Baldwin, founders of the Dying to Live Again Foundation, William Lee Rand founder and President of the International Center for Reiki Training, Lorraine Murray author of the Calm Kids & Connected Kids books and founder of the Teach Children Meditation Campaign, the HeartMath Institute and renowned author Donna Eden, creator and teacher of Eden Energy Medicine.


Laura has volunteered her time and energy at Hospice, Joe DiMaggio’s Children’s Hospital and several different adult day care and community living facilities. She has devoted countless hours to families and children in crisis. She has an innate ability to help people move through difficult times in their life. She helps people recognize their intuitive connection to the divine and the higher purpose behind their experiences.


Her greatest teachings come directly from her connection and constant communication with Spirit. This enables her to continually expand her understanding of the energy we are and how to work with it to create a more physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy, balanced and peaceful life.

"On the Transition out of Physicality"
Channeled by Laura 6-27-14

The most magnificent thing about this entire experience is it is a personal one; it is unique to the individual soul just like the human experience, unique to the individual soul, so is the transition...Ultimately the answer is simple; what happens when we leave our physical body is nothing and everything all at once.
There is no moment of the experience where you stop;
you do not stop,
you simply shift,
you do not lose your way,
you simply need to refocus,
because ultimately what you are doing when you leave the physical body is re-engaging your true form, your spiritual form, your essential nature
There is a wonderful way in the human experience now to give you a sense of it- it has to do with pixels and how they can now create an image in your mind where you can see things just simply disintegrate and come back together and yes we bring the image of Star Trek to your mind- "Beam you up" is what they would say isn't it? And yes that is a wonderful way to think about exiting the physical world.
You beam yourself up to your brilliance, to your truth, you reacquaint yourself with the energy that seemed so foreign to you in the physical and as you do you move through every aspect of your being-ness and that means so much more than every lifetime you've existed in but we'll leave it at that for now.
You begin to feel a sense of recognition; you begin to feel something so familiar to you and something that seems in that moment so foreign until an energy overwhelms you... Until the light takes you over, until the light itself blinds you of your physical nature and redefines how you perceive your being-ness. For what occurs, is the light shines so deeply into the essence of who you are that your energy begins to shine right back, your energy begins to say,
"Yes it's me and yes I'm Home"
It is that simple dear ones.


"I am the energy of Grace, Dignity, Integrity and Love and I exist to be Truth in this world and nothing other than Truth."

Buddha 2014

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