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Beyond Bereavement

A Gathering of Souls

Exploring a continued connection and conversation

beyond death as a path to the Otherside of grief.

"Death is a natural part of life and should be looked at as a joyous return to our natural, spirit self and not as an end of our existence to be feared."

Sally Baldwin


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  • Do you get signs from your loved ones that have passed?

  • Do you feel instinctively / intuitively that there is more to life situations than what appears on the surface?

  • Are you fascinated by the idea of communicating with deceased loved ones and inspired to learn about life, death and life after death from the point of view of our loved ones in spirit?

Meditation by the Sea

We are all Soulfully connected. We can and do communicate intuitively through that Soul-to-Soul energetic connection before, during and after life in the physical.

Grief challenges us to explore our loved ones as divine energy. Grief challenges us to explore our ideas of our own divinity and consider an experience of our loved one beyond the physical through that divine connection. 


This exploration begins by acknowledging the external signs and our simultaneous inner sense of knowing and making that divine connection within us real.

Everything and Everyone is Energy and Energy never dies; the Soul never stops existing, caring or sharing.

We're taking the process of grief and carving out a path

Beyond Bereavement

by having a conversation about and with loved ones on the Otherside. 

People will share their experiences receiving signs from their loved ones.

As you hear about other's experiences, you will become more aware of how things are happening in your life that you may not have noticed before. It is always fascinating and many times can be validating to hear how they show up.

We will briefly practice heart focused breathing to help calm stress, open the mind and clear the lines of communication. During our time together, Laura will channel both a message for the group and individual messages from loved ones in spirit.


These groups are created to open a door of exploration to help people see the other side of grief.

Our groups have helped the bereaved find a different perspective about death so instead of being sad that you are missing your loved one, you can be excited each day that you are able to see the signs they are sending.

Afternoon Light

We understand people are in different situations so we are offering a sliding scale for these groups --

add the energy that feels astute according to your current situation

Thank You 


Live Channeled Messages

from Loved Ones in Spirit


These messages are given in small groups in a very private setting.

Each person receives a copy of the recording. 

Off Line Method of Payments

Zelle (561-302-5405)

Venmo (@Laura-Mirante)

Mom's Group
 a Continued Conversation

with Children in Spirit


If you have suffered the loss of a child 

please click the link below if you would like to receive a message from your child in spirit. 

You can join & listen live or register to receive a personal message from your child  

 Your financial support makes it possible to continue these groups. Thank you for adding your energy $ of support!

Sliding Scale Registration Options

Listen only




Join & Receive a Personal Message 



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A message from Michael channeled for a group of moms with children in spirit:

Each one of you is aware of a deeper conversation in the heart with the soul.

You have this understanding in you, a feeling of knowing, a sense of unity that denies and defies any intellectual certainty of the distance between you and your child. 


So, it becomes an issue only when it is important for you to make a choice, when you feel you need to give all of your ideas over to one concept, where you need to give your entire belief over to one idea. 


You’re thinking now,

"Well, it serves me to search for more, to explore the feeling of knowing, to affirm these divine synchronicities when I feel them, when I see them, when I know it is relevant." 


You are here to understand the deeper sense of knowing is truth. 


It is the experience occurring on the soul level, communicated through divine intelligence, through those energetic lines of continuity, for we are a continuum – all one and one in all in the energy of All That Is. 


It’s an energy that can speak simultaneously in many different individuals and you’ll feel it more and more as you work with these brilliant souls, as you feel their divine intelligence conveyed to you in a way that your intellectual mind can appreciate.

channeled 1/25/23 

via Laura Mirante

Join the conversation

Message for MOMS continued:

You are warriors, pathfinders, pioneers honoring the journeys of souls that have come without any fears limiting their ability to explore their divinity, willing to use that challenge of being human to serve humanity in their own unique ways.

You the anchors of unconditional love,

you the anchors of unwavering faith in the power of that love between you to bridge the gap created in the minds of thecultures you break free from now.


It is your bond in the truth of the love innate in that bond that creates the expectation of result here, where you know they will stop at nothing to reach you.

Where you know that regardless of every justification to stay deep in the grief, this inner desire for more pulls you forward and allows you to receive them in these signs, to feel them as they stand next to you and to know in your thoughts their intentions.

That’s the experience you explore here.  

It is not contained in logic, so you cannot justify it intellectually.  


You can onlyexplore it experientially, together as one – one intention to be connected eternally regardless of space and time – to provethe dynamic nature of our inner connection and how our outer world can be a treasure hunt.  


It is your greatest gift to your children to see life as the opportunity to explore the everlasting nature of our souls, for they are in that exploration, you see, and they do desire your complementary perspective.  

Isn’t that what we offer our children?


Exploring a continued connection and conversation with a loved one in spirit is a path through grief that can open a line of communication with spirit in you that leads you beyond bereavement to a clearer connection with your higher power.


All that is needed is courage and an open mind.


If you believe there is something more than you know, the door of curiosity opens in the mind and access to that experience is available.

If you are certain they are gone they will give you the freedom to have that experience.


It is always your choice.

People Fear what they do not understand and cannot control.

Death is the ultimate, inevitable, unknowable experience.


What is trauma? 

Trauma is the subjective experience of an event, or series of events, that overwhelms an individual’s capacity to cope. 

Losing a child is a traumatic event and many parents may experience PTSD symptoms as a result.


PTSD is characterized by three symptom clusters:

intrusions (e.g., flashbacks, nightmares, emotional or

physiological reactivity to reminders), avoidance/numbing

(e.g., avoiding reminders associated with the event, loss

of affect), and hyperarousal (exaggerated startle, hypervigilance,difficulty sleeping). 


Why use HeartMath for trauma? 

The heart has a central role in living a life of balance, love, goodness and meaning. 

The heart is one of the most grounding resources you have. 

Being in the heart can help create a space to help you find your way back from a traumatic event.

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