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What Is Channeling?

Channelling Definition: The divine, inspired words (or energy) of God as imparted to Humans by Humans.

The above definition is what channelling actually IS. That means that not only were most of the sacred scriptures of the planet (all religions) channelled originally, but also much artwork and music too! It is absolutely commonplace, but like so many other re-emerging processes in the New Age, it has a stigma about it that is strange. God did not write the Bible... Humans did, while divinely inspired.

We have been used to having "authorized and sanctioned" men and women of God passing information to us... not the common folks. Therefore in this New Age, where the actual basic intent of the New Age Master of Love is beginning to surface (that of self enablement for those other than the priests of the land), we are seeing more and more "common folk" passing on the information of God.

Even in our own culture, we accept the letters from a common man to his friends in several cities in the Holy Land... as the sacred words of God! (This is how much of the New Testament of the Holy Bible was written.) Think about it. That's channelling!

We believe that God did not stop speaking to humans 2,000 years ago. To think that God stopped communicating is to deny your own divinity, or to assign some special sacredness to the past, not feeling worthy to consider yourself part of God's continued plan for an enlightened Earth. You are worthy of a continued communication with God... which I teach is actually a part of YOU!
Lee Carrolls/Kryons definition of channeling

Channeling is a form of communicating with spirit. 


I see spirit as the collection of all souls. When I tap into spirit I can convey the messages that your Soul would want your body/mind/ego to know to help you live in alignment with your Soul’s purpose. The message can come from a soulful connection with a loved one in spirit, a guide, angel or the higher self.


I believe we are each unique, individual expressions of ONE divine, creative, loving energy and our journey here in the physical world is to take on an individual body and personality as a vehicle for the unique expression of our Soul and to never forget who we really are- the Soul, animating and inspiring the body/mind/ego.


Like individual pieces of a tremendous jigsaw puzzle it is vital that we each hold our unique definition for the puzzle to be experienced in its entirety. 

Now here’s the game of life…we live in a world where conformity is supported and non-conformity is opposed…so we’ve created an environment that makes it difficult to believe we are entitled to be different and yet as souls it’s our innate duty to the “One” to hold ourselves accountable to our uniqueness.


Our soul is always trying to give us a sense of which direction in life is aligned with our soul purpose through intuition, gut instinct, and divine synchronicity but our logical mind has difficulty trusting the elusive nature of divine intangible energy, hence the power of Faith. Faith is the bridge human beings can use to intimately explore the true divine nature of this human experience. Without Faith in the divinity of all creation the human being exists in a state of separation and isolation. 


The messages that come through in a channel are often the same that the individual has already received intuitively but was questioning or dismissing. When your truth comes through the mouth of another it touches you in a deep soul place that you can no longer deny exists. So channeling helps solidify intellectually your own intuitive sense of knowing by confirming for your logical mind through the interconnected nature of all life experience what your heart already knows.


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