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A Message from Michael for a group of moms about

their connection with their children in spirit

Channeled October 2020

through Laura Mirante

There is no walking this path alone ever, ever. You are together on this journey and you walk as one. You walk as one. That is what they look to prove through their interactions, through their divine synchronicities, through the way the love moves through you that takes your breath away. Feel that recognition in you that there are moments where you are just in the midst of your day to day experience and, all of a sudden, the breath is removed from you. You think it’s just about the thought of them but, no, it’s the realization that they’ve just, we would say, moved through you energetically but, yes, you would say hugged you in a way that allowed you to know. Like when somebody gives you a big squeeze and takes the air right out of your lungs. Embrace those moments and they will expand. Do not commit them to ramifications of thoughts of grief. Hold a door open that there was a recognition of an effort from your loved one to be recognized. It creates a different experience in your mind of the moment and it offers your child a different energy to work with.

Everything is Energy. Everything that you are, everything that you see and even what you hear has a frequency. What you speak and what you think all affect the definition of the energy of you. So, hold the door open in your mind with curiosity, with willingness and with expectation. Yes, expectation. You are allowed to expect there to be more and more confirmations of this truth. You are entitled to project that expectation of relevant action to be taken, to continue to expand your ability to have a conversation here, to hear, to feel and know you are supported, guided, inspired and loved, accepted, embraced. Just continue to walk the world knowing everything is connected in the field in the energetic field of All That Is that you are a part of, that your children are a part of. It’s a quantum dynamic that you are exploring now, something beyond the limits of fear, beyond the limits of intellectual certainty.


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