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You did not lose yourself. Your desire to help people figure it out was drowning you.

You weren’t in it alone. It wasn’t your experience alone. You were not the one drowning. See this image. There you are head above water reaching for the stars, swimming with the motion of the ocean, and all of those drowning around you are pulling on your energy saying,

“Don’t go without me.”

Imagine one life raft and being that. Yes, I created this image for you. It is true.

For every one human being willing to live in alignment with divine truth there are millions in self-denial.

Millions riddled in fear.

But not only riddled, completely defined by it.

They can’t fathom you living without it and they will pull on your energy and distort your idea of your ability; if you find yourself aligning with that frequency, if you find yourself reaching down and letting them all pile up on you, if you think you can carry them all, if you think you have to, you will feel bogged down, pushed under, and unclear. It is not a matter of saving those individuals who choose to define themselves in fear.

Those willing to explore what exists beyond their ideas of fear will naturally elevate themselves to a place where they join you and support you.

Their presence in the experience with you elevates you.

Those you teach will help you learn.

Those you heal will help you come into alignment with divine truth.

We are here to serve one another in every capacity.

Every energy affecting all that is with grander purpose then logic can fathom.

You did not lose yourself.

Your desire to help people figure it out was drowning you.

Now you allow yourself to be a vehicle of a greater purpose.

Not a teacher as much as an explorer of divine truth, divine intelligence and the connection each individual human has in the divine energy.

Not because you know but because you are willing to explore and take others on the exploration with you.

That is the state of humility your mind requires to empower you to know you will know what you need in every moment because you are willing to be the vehicle.

channeled by Laura Mirante


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