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Thanksgiving - Perspective

As you consider the concept of Thanksgiving, as you consider the idea of your experience of the holiday, you have many ways to look at it - many ideas of what it is, of what you are taught, of what you were patterned with as a child.

How did you experience the day?

What did you feel in the energy around you?

Was it warmth and a commitment to gratitude and appreciation for your life and the love in it? What a wonderful experience to have!

What a way to glorify our Oneness, to recognize the value in appreciating life and the love it allows us to explore and experience!

You have a wonderful construct in your intellectual interpretation of what this day is and what it means to you. So, you hold it in the highest regard. You reflect on those experiences and the feelings of commitment and family and reverence that you felt. It’s a wonderful place to live. A beautiful place to express gratitude for life and for one another.

If you can keep it there in that nice, neat idea we can be satisfied with the purposefulness of setting aside a day for that experience of being.

Many in your culture can keep it there. Many can revel in all of the goodness they have in their lives, all of the ways that their society and their community serve them, all that they have, so to speak.

But never looking beneath the surface of the energy of origin of the experience dismisses the relevance and purpose of the experience.

Everything in the 3D realm is an opportunity to recognize the limits of aligning in that 3D persona created intellectually.

Every experience is a confrontation of self — to go deeper in to the energy of Truth that binds us as Souls – which is Love deeper than an idea of one another.

Is this an opportunity? Of course, it is to advance one’s intuitive intelligence by embodying a divine awareness of a soulful camaraderie-ship.

We are here to use these experiences to learn together, to grow together, to learn from the past, to see what works,

to see where we pull ourselves apart because of ideas we revere, ideas we respect more than truth.

So, go deeper into the energy of the experience and look among you and ask yourself:

Is there anybody that could possibly see this wonderful day of gratitude in any other way?

Can I value and appreciate their perception?

Can I emulate a sense of Oneness in my compassion for their experience of this culture? the culture that I give thanks for?

As you think of this day as a day of grief and mourning for the Native cultures of your continent, imagine if there were such a day to glorify the genocide of the Holocaust each year.

Imagine the shock and horror; but you can’t because it could not be that a culture can be so self-defensive and defiant in their sense of ego entitlement to dismiss the relevance of dismissing an entire culture, of trying to remove the roots of your continent as you build a concrete foundation upon the earth.

But you know the roots could not be fully plucked and those souls continue to grow through the cracks in the concrete.

There you see them and you have to ask yourself where did that come from?

What was here before we poured cement?

Who was here before our idea of what this should be?

The ego has glorified the idea of progress but look at the savage way this culture treats one another because of it’s primary focus being on monetary success and corporate profits.

Human beings, living for stock dividends being more important than living for one another.

The roots of this continent are buried beneath the corporate structure of this culture.

It is those individuals that continue to hold up those walls and stand on that concrete that choose to deny the divine purpose of self-evaluation, of self-realization through the willingness to observe an experience as a Whole, not just how it affects you as an individual.

Gratitude is an interesting concept to manipulate intellectually which it has been done here.

To override the devastation of one culture with the intentions to create a blanket of gratitude over it is significant to be realized. It must be recognized for there to be an equanimity of purpose between the Soul and the ego.

Balance is what we seek and balance is what glorifies our Truth. When you bring yourself from your logical ideas into your heart of compassion, you feel the shift. You embody the experience of being in balance and you feel it.

Channeled by Laura Mirante

November 17, 2021


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