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Son in Spirit Trying to Describe his Experience for Mom

You just feel something shift inside of you and nothing else seems to matter – not that you know what’s going on but it’s there...

*...It’s like when you are riding down on the train and then, all of a sudden, they switch the tracks.

It’s that quick.

You are going in one direction and you think I’m going to ride this thing all the way and then, all of a sudden, it shifts and you’re going in a completely different direction and you’re going in a different vehicle.

It feels different.

It’s not heavy and loud and rough.

It’s light and airy and expansive.

It’s like everything shifts so quickly that you don’t even know what to hold on to, not that you really feel like you have to hold on.

That’s it. That’s what happens.

Everything just starts coming at you, like the old reactions and then the realizations that you don’t need them anymore.

You are sitting there, not that you wonder why but you don’t know that you needed them once, you just know you don’t need them now. Am I making any sense? You see what I mean. It doesn’t make sense in words.

*...It’s just stepping in to another dimension.

**It’s like walking through the wall and you’re in another room and the room doesn’t have a ceiling and it doesn’t have any walls anymore.

You just see everybody all at once and they’re all telling you everything about who they are – all of them and you get it.

It’s not like you are standing in a room and all these different people are talking at you at the same time.

It is like that but it’s not because they are telling you who they are but they’re not talking.

You just know it.

You look at them and you feel what you know about who they are.

You can just take it all in.

You don’t figure it out.

You don’t put it in any boxes.

You don’t judge it.

There’s none of that.

That’s why it’s so much easier to assimilate everything.

You don’t have to fit it into a category.

It doesn’t need to make sense.

You just experience it.

It’s easy.

It’s simple and it’s clear.

It’s not convoluted.

It’s not frustrating.

It’s not overwhelming.

It’s not stressful.

You see what I did?

I explained being human there. We make it too hard. We overwhelm ourselves and we give too much credit to understanding things..."

Channeled June 29, 2020


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