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Mindful Thanksgiving

A Channeled Blessing from Mother Mary for a 2020

Pandemic Thanksgiving

"Can we get a message about Thanksgiving as we are being asked to distance from one another and be alone this Thanksgiving"

It is the great reset

It is a moment of isolation

Where each individual is challenged to recognize the Oneness;

to feel the Divine presence of the One and to explore the growth possibility in that Divine presence available with aligning with the Divine Will

I bring this truth forward to offer humanity a state of Grace;

To inspire a state of submission to the higher intelligence that will motivate the movement when the movement serves all

Be still in your hearts on this day of thanks

Be still in your minds so you can receive the Grace of Divine knowingness

Be still in your souls so you may experience the Oneness and know true gratitude

There is no randomness to the timeliness of this experience

Isolate with a sense of Oneness as the experience needed now to bring in the

Divine Intelligence that offers humanity

A soulful path forward

An astute representation of authenticity that allows Love to be what leads us,

Compassion to be what connects us

And Faith to be what defines our sense of certainty in our Divine union in every moment

A union of Being

A union of Intention

A union of Creation Not spurred by logic

Not defined by the ego need to be in control

But empowered by the human’s surrender to the higher purpose of being defined in the soul

To be grateful for what you have yet to discover you are capable of Being

Ah you see it extends that frequency of appreciation into future manifestations

Do not spend the day thinking only of what was

Of what you have and what you have accumulated

Leave that tradition behind

Grow from this moment forward

****Appreciate with every breath in every minute of this day the gift every breath in every minute is by appreciating the opportunity to build a new world and create a new life defined in love for One another****

Learn how to be who you truly are

By choosing this state of Grace that being grateful for the breath you take in in every moment brings

We are One loving energy of Truth

Individually exploring life limited by our ideas of self

Choose to be grateful to live beyond the limits of those ideas by embodying a pure appreciation of your divinity, of our collective ability to transform this reality

By individually committing to be the love that we are as the One that we are.

Channeled November 24, 2020

Laura Mirante


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