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"If you look away from the fear, love will always give you something to gaze upon"

"That’s something I want to say. It’s not that people make wrong choices when their life is not working out. They choose the more challenging direction.

If only they knew that’s what they were doing I think they might choose a little more lovingly.

That is something to really ponder – the idea that when we make our choices from fear we take that energy and we use it to create the experience we are going to have as a result of that choice.

To know this is one thing.

To put it into practice is another.

I can’t say that I can give you an astute example of how to do it but I would say the most important thing to remember is if it feels like fear it is fear and if it is fear it is not who you are,

If it is not who you are you don’t want to give your energy over to it.

So you think in your mind,

"well, if this is the decision or the choice that I’m feeling inclined to make and yet it does feel like it is born of fear, and I can’t seem to configure in my logical mind a different direction, to take what do I do?"

You would be surprised just by acknowledging the fear, just by saying, "I choose not to go in the direction of the fear,"

that almost immediately can open you up to new awareness.

That opens the door for the higher awareness to flow into you as insight, as inspiration – whatever you want to call it – but it is there for you.

If you look away from the fear, love will always give you something to gaze upon.

But if you are so focused on the fear, well that’s it, it will take you in and it will create an experience for you to have that feeling over and over and over again until you choose to look away from it."

Channeled 2015

via Laura Mirante


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