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Do we bring our angels together or do they bring us together?

This is from a session I did for a group of moms that have become close friends after meeting at a grief group - they each get signs from their children who they call their angels and it appears at times as if these children work together to create the signs that get their mother's they ask...Do we bring our angels together or do they bring us together?

The answer channeled from one of the sons in spirit...

"Ha, like any of us had that authority. We’re all rambling down our own path and, all of a sudden, they intersect. It’s the creator of the paths that brought us together – the Source of all life. Everything has a thread to a higher truth, a more profound purpose than anything that’s going on in the physical. You all know that by the way the connections were made. There is no coincidence. There is no planning it. It was all so divine and the dynamics couldn’t have been created by anybody else than Source. That’s the thing I know. We’re all doing the work of a higher power and the more we surrender to it the more it comes forward."

channeled 12/16/19 Laura Mirante

Photo credit:

Earth and moon interconnected metal print by Johan Swanepoel.

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