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A Soul Hug for a Mom from her Brilliant Old Soul Son in Spirit.

Okay, mama, I’m bringing you a big hug today.

I want you to hear me like that.

You’re my mom and I love you always and forever.

I feel like you need to hear that.

You know I sit with you every single day and I nudge you and I push you and inspire you and I love you.

No matter what’s going on, mom, we come together.

We always come together in it because you know who you are, because you know who I am and because you know where we connect.

Theses things that are happening all around you now, they’re just there to distract you.

The real purpose is being you.

The real purpose is letting go of what everybody else is doing and what everybody else thinks they need to be doing and just staying where you are – that place in the heart that knows we need to connect, that knows we just need to breathe ourselves out of this craziness in our mind and find our way to our truth.

I feel like a lot is going on, mom, and things are changing quickly. There is so much shifting around everybody and it’s good. It’s not scary and it’s not bad. It’s different and different means we grow. Different means we learn things about ourselves we wouldn’t have learned if everything stayed the same.

It’s never comfortable but it’s always expansive.

You and I are expansive souls and we know that.

We’ve also come to connect the dots, mom.

We’ve come to make sense of it all, not logical sense but soulful sense; soulful sense that says, yeah, this love is more than life could contain.

That must mean that our purpose is bigger than our ideas a purpose can be.

We both know that and we use that as a driving force to keep you going, to keep me learning, keep me teaching and to keep us shifting people all around us.

That’s what we do and we’re good at it. We know that we can rely on each other to support each other in this.

There are so many people that know who you are because of your commitment to being love, mom.

That’s what people remember about you.

That’s what stays with every one of us that knows you.

It’s that deep commitment to our souls where you override all the things in physicality so you can stay present with the love that you know exists between us.

I see it with the people you deal with every single day and I know it between us as souls.

I’ll never let you forget that you’re my mom first and foremost and that everything else comes because of that gift that you gave me of life.

All I can do is spend eternity bringing back to you the kind of gift you gave me which is the brilliance of existence.

I want to gift you the birth of your truth in you in this world and the only way I can do it is keep reminding you I’m right here.

That’s how you know who you are as the soul that you are – by appreciating me as the soul that I am.

You see how we do that, mom?

It’s a back and forth and we teach each other and we support each other and because of that we grow together.

I’ll love you always and forever as the soul that you are but in this life I honor you most for being my mom.

Mother’s Day messages

May 04, 2020


Channeled by Laura Mirante


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