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It is a matter of conscious intent and mental well-being. This is what affects the ability of the human being to perceive the divine awareness in its totality. This is what you ask. This is what you are holding out for – the total awareness and understanding of what it is the Divine is conveying to you. What you really want to understand is that you are in a position where it is difficult to integrate the energy of awareness in its totality. Yet the aspect of you that desires this expansion calls it in with a great sense of purpose and a determination to have this effect and have this experience and to make this happen in your human way. That is it, dear one.

That is where you hold yourself back. It does not look to accommodate what it is the human being thinks it should be. It looks to be authentic, it looks to be inspiring, it looks to maintain a state of perception that is aligned with the higher aspect of self and not the human aspect of self. This is a shift that is difficult for a human being that is in a physical world that has certainty of what they believe life is about and what it is to be divine and to make these divine connections. That is it, dear one. It is not a matter of losing your way or detaching from that intuitive connection. It is a matter of understanding that the layers of belief systems and interpretations of life that exist in logic overrun the influx of intuitive awareness to the point where it makes it difficult for the human being to discern between what is intuition and what is logic, what is inspired and what is imagined.

So you want to think about it this way – Everything is Energy. You have understood this intellectually for quite some time but what does it mean to be the energy? What does it mean to maneuver through the energetic field of the human experience with an awareness of your individual structure while maintaining an openness to the perception of the All That Is? Take that statement in and let it begin to work in your logical mind so that your logical mind can begin to expand to the point of receptivity. What we are saying here is if you take this information in and you hold it and you hold yourself accountable to it and you consciously try to connect to it it will begin to work in to your mind. It will begin to create inroads in logic that the intuitive awareness can then move in to.

So look at this way. When you receive an intuitive sense of knowing now it has to work through the mind. It has to come through that field of awareness that is inundated with logic and literal intellectual interpretations of being human, physical, and of being a soul. So you have to think about how confining the intellect is. When it has an idea of what something is it creates an attachment to that interpretation. So as the intuitive awareness comes, which is more expansive than the literal interpretation, the logical mind takes this expansive awareness and tries to funnel it into its literal interpretation of what is and what must be. Here is the struggle of humanity.

The higher aspect of self is asking the logical mind to expand its understanding of what is possible here in this physical world and the intellect itself, which relies greatly on the certainty of the mind, finds this offensive, almost to the point of complete resistance. When you think about it that way it is interesting to experience complete resistance within one’s own self because it is the higher aspect of self that conveys this expansive awareness to the human being through the small mind. So when this expansive awareness doesn’t fit into the small-minded interpretation of being human something has got to give - either the small mind is willing to expand according to the new definition the energy has called forward or it resists, it denies, and it defends its intellectual interpretation. It takes that expansive energy and picks it apart and pulls in to its awareness what fits in to logic.

So you see, oftentimes the awareness is there it is just a misinterpretation. That affects the experience, of course, intentionally. It is a challenge to the human being to detach from needing to understand it all intellectually in order to engage the energy of it. This is what you are looking to expand in to now. You say I look to connect to my guides, my angels, The Masters, and the higher aspect of me. What you want to do is reframe the image in your mind of what that looks like. Do not see yourself as here and the angels, guides, and loved ones as there, somewhere outside of you, somewhere in a distant far-off land, somewhere in the heavens way beyond the Earth. No, everything is energy and energy is limitless in its ability to manifest in and out of form. So, you see, the angels, the guides, the higher aspect of you, is all a part of the energetic field you exist in.

Now see that ocean of awareness that is the collective consciousness, the energetic field of this human experience. Realize that the angels, the guides, are the buoys, they are the dinghies, they are the lighthouses. They are the energies that will always rise above or stand strong through any storm in this collective ocean of awareness. The higher aspect of self is you. The movement of fluidity of the ocean is a part of who you are. It exists in your energetic field which is available to you with your willingness to look beyond the literal interpretation of your physicality. So you do not want to look outside of yourself. You want to look within yourself, within that energy that you are, within the field of awareness that you are a part of. You want to recognize that these energies are a part of your experience for a purpose. They are not stopping by this human experience on their way to something else. They are a permanent part of this ethereal program of self-awareness and they are here to assist human beings in recognizing their divinity, in recognizing the divine in every aspect of this human experience. If you think about it in this way you can then see the relevance and importance of your efforts here to try to connect. If this is why they exist, if this is what they live for, then you must understand how exciting it is for each one of them to connect with someone in the physical that is willing to believe in something beyond the physical. For they travel these waters often and they are constantly coming up against those that have no inclination to know their own divinity, those who resist the intuitive awareness trying to push them in a certain direction. They are constantly confronted with disbelief and dismissal.

This is important for you to hear with this intensity because this is the truth of the human experience as it stands in this moment. The majority of human beings on this earth plane - whether they proclaim to believe in a higher power or not – have very little faith in that higher power’s ability to manifest in their reality. They have very little faith in their connection to that higher power, very little faith in their belief that these beautiful, angelic beings are here to open them up to their own divinity to show them the divine in the human experience but yet this is our truth. This is the fabric of the human experience. It is divine! You are divine! Beneath the surface of the fears and doubts that cloud your logical mind is a divine being of light and love that is you. That is you – not the fear, not the doubt, not the uncertainty. This is the illusion. That is the fearful interpretation of life that humanity has created to keep themselves in the state of separateness.

It is not because of some evil force that you have this experience. It is duality in all of its glory. It is a part of why we came – to lose ourselves in the darkness of self-deceit to find ourselves through our effort at self-realization through our efforts at knowing ourselves and allowing ourselves to see our fears and release ourselves from their limiting abilities. It is that, dear one. When you look beyond your fear, when you look beyond the doubt, that is when you open the door to the Divine. That is when you hold the space for your higher self to manifest in your reality in ways that confirm for the logical mind the availability of the Divine – which is what you are calling forth, which is what is needed in this human experience now.

It is not just you. Your life is bringing you these situations to push you in the direction to look to the Divine for relevant information, assistance, and inspiration. It is there, dear one, always – always. These situations do not come forward because of some karmic exchange. These are situations that you are using to challenge yourself to see beyond the fear. That is where you are now. This life, this experience, this society that you exist in, it challenges you because it was meant to, dear one and not because there is something wrong with you, not because you don’t know how to fit in to this inconsistent energy that you are existing in. It is because you have chosen, as the soul that you are, to place yourself in the midst of this inconsistency to push yourself to look inward for balance and peace.

That is it, dear one. That is all you have to work with – the energy of you. Everything else is fluid and malleable. You are the only constant here in this experience. You are your only constant here. So your ability to delve deep beneath the fear is going to define your sense of inner peace.

Layer, after layer, after layer you get closer to living truth. You get inspired by the awareness that can come forward when you peel a layer of fear and release yourself from it. So you must see it. When the fear surfaces it is not to take you down. It is not to make you feel inept, incapable, or underserving. It is there to inspire you to see beyond it. It is there to challenge you to know your faith; to know the power of faith by pushing you into situations that require full faith.

That is who you are. That is what life is bringing you now - the situations that are trying to show you the depth of the potential that exists inside of you beneath the uncertainty of the fear. So the doubt serves, dear one. Although you would you would like to be certain in your mind about what it is you know intuitively the doubt keeps the door open. It is important for you to know that, for when the mind gets certain it closes the door for more, for expansion, for continued evolution. The human aspect prefers consistency, prefers the illusion of control created by a certainty of an intellectual interpretation of what is.

So the soul challenges that constantly, pushing you to situations that challenge you to know your truth; that challenge you to have faith in your connection to the Divine. Why? To throw you off track, to keep you small? No! It may feel like that to the ego but the soul knows it is an opportunity to move beyond a misinterpretation of your capabilities so you can become more aligned with the truth of who you are as the divine being of love that you are.

All of this serves a purpose. Everything is Energy and as you intend on connecting on a deeper level to the energy of truth that exists in this reality you will see the root of this experiential process exactly where your fear holds you accountable to the human condition as opposed to being in a state of surrender to the soul. There it is. That is the effort that need be made. To detach more and more from the inclination of the ego to have certainty in the mind of what something is, of what something looks like, of what it could be. To open up the doors in the mind the possibility there must be no expectation of what can be created. There must be a willingness to know that your soul is more expansive than your logical mind and in that light can create in ways logic can’t define. This is the excitement that you feel inside and this is also the energy that instigates the trepidation for it is an expansive shift in consciousness, dear one, that you have been moving toward for quite some time. You get close and you feel it and you align with it and then the human aspect of self feels fear of annihilation. The ego, itself, recognizes that divine source of life and recognizes that its inevitable inspirational constitution will redefine the way the human being evolves in this reality.

Now that is unnerving for the egoic aspect of self. That is inconsistent, uncertain, and all of that challenges the human and, of course, it is meant to, dear one. Look at the areas of you that feel challenged now and ask yourself if they are the most astute, most high frequency aligned representation of you that you can have. As you consider the fears, the doubts, and the insecurities, you know the low frequency, dense energy that they create - in your reality, in your field, in your mind, in your experience because of the density it creates in your mind – keeps you small to doubt, keeps you limited to feel uncertain or unprepared. You want to see it for what it is. You want to be the one that says, “This is no longer serving me and I can no longer hold myself accountable to these thoughts.”

It is all relevant. Regardless of what the logical mind tells you, every bit of information here is important for you to reintegrate intellectually. This is the shift. This is the energy that can facilitate the shift. You see, we are speaking here in terms of the flow of awareness. The awareness exists in your field. It looks to penetrate the human experience through the intellectual availability. So the higher awareness looks to funnel itself in to this human experience and the human being says, “It must come through logic. I must understand it to allow it to come through me.” Yet so much of what looks to come through you is not what has been logically identified. So there is resistance and that is fine. It is when the resistance gets to the point of self-denial that it becomes more difficult. So when the human being begins to believe it cannot intuit, believe that it doesn’t understand its own inner communications, the resistance gets intense.

If you can see it like this then you can begin to understand that you have the ability to deny the self-denial, to deny the doubt when it surfaces, to deny the inclination to judge the way you receive and perceive intuitive awareness. You work closely within yourself with the flow of awareness and you will create the pathways to this inner guidance that is available to you. It does take a tremendous amount of faith – faith in the Divine and faith in oneself – but you must be willing to be the observer of your own thoughts. You must be willing to watch what you do with the fear. When it surfaces do you own it? Do you create an identity around it? Because if you do that is a choice that you are making. It may not feel like a choice because of the patterns in your experience that have made it a part of an expectation.

So it is up to you, the individual, to challenge yourself and you can do so without the fear if you can begin to see life as a game of hide-and-seek. Hide-and-seek of the soul where the ego’s role here in this human experience has been to create such an illusion of certainty to cover up the need for the soul. It is up to you, the individual, who hosts this body, this mind, and this ego to choose to see beyond the illusion to find your truth; to choose to dismiss the fear the instant it surfaces in the intellect, to dismiss the need to identify with it, to see the fear, yes, as an instigator, as a part of the experience that asks you to either attach to it or calm it with faith.

How do you apply that individually when you receive intuitive guidance and your mind misinterprets it and you doubt what you think you know? Well, you detach from needing to know with great certainty the literal interpretation of the intuition. You see, now you are saying, “It is okay for me to receive intuitive guidance in ways beyond logic.” That will baffle the mind. It will challenge the ego. But with faith you will begin to learn the many different ways spirit can surface in this reality. That’s what this is about. You want to discover how your soul can touch you, inspire you, guide and direct you and you are one that is willing to take this journey to another level by believing you are entitled, number one, to receive this guidance and, number two, by not needing it to fit in to what you think it should look like.

So many people want to see the visions, so many people want to hear the words, but what if we told you those are limited vehicles for expansive awareness? By holding the energy accountable to those desires you restrict your ability to discover the many ways you can receive the benefit of divine awareness in this human experience. As human beings we are just so attached to the idea that it must come through the intellect and yet we have no space for it. We create no space for it. There is too much fear, too much doubt, too much anger and insecurity for the divine to find its way through. The attachment to those frequencies, to those energies – the energies of fear, anger, uncertainty and insecurity – the belief in those interpretations leaves no flexibility, no malleability of thought. That is where you hold yourself back.

The awareness is there always. The guides, the angels, are continually flooding your field with a sense of the divine in this reality. Now break free from the idea it has to show up in a certain way and give yourself permission to walk through this experience divinely inspired in every moment, in every single moment. Whether you are looking for a parking space or you are looking for a loved one, whether you are looking for guidance or just a sense of peace, feel as though there is an angel walking with you - in every moment of every day waiting for you to ask for assistance, waiting for you to give them a sense of what it is you desire to experience. Begin to create the imagery in your mind that each and every individual comes into this earth plane with not one, not two, but many angels looking to guide them throughout their lifetime. There are many different guides looking to show up in different moments of this experience according to the energy they can bring to the experience.

That is the truth of who we are as energy. It is not you who has made a mistake. It is not you who doesn’t know how. It is not you that is less than any other in this world. It is the conditioning of this literal society that has been integrated into your intellectual understanding of who you are and that is what you are working with. That is what you are trying to redefine but you must be willing to detach from the certainties of the mind in order to create movement in the energy.

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