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The Angelic Realms Paris

We have come together in these moments of awareness to bring to the earth plane a sense of the limitless nature of the energy that we are. So we ask you each to focus here tonight. We ask you to hold a candle for those on the earth that are playing out an extremely intense energetic exchange. We remind each of you sitting here that you understand this beyond what the average human being is coming to terms with. You understand that there is an exchange occurring here.

You understand that there is a collective calling for this exchange and that there is a purpose beyond the human being’s understanding of what is occurring here. So we call on you, each of you here that is aware of this energetic continuity, to bring to your conscious awareness the highest frequency interpretation of your position here. You want to remind yourself that you are an energy, an energy existing among the masses, and you have the right to choose the frequency that you are going to add to this collective experience – right here, right now in this moment.

So we challenge you to see through the experience that is happening to see beyond it and to reach deep into your heart and to the core of the energies that connect us all. We ask you to hold the space there in your heart center for all those that are uncertain of their future, for all those that are fearing for what it is they are experiencing here tonight. You can be the ones that hold this entire experience in an energy of love. That’s what you are doing here. You are holding the space. You are enticing those that are coming from the lower frequencies to join you in the higher frequencies.

That is how you can help – all those that are thinking that we are so far from where it is happening, how can we have an effect on it? Well we know how. We can join together collectively, energetically, intentionally and hold a space of love that can attract all those that are looking for a way out of this. You can believe that that is more than just those being held hostage, that there are those have stepped beyond their own linear understanding of what is right and what is wrong and have stepped in to the energy of awareness that is allowing them to recognize the kind of exchange they are existing in. They are feeling this right now at the core of their beings and they are looking for the light to give them a sense of direction. Of course egoically that is not a concern and that is not a concept. It is not something that is being communicated but you can know that energetically this is occurring: beneath the surface of the experience there is the desire to bring light into this situation. So here you are on the earth plane willing to hold that space, willing to be that light and so be it.

So be it. Be that light. Share the awareness of the oneness energetically with those who are so uncertain of their divinity that they test it, they challenge their true divine nature in these ways. Hold that space, dear ones. Know that as you do not declare war on them, as you do not blame them, as you do not throw stones, shall we say, you hold them in an energy of suspension so that they can feel their way through this. You want to know that that can have an effect. You want to establish inside yourself the idea that there are no boundaries to the energy that you are. There is no limit to how you can extend your energy on this earth plane. The only confines exist in the mind. So if you delve deep into the energy of you you will find your connection to those that are experiencing this intense wave of confusion and you can be that light that can help them find their way through it. Believe in your power. Believe in your connectedness and believe that it has an effect. We are here as a group of angelic beings and we come to the earth plane on this day to be a part of this experience. So we thank you for calling us in. We engage this exchange with humility and gratitude for we recognize the intensity on the earth plane and we want you each to recognize it as well for we see how exhaustively intense it has been as of late and we want you to know that it has been affecting the individual structure of the human being.

So recognize that what you have been experiencing is a part of this assimilative process that we have been speaking of for quite some time. As the light continues to flood the earth plane the combustive exchanges will continue to occur, for this is how we must move the energy. This is how we shift the creative process. We overwhelm the status quo in the light and then we allow the light to do the work and it instigates in so many that sense of resistance. The human ego, frustrated with its own ability to calm the intensity it feels inside tends to look for an outlet, look for somewhere on the Earth to expend that energy to allow the intensity to be free or allow themselves to be free of the intensity. As you, each in your own, configure in your own mind how you have been integrating the intensity - how you have been allowing it to maneuver through your experience and where you have felt it and what you have noticed through the experiences that have been created with this intense assimilation of expansive awareness – notice what you have been experiencing. Notice what you have been allowing yourself to observe others experiencing and recognize it as a part of the assimilation process and that this too is a part of the expansion of the human consciousness.

Now it may not seem that way right now, it may not be possible to take this concept and intellectualize it in a way that the ego is comfortable with but we speak the truth and we allow you to know that this event here today will trigger a shift in the way we go forward with these kinds of exchanges. There is a need for this profound exchange in this area of the world to create a sense of community in how we go forward. So that is what we are looking for – the connections that will be made because of this, the community efforts that will be felt all across the globe. It is already happening. The hands are coming together, the minds are coming together, and the intentions are coming together and it is coming from all over. So you can feel that and you can begin to tap into that. There is a massive wave of prayer surrounding the Earth in this moment focused in the direction of Paris. As you each individually add your energy to that wave of hope for peace and community you will feel it. You will feel the amplification of your own intention. You will feel the oneness. You will feel that you are not sitting alone in this effort on behalf of the souls that we are to remind humanity that we are One and that we need to address the intensity existing in the individual human beings in a new way and that we will never conquer the fear with fear.

We will never bring about peace in this world as long as we continue to look to blame. It is time to recognize how far from our truth we have been existing and it is time to exercise our right to think beyond what it is be have been taught to think. There are so many in that community that this culture condemns that are looking for that. You all here need to hear that. They are limited in their experience. They are born into the energy of hate. It is what they have been taught. It is what they have known. It is what they have been imprinted to believe they are here to be a part of. So you want to take each of these individuals that feel so lost in their own misunderstanding of who they are and shine the light right in to the core of their beingness so that your light can join their light and begin to expand in them the awareness of the oneness. That is the prayer you hold. That is the intention you create. That is the image you use because it is our truth. We are all one brilliant divine light. We have just forgotten that and we who have remembered it are now in a position to remind those that have forgotten. We don’t have to do it with words – that’s the thing. When you there in the physical can realize the availability of that connection and how powerful it is and how much more powerful it is than anything you can say or do in the physical that is when we will break down these walls and allow truth to flow into these areas of the world that don’t feel entitled to experience that truth and the freedom that comes with realigning with that truth.

You see, it was never about religion. It was never about teaching each other our own unique ways of finding our connection. It was about finding the connection within the individual and knowing that is all we needed. All we needed to work with was the energy of love that we are that we know flows from one individual to another and to all simultaneously. It is your intellectual ability to believe this, to engage this proactively, that will allow you to begin to have an effect on this world like what you truly know you feel inside you want to have. So think of the compassion you have felt for all those that have been harmed in these kinds of situations whether it is domestic terrorism or global. Think of how often you have felt for the families, how you have sent love and prayers, and take all of the energy of those efforts and focus it all in this way creating the image of the thread of light that moves through you and connects to each and every individual on the Earth and then flood that connection with all the love that you have for this human experience and all the love that you have for all souls. Let your intention be that all souls feel that, that all souls remember who they are as divine beings of light – in particular those that are feeling particularly intense in this moment, in this exchange that is attracting the attention of all of humanity.

We ask you to focus there for there is something to that – to the idea that all eyes are on this location right now, that all eyes are focused on this situation right now. That is a lot of energy! It is a lot of intention flooding the same spot at the same time! Are you following us? Are you getting it? If everybody is in anger, sadness, and fear that is a lot of energy! We have to counter that because we know that holding that situation in the energy of anger and fear and sadness will only, most certainly, perpetuate these experiences. So we have to rise above that. We have to choose to believe in the power of the divine connection that we have to all, the divine connection we have to the One, and to the love that we know we can establish in ourselves that can counter the fear, anger, uncertainty and insecurity that is flooding the world now.

Think of that. Yes, there are thousands if not millions praying in this moment for this situation and the majority of those prayers are based in fear, are based in terror. Now their intentions are good but the frequency that they are creating with is not aligned with what they are hoping for. So you have to buy into this for it to work. You have to believe it for saying the words is not enough. Saying the prayers is not enough if the belief in the possibility of the prayer being what is needed to shift the experience is not there. We have to pray with confidence. We have to hold that intention with certainty – that this is the illusion created by a collective consciousness and if we are a part of that collective consciousness then our ability to sustain the higher frequencies is what will shift this experience. You have to know this without question and without doubt. How many of you have been able to master that? In the face of fear turn around and deny it with great certainty. That is your way to shift the experience.

Here is your opportunity. We hold you each in a state of suspension here, right now in this moment. As you feel into that idea recognize that – that you have been removed from the energy of the collective, that you sit in an energetic bubble in this moment detached from the fears of the world. So there is no greater time than right now to extend yourself in this way. There is nobody pulling on you. You are free here in this moment to add your energy to this experience with this awareness that this is the moment for you to realize your greatness. Isn’t that what all our challenges in life are? So you can see that when you have an individual experience that challenges you well then you know you are being challenged to look away from the fear. Why would this be any different? We are being pushed as a collective to join together in our faith and to know that that is how we are going to shift this reality. We need these kinds of experiences to prove it to us so we have to come together as a community to hold the space for the kind of change that we can create from a state of perception defined in love.

During the channeling I was focusing on my heart chakra and it was just kind of coming off in waves. It just got bigger and bigger until I couldn’t follow it anymore. I was intending that it go there and everywhere. Do they have a different suggestion?

No, this is beautiful, for you see what you are doing here is extending the light unconditionally. You are not saying it has to do this or it has to be that or it has to affect in this way. That is the most astute extension of this energy, for you don’t know as the individual that you are the best outcome for this situation. As a human being you might come up with a certain idea but you know ultimately that everything has purpose and that there is a preferential outcome for a more astute exchange and that is what you are holding the space for. You want the highest frequency outcome that can possibly manifest in the physical in this moment. That’s all you can hold out for. Then you wait and you see and you apply this practice on a daily basis because there will be more exchanges. There will be more uncertainties – in your own individual experiences and on the global scale. But we are having an effect. It may not seem like it on a day like today when something like this happens but it is working. It is waking people up and it is creating a lot of turmoil with the status quo which is purposeful. You know this is not how any human being would ask for change to come about but, then again, most human beings don’t go looking for change, do they?

So we are a part of this: none of us here are detached, disconnected, or not part of it. It is something to really consider for we speak about it all the time – the Oneness, the Unity Consciousness, the effect of our individual energy on this collective experience and how are we doing with that intellectually? Are you able to fully grasp the magnitude of this experiential process we are in the midst of? Are you able to see yourself beyond your body, outside of your mind, as the energy that you are? Can you take that journey? In your moments of stillness do you allow yourself to lift right out of your body and when you do where do you go? Is it always out to the ethers or do you ever hover around the earth plane? Do you ever go see where it is your energy would best serve? Ah yes, you are just so fascinated when you leave the body, when you give it over to the higher self and go on a journey, but what if you held an intention to allow the part of you that is not tied down in this physical body to extend itself to a situation like this – to exchange your energy of compassion and hope and certainty and divinity with one of those standing in fear and in misinformation? Send clarity, send energy of freedom, for you can find that when you let down your guard and let go of your fear.

So, once again, being it is the most impactful way to educate others on who we are and how powerful we can be. Take this seriously because you have asked to be a part of the shift in consciousness, each of you, and here is your opportunity to really have some real world experience. We are each waiting for life to show you how magnificent you. What it is you came to add to this experience is expansive, intense energy of purpose that exists inside of you – each of you sitting here tonight – for what if this is it? What if it is not about creating something in the physical or doing something in the physical? What if this really is that big energy that you’ve always known, that big energy of purpose that you’ve always looked to define? What if this is it? Can you give yourself over to that, to the idea that you are somehow here to create peace on earth energetically? Or is that too far-fetched? Is it too much to handle? Is it too much to take on and believe is possible? But imagine if you could! Imagine if you could believe it is possible, not imagine if you could do it because you can do it if you believe it is possible. So we ask you each to give it a try – believing in yourself, believing in your divinity, believing in the continuity of the life force energy that moves through every individual on the Earth, believing in the higher purpose of the energy that you are. Give yourself the gift of believing in your true potential, in your limitless power and watch how quickly life shifts – because it is real and you are powerful beyond your imagination.

What do the terrorists want? What are they are trying to accomplish by doing this?

Well, dear ones, that is a multi-layered energetic answer. There are so many answers to this. What you are asking is what do the people want? What do they think they are going to gain and why are they doing this? What if we told you that was irrelevant? That ultimately what they think they want is prompted by the energy that instigates the experience and the energy that is instigating this experience is the desire of all souls to be free. What you are seeing here is an expression of a profound sense of limitation and we hinted to this earlier when we said that there is a generation that is coming to realize that the generations that have existed before them have been handing down the energy hate. We don’t say fear, as we do when we speak of those that exist in this society, for that is the generational imputation that is existing in this current society here. It is a fear. In this culture that is so demonized in this world there are a certain few that have dedicated their experience to continue the energy of hate in the world. It is powerful – that word. It implies a real disconnect, a real sense of detachment from the truth of the souls that they are. You see, this is what happening. They are born into this. They are born into this culture that then demonizes other cultures and then projects on the vulnerable young ones these intense feelings of anger and hatred and insecurity and a sense of unworthiness. Innately they feel the same as we all do, that we are worthy and entitled to all of the good and glory on this Earth. So the frustration exists within themselves with this definition that is being placed upon them and the battle within themselves and they struggle as the souls that they are to live true to the love that they are. Ah, so they have this love and then they are taught what to focus this love on.

You see, that is all misinterpretation of the truth of the way to utilize the love. You love what you love. You love what you are. You are love. So when you think you have to direct your light in this way or that way you are limiting the love that you are. So you feel the limitations – the confines of the intellectual definition of your ability to be love. So they live in this prison and they are taught to blame for this prison, even if it is not who has established the boundaries but you know that is a linear interpretation. Where we want you to do is energetically. We are done with that kind of configuration of our reality. So the more intense it gets the more we are pushed to look for a different way out – which is the love, which is what we are talking about here. If they are asking to be free to be their truth then they are asking for our help. They are asking for our love. No, they don’t consciously understand that but soulfully we recognize that which is why we say it is the only way through – from the inside out. From the inside they must feel our love. From the inside they must feel our desire for their freedom. From the inside we must be love which means we must love ourselves which is the work we have been doing - learning to love ourselves, learning to clear our field of our angers, our sadness, our hates. So the clearer we have gotten the more we have to offer, the more of a path we have to show.

The only way we are going to shift the experience is to shift the energy that is creating the experience and we are a part of the energy that is creating the experience – even if we feel we have nothing to do with it, even if we think well we are across the globe, we are here and they are there and we have nothing to do with that, we all know that is not true – not anymore. They want change as much as we want change. So realize that. Energetically we are in a transitional moment on the Earth where every soul is feeling the desire to change but how many have this awareness? So when that desire to change comes up people process it intellectually with what they know, with what they have experiences, and what they have been taught. Now we can’t undo the teaching because they are not going to hear it. We can’t go with our Bibles and our Torahs and our understanding of our connectedness. That is not going to help because how do we like it when others are telling us how to find love, how to find God, how to live together? It is not going to come in words, it is not going to come in battle. The shift is going to come energetically and we are the one who have to know that that is the only way to do it and we have to be confident in that.

So hold yourself accountable there. You are there. You are here. You are on the Earth. You are in the energy that is shifting right now and you are a part of it. You are a part of the energy that is shifting and you are a part of the energy that is shifting it. Think of that! You, each of you, hold the space of the highest frequency you can and you know how you do that? With no attachment to a certain outcome – the “most benevolent outcome.” That’s what you hope for.

I saw 2 little 6 year old boys getting beefed up to fight each other. I looked and them and said, “Wait, wait, wait, we are all one.” They just stopped and looked at me with a different attitude. Do they just know those words?

As you know there are certain words that hold a lot of energy and that is one that reminds us who we are but it is more than that. You know they don’t hear the actual words. It was the energy that was conveyed there. It was a wakeup call and you know they are not too far gone, they are not lost in their intellectualizations of it all, so you just reminded them. It was like a quick snap to them that said, “oh yeah, that’s right. I know that.” You know that exists in all of you and it is not too far beneath the surface of your conscious understanding. You know that by the way you feel about one another – especially when you come to exchanges like this and you see the beautiful souls for who they are beyond the human beings. That’s the recognition that exists in all of us.

This is why it is important to send the energy – especially for the little ones in these communities – to hold the space, to keep the connection to remember who they are. What a beautiful intention to hold – that they don’t have to follow in the footsteps that have gone before them, that they don’t have to choose that life. Everybody needs to know this right now. We don’t have to perpetuate the current definition of humanity. We can shift it. That is what we are here for and rather than get all intense about it how about we have some fun with it?

This is a magnificent time on the Earth. This is transition in process and you are here to be a part of it. Remember that. Step away from the details of the illusion and remember who you are as the creative energy and that this is all a part of a process to bring us to a much more expansive experience where we exist in the physical with full awareness of who we are in the spiritual. In that awareness there is no sense of here and there. There is only now and there is only One.

Wrap up

We ask each of you now to fill your heart with a moment of joy. Yes, we say joy. We ask you to rise to the level of consciousness of joy to let go of the heaviness of that sense of responsibility we have just conveyed to you all as we have. We know you can take it in and we know you can allow it to be your responsibility without that being heavy. Be excited. You are amongst the wisest of the wise, the most expansive of expansive. That is who is gathering tonight to engage this energy and you each know that. You are the ones that can hear it. That’s why you are here. You are the ones that can hold the space. So we’ve come to you with full awareness of how inspirational you are and how far you have come. So look around the room and know that that is who you are here tonight and that we, a divine group from the angelic realm, have just inundated you with our love, our energy, and our support. Utilize it. It is yours. It is in each of your fields. Take it home with you and be productive with it, for you are now gifting the world with angelic energy for which you are each a host.

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