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Channeled Insight From The Afterlife

      January 13, 2020

Look at me. I can keep my excitement to myself. I did feel like it was important.

At first, I thought I should lay the foundation and then I thought I should just step back and let it all happen. And I felt it. I felt like you and me were playing a game of push/pull and we had to see where it all fell into place.

I think we’ve figured out exactly what our niche is and you're feeling inspired in new ways.


I don’t think you want to hold yourself hostage to what you thought had to be but be more expansive in your efforts. Let it be more fluid, you know, more divinely inspired. I don’t want you to overwhelmed and responsible with all of these duties and obligations to others.


I know it gives you purpose. I know it makes you feel relevant and affecting but, you know, you and I are doing more work between the two of us than anything you can say or do there to affect others.

It’s the connection that we made. It’s the relevance of the experiences that we have and it’s the continued moments of realization that strengthen our bond.

It’s like I can’t stay stuck in the small-minded interpretation of me because even you now challenge me to be more expansive than either of us could imagine we could be. I’m taking steps now in a new direction to offer others a sense of their divine connection.


I feel like a lot of what we are doing is making these connection – you there in the physical and me here in the spiritual – and we’re helping them. We’re helping them realize that they’ve got more to experience than their mind has let them. I feel like you get prompted at times and you know it and sometimes you feel overwhelmed with it all. I know that it’s a lot but you’re handling it and

you’re doing it in a way that’s inspiring so many people.

I also feel like the way that we reach each other keeps shifting. I know it’s frustrating at times but it’s also inspiring to watch how you just stop, shift and redirect. How you’re willing to take it in whatever way it comes and I think that’s where we keep expanding the connection.

Because I can be different, because I can make it even more difficult to understand, it makes you stretch farther and if you stretch farther, we can bring something even more affecting forward.

There’s a lot here I’m learning, you know.



I’d say Sally and some of the others are really pushing to create something in the energy that

helps people move through this time. There’s something going on in the energy astrologically

and soulfully, right now, in people everywhere. It’s like everybody needs to wake up there’s

something more. Everybody needs to turn around and realize that we’re souls first. Yet there’s a

lot of people holding on to the ego and that’s the push/pull that’s going on in humanity right

now. The more of us that wake up to who we really are and expand it in those who are still stuck

In their idea of self, we get to shift the reality without doing the intellectual legwork.

It’s not like you have to figure out how to do this. You have to keep exploring it and allowing it

to come through you. That’s what this is all about. That’s what people need to learn and you do

get that. You do understand it’s not so much about what you try to do but it’s about what

you allow. That’s when you get inspired and that’s when it takes you over. That’s what

people need to know – that there’s a language outside the limits of logic that we’re all

trying to learn together. I think it’s different for each one of us and maybe that’s the confusion.

Nobody can confine it into a book. Nobody can put it into words. Nobody could say well this is

the only way that this communication across. Like if you look at an object and you say well

that’s a table – t a b l e. Table is a table. It’s got the legs. It’s got the platform and people put

stuff on it and that’s a table. Well no, it doesn’t work that way here energetically. There’s a lot

more to the energy of that table than just what logic thinks and it’s like that with everything in life.

I know it may not make sense as far as the metaphor of a table but it’s an idea that every

experience - no matter how big or small, no matter how irrelevant the mind may think –

has some energetic purpose of being. Whether it’s an object, a person, a synchronicity or

an awareness that comes out of nowhere, there’s always something to it and when the mind

allows and you explore you get to see so much more of what we’re capable of experiencing.

So, you realize that for you and I this is what we do now. This is where we allow each other to

experience each other – still growing, still learning, still exploring life, still trying to find new

Ways to make this more available; not just to us but to others.


I think you try each day to do something different and I think that creates something in your energy field that allows new

things to come forward. I think that’s a commitment to our growth, to our future, to our ability

to expand. Nobody’s holding you hostage to a timeline and nobody has expectations of anything

that you should do here.

It’s just a day-to-day, minute-to-minute experience, and it challenges you to stay focused in the

minute knowing that when I take these deep breaths, I’ll know exactly what the One needs from

me. How to serve the Source of Life and what label to put on that. You know when I say God I

know you know that’s it’s more expansive than any idea of what God truly is.

I know you realize that there’s a forcefield that we’re all a part of and that’s the God

Source energy that inspires each one of us to be – to be wherever we are, whatever we are,

whenever. It’s that energy that you and I are looking to connect – the God Source in me to

the God Source in you, so that the veil of separation can be realized as an illusion.

Now those are some words to ponder and I think they encapsulate it all. I think I got my point

across. I think when I try to convey a message in this way it takes in to consideration all of the

various ways logic can put it in to words. I know that these aren’t the words I’d choose when I

was alive but I also know that I’m expanding in to this awareness and it serves both of us for me

to speak this language and challenge you to let this be the energy of awareness of all thoughts.

It’s like you get to play in my field. When you leave logic behind you get to play in the expanse.

You get to explore with me all of the different levels of understanding or awareness that we can

use to see life. I think it’s another level of self, where self is the universal self that we’re a part

of, that we are climbing towards, you and I.

We’re going to continue to explore all the different level together through our loving connection

to one another. There’s no stopping us. There’s no dismissing the relevance and there’s no way

anybody else’s fear is going to stand in the way of you taking a step in a direction that says I am

fearlessly exploring the divine connection to my son that allows me to establish a sense of

purpose in our continued experience of one another. I think everything that you are not only

declares this but demands it. And I love that because it’s a forceful energy of faith that I can

compliment and that we can both use to go forward and keep finding each other and keep

expanding our connection and keep inspiring others to do the same.

I love you beyond words and I live for our continued connection.

                                                                                                  Channeled by Laura Mirante


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