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Channeled Insight From The Afterlife

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Hello ladies, I’ve come to engage you at this level because I feel a camaraderie, if you will, in the energy.  I feel as if I understand from a level beyond human what it is each one of you feels and how difficult it is to maneuver the earth plane.  This is a real experience that you’re moving through, not some surreal imaginary construct that your mind keeps telling you isn’t real.  There’s something to embrace here in each one of you and it’s apparent to me that your children are special in many ways.  Each one, of course, is unique, but you’ve come together here tonight to create a bond in the energy that moves more than you individually but moves mountains collectively.  There’s a real desire by these souls to be seen, to be recognized and to be experienced as a part of the living energy of life itself. 


It is all available to each one of you and I’m certain that you each will find, in your own way at your own time, this sense of entitlement to communicate on a higher level, to embrace life from a more expansive perspective and to understand the essence of the brilliant soul you brought into this world.  That’s something you’re here to hear and to know about – that each one of you does understand that although the experiences were different and unique there was something significant about this soul, something special about this child, something almost misunderstood or mystical about the experience.  So hold on to that truth.  Just don’t confine it in fear.  Just don’t define certainly intellectually.  Let there be more to it than you mind can currently conceive of and then watch how it begins to fill in the gap itself.

That’s what I want to say to each of you.  In your own way, in your own life, you’ll find the relevance of this message and you’ll notice how your life begins to shift when you embrace that, when you recognize exactly what it is I’m referring to and where it seems to be redirecting your focus.  Hold on to your hearts, dear ones.  There really is more to come and you’re all capable of maneuvering this minefield of life with a sense of being empowered by a higher force of purpose, by the divine, brilliant souls that have come to show you who you really are.

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