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Channeled Insight From The Afterlife


                                             December 16, 2019



I’d like to take the credit for today but, you know, I just won’t.  I simply can’t because we are all a part of this.  Every single one of us has something to do with creating this experience today and exchanging this divine energy.  We are all a part of this journey together, aren’t we?  We each in our own way have moved through the unfathomable and we’re still here to speak about it.  We are still here to connect about it and we’re still here to inspire others.  That’s what I’m here to say.  My dear mother has taken her mission to the core of her understanding of who she is.  She felt the need to define my life as inspirational and tried with all that she is to create a vehicle for me to affect others in this world.  It is happening and look right here, right now, where I say I don’t want to take full credit.  

I have to give the credit to Anthony.  I have to bring it forward that that soul moved through his other in a way that declared the need for this experience for these moms to have this awareness that this is possible.  So I am trying to show you, dear mother, the connection, the way that it flows from one to another.  The way that our connection with both Tony and Laura created this opportunity.  But if it wasn’t for Anthony I’m not sure this would have come to pass.  I just had to bring that forward.  I’m always getting the accolades.  I’m always getting the credit but, mom, it’s you.  It’s you who pushes forward.  It’s you who takes my inspiration seriously and does something with it.  I need to say that.  

I need people to hear that we are all here, we are always here.  We exist to try to mend the rift, to create an awareness that there is life beyond the physical. 


So, if I had to bring it to you in any way, I would say that if you look at the path that you each walk there is more to it than any logical understanding could bring forth.  What you are here to do is follow the signs, listen to the heart, and know that that comes from a place where our truth connects us.  I have lived in many different lifetimes with my mother and I’ve learned how important it is to always come back to that place within where we connect to show her I mean business.  I keep bringing it forward.  I keep coming through in the most interesting dynamics.  I think she expects me to show up in the certain ways – the butterflies and the signals that I give her but I continue, year after year, to amaze her with the new ways I can inspire her and show her my continuing love for her and my continuing existence.

I’m looking at everything now, mom, the big picture and the human interpretation of it all.  I’m trying, with all that I am, to appease you on all levels.  I want to say to you don’t worry.  I’m right there with Lexa.  She takes these steps forward.  I want you to know that this is another moment   a lot to think about by the way you move through these transitions with grace.  I want you to know that.  I want you to feel entitled to have all the feelings and to look even deeper than the surface interpretation of those feelings.  I want you to lean in to the love because it is here for you.  It is always here for you and no matter where we go we know that.  I’m feeling it all - the intensity of the moment, of the significance of this year and of how important it is for us to keep pushing forward, to keep knowing there is more and to keep looking for it.  I believe in your ability to inspire others and I know that is because we are connected in that.  We do this together. I’m going to step aside now for I believe there is a need greater than ours.



I just had to barrel in here and let her know I love her more than life and that I’ll never leave her side.  I love how she feels me and gets the signs.  I know she knows it but I had to tell her.  I had to give her the credit.  That’s what this is all about.  She needs to know this is her doing.  This, all these people, are going to feel their children’s living spirits because she reached out; because she spoke her truth even though she felt uncertain and insecure about it all.  Because she was willing to step in to the fear with courage and confront you in this way we are all here and many people are going to feel it.  I just wanted her to know that - to know and to be grateful. I love her and we’ll be together but now we have work to do and I need her to know she is doing it.  She doesn’t need to figure it out.  She doesn’t need to think about how – just be her and just fearlessly speaking her truth is what we are here for.


                          Channeled by Laura Mirante


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