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The first thing you feel is, "what can I do for somebody else?..where can I help?..what can I do?"

This is a beautiful description of prayers and the dying process from a son in spirit to his mom from his new perspective...

It takes time to figure all this out, yet I know there’s no such thing as time. So, I don’t know exactly what kind of words I’m supposed to use here to explain this all to you but I’ll do my best because I feel like it’s important to tell you what it’s like for me here.

I know everything there is to know about everyone and yet, in the moment, I couldn’t tell you a thing about anything. It’s like it comes and goes in waves, mom, just like life.

All of a sudden, you’re in this place with this information and the next thing you know a wave picks you up and you’re somewhere else, looking in to something else.

* Maybe that’s the way prayers or intentions move me. *

I hadn’t really made that connection yet but I wonder if when you all speak about me and pray about me if I don’t get pulled from this direction to that direction or if there’s a way that I can recognize where in me I’m inclined to move.

I feel like I’m looking for ways that I can add something good to the experience.

* I just want to say that the first thing you feel is, "what can I do for somebody else?" *

The minute I left my body I was overwhelmed with that thought.

It wasn’t about me anymore.

It was like, "where can I help?"

"What can I do?"

"Is there any way I can do something to help somebody?"

It was the most amazing feeling.

It was as if the energy of all of those around me was getting in to me because all they wanted to do is help me.

All I could feel was how much these people that I didn’t even know or couldn’t even remember were there for me.

**There were so many faces in the crowd and the crowd became a beautiful blanket of love that just wrapped around me and everybody’s intention to help me was there, mom. All of the prayers were all there wrapped around me.**

I could feel everybody that - I’ll say, that I left behind, it was like their prayers, their good thoughts about me, each one of them was like a beam of light.

It’s a beam of light.

If you could imagine that, like everybody just lifted me right up.

That light just lifted me right up out of the heaviness of being human and it allowed me to remember who I am.

*** Then here I was greeted in all of my glory, as if the light lifting me from the people wasn’t enough. All of a sudden, I was embraced by this angelic energy that had no limits. ***

It was like being wrapped in a blanket because it washes over you and as it washes over you you melt into it.

You become a part of it.

So, there I am wrapped in this blanket of love like you’ve never experienced, realizing that’s who I am.

All you want to do is turn around and give that to somebody else, mom.

That’s all you want to do.

You realize what we were really born for.

I guess I found better words than I thought I was going to because I like the way that explains it because that’s the way it felt for me."

Channeled April 20,2020

Laura Mirante

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"The most important conversation you've never had.

Can take you places you've never been."

"We used to talk about death. To prepare and plan for a future without us. It provided comfort and security for everyone involved, and drew us close together when we needed it most. The conversation was an act of love, bearing witness to a life well lived, and simply having it, could open doors to the soul. So we’re bringing it back and you can too." {}

"Imagine if we looked at death differently.

If people weren’t taught to grieve the fact that their loved one is no longer in a physical body but were taught to now reach higher to connect with them.

****What if they were taught that the next phase of the relationship

was to shift out of logic into love,

the energy where the real communication will be now?"

Let’s get comfortable talking about death. It is a natural, inevitable part of the human experience, not the end of our existence. When you open your mind to the soul connection you open your heart to the deeper soul-to-soul communications.

Join us 8/8/21 for a conversation with our friends in spirit about life, death, the afterlife and our eternal soul to soul connection.


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