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"Dying to Know Day"

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In Australia August 8th is "Dying to Know Day."

This day starts a month long effort at inspiring people to get comfortable talking about death.

There tag line is:

"The most important conversation you've never had.

Can take you places you've never been."


Click here to read more about Dying to Know Day


I was taught to channel by Sally Baldwin who created the “Dying to Live Again Foundation.” The foundation was dedicated to educating humankind about the spiritual nature of death and dying and in the existence of an afterlife.


Earlier today, before I found out about 8/8 being "Dying to Know Day" I was randomly drawn to share this quote from a channel:

"Imagine if we looked at death differently.

If people weren’t taught to grieve the fact that their loved one is no longer in a physical body but were taught to now reach higher to connect with them.

****What if they were taught that the next phase of the relationship 

was to shift out of logic into love, 

the energy where the real communication will be now?"


Of course reading this channeled quote prompted me to want to put a group together for people to receive messages from their loved ones in spirit so they can affirm the existence of an afterlife. 

Then I realized that here in the US metaphysical community it is said that on 8/8 the Lion's Gate Portal Opens and…


Eastern time Zone

Via Conference Call


The Lion's Gate Portal will Open & We will enter it together with our loved ones in spirit that are Dying to help us Know there is more to life after death.

This will be an interactive experience with guides and loved ones 


The first 30 minutes to an hour will be a message channeled live for the group on if/how we can use the 8/8 Lion's gate portal energy to expedite the opening of our intuitive connections to our loved ones in spirit and/or your higher self and guides


The second part will be dedicated to personal messages that can come from your loved one in spirit, your personal spirit guide or even better from your higher self.

Let’s get comfortable talking about death! We’re going to do this several times throughout August to keep the conversation going.

It will be $35.00 to Listen and experience healing energy cleansing your mind as you hear the perspective from spirit.

The words carry the healing energy into the thinking mind that can clear attachments to fear based misconceptions about death, life after death and our continued connection to our loved ones in spirit.

This is a step in the direction of peace of mind.


Up to 8 people will receive a personal message.

$53.00 for a personal message

Event is Closed

Click Here to pay by


 Credit Cards

Other Offline Payment Methods

Zelle (561-302-5405)

CashApp (561-302-5405)

Venmo (@Laura-Mirante)

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