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Pay attention and don’t need everything to make sense. A message for moms with children in spirit.

Here's a beautiful message channeled for a group of moms learning to connect with their children in spirit...

As you miss your loving child, consider where their efforts are now to reach you, how they look to show you who they are now, how they exist in the higher awareness of you.

How they exist in a field of consciousness available to you.

How they ask you to join them in that field.

How they challenge you to know that the living energy you feel in your heart is truth.

It did not end.

They did not cease to exist – only in physicality but not in truth, not in essence of being.

They are not limited in physical form which means they have realized the oneness that you all strive to achieve.

They are available in everything, everywhere.

The ease with which they can move through this world now is a part of the grace given to allow you to receive them.

So, let them be bigger, more bold in their expression of who they are.

Each one of you receives them in different ways and that’s your adventure.

It’s all a frame of mind, isn’t it, and if you frame it as the adventure that it truly is, as the souls that you are, then you can go on that adventure.

Then you can explore the game of hide and seek because they are always available and they try in many different ways to give you clues of their existence, to show you signs of their continued connection and support and inspiration.

They’ll give you clues, each and every day, when you look for them, when you open your mind wide enough to see what is right in front of you.

Each one will receive in different ways a sense of their presence – a smell, a thought, a funny coincidence, a random string of events that make no sense but gets your attention.

Pay attention and don’t need everything to make sense but the more you are available to these shifts in your experience, these divine movements and synchronicities, the clearer they become and over time the more relevant and applicable the awareness begins to be.

Stay in your heart, dear ones, as you know this is where they will find you.

This is where they will ask you to stretch – to stretch beyond the fear, to stretch beyond the unknowns and uncertainties of what you’re feeling and experiencing.

It’s difficult to stretch beyond the unknowns and the uncertainties if you stay framed in your mind.

There is a place of knowingness in your heart where these souls want to show you,

want to allow you to experience it, the Oneness, the realization of their continued existence, so that the unknowns are now mitigated with the truth of the knowingness.

The unknowns become areas of curiosity –

"if I feel their soul touching me, if I recognize something shifting in my reality and believe that to be true then their must be more."

There you get to go on the adventure.

When you begin to allow yourself to experience their presence that experience will expand.

It’s the struggle for control between the mind and the heart.

Who do you believe?

the mind that tells you they are gone?

or the heart that says:

"Here I feel them. Here I know this presence. Here I recognize this instigation or this insight or I see the significance of this synchronicity at this exact moment."

It does come down to belief in yourself and it is important that you recognize how much the mind questions and doubts what the heart and soul know immediately.

If you lived without thinking about it you would know without question and that’s where you are looking to be.

In this moment you are looking to have this experience to bring you in alignment with those thoughts because those thoughts can open the door and allow your loved one to come through fluently and frequently.

Don’t expect it to be random and occasionally, because you know who you are.

You know who strong this connection is.

You know if the roles were reversed and you were in spirit and your loved one in the physical you would not stop. There would not be a minute of any day that you were not reaching through the veil saying,

"hey, I’m right here. I’d never leave you and I’ll always protect, love and guide you."

So, believe your children do the same for you, for in spirit they are no less than you.

They are not less knowledgeable, not less experienced.

They are the expansive souls that you, as the mothers, have always known they could be.

Be peace with their journey home because it is time for you to realize that their home exists within you and they are looking now to teach you the way.

channeled April 20, 2020

via Laura Mirante


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