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Monthly Soul-Food

Soul-food perspective that feeds the soul. This is an excerpt from last months Soulful relevance spiritual support group:

"We’re fighting each other. We’re in global turmoil – from country to country, community to community, gender to gender. It’s one big struggle with each other and within ourselves.

But is it possible that in all that chaos there’s clarity?

Is it possible that the chaos is necessary to find the clarity?

Is it acceptable to take that position – to say, alright, alright, we’ve been running around with these beliefs in our minds, of our ideas of who we are for generations?

Even now we see ourselves struggling within ourselves, with each other, within our community, with one another, we still feel righteously beholden to these ideas that give people permission to be angry at each other, that give people some sense of superiority over one another.

It is a moment of righteous realization when you’ve realized that the cognitive ideas that have defined your ego personality in this society, at this time in history, are the exact ideas you’ve come to challenge with your divinity.

Think of that - even you on a spiritual path trying to define a spiritual path intellectually.

You know who you are. You know how you do that.

Well, how do you do that?

You look around.

You see what others have done.

You see what others can do.

You learn what you can.

You follow in the footsteps of those that know better because that’s what you’ve been taught, isn’t it, that before you were born on this earth people got here before you and they know better than you, so you should listen to them.

It doesn’t give much credit to your Soul, does it?

It doesn’t really give you a lot of self-confidence to think you have to mold yourself according to what these ideas of these others are.

Where is the freedom here in this reality, in this society, to explore your divine truth?

Where is it where you are giving that higher awareness permission to speak right through you?

No, {you can't} only the special ones {can}, right?

But you know that’s not true and you can’t play small anymore because intuition isn’t just for witches and warlocks anymore. It’s coming to be realized as an innate energetic conversation, as a part of a multidimensional dynamic. "

Laura has committed to channel on the 11th of every month and ask spirit your questions regarding life in this moment on earth. We began January 11th after being prompted by Michael in our 11/11 channel.

Please register to be a part of this monthly spiritual support system. You can join live on the 11th of each month at 1pm EST or just receive the audio file and transcript when we are finished.

Each session is like 4-6 weeks of therapy. You can listen as often as you find your mind repeating negative thoughts.

* If every time your mind tells you "you are not capable or unworthy" and you agree by entertaining all the rational justifications you are creating that belief pattern in your mind and ultimately intellectually identifying.

* If when you think those thoughts you reach for a channelled message which reminds you you are divine, you are creating a positive response supported by spirit and that's a pattern that reminds you of your true power, connects you to it, brings your soul back into focus and life back into balance.

Each time you choose to listen you are aligning your mental thought patterns with higher awareness which opens the doors in your mind and expands your connection to intuitive intelligence.

Your day to day choices will define your patterns of thinking. What you think about you affects everything you experience. Choose what you allow yourself to think carefully.

Please register and make the commitment to feed your soul this spiritual support during these incredibly uncertain times and to support Laura & Eric's continued efforts to help us connect with our divinity and live our true divine purpose.

We understand people are in different situations so we are offering a sliding scale for these groups -- please $ what feels astute according to your current situation ($11, $22 or $44)$


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