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If the roles were reversed you would stop at nothing.

Spirit speaking to a woman about connecting with her sister who crossed over...

"...this is where you make the connection so real that grief is an offense to your knowingness of her eternal existence...

We will put it to you in a way that will help you to understand... If the roles were reversed, If you were in spirit and your sister was in the physical you would stop at nothing to break the boundaries of logic down, to dissipate the fear and allow yourself to be recognized and realized and re-experienced in a new way.

Your mind can pretend that she's gone and as long as it does you don’t get to explore life with her in this new way. Because that is the only place that humans are separate -- in their minds.

All souls are part of One dynamic energy. All souls are connected and All souls are part of everlasting life force energy. So it is up to you dear to work through the inconsistencies in the mind.

The grief says “I miss you” But the love says “I honor you, I know you and I'm willing to know you now in a new way in your new definition..."

Channeled 2-2018 Laura Mirante


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