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A Time of Forgiveness

"It is a time of forgiveness.

It is a time for each and every individual on the earth plane today to find it in their heart to forgive - to forgive someone in their life they hold an anger towards or

- to forgive themselves for not being everything they expect themselves to be, or

- to forgive countries, governments, and institutions that seem to be creating a lot of upheaval in the world today.


We're not going to create peace in this environment by turning to anger and by pointing anger at those we think are to blame for the inconsistencies occurring in the flow of life in this day and age on the earth.

So what we want, is to shift the energy that we are adding to this collective experience. When we watch the news and we see these things occurring that make us so upset and so distraught and irate we want to begin by finding forgiveness. We want to begin by approaching that energy with an energy that can counter it, an energy that can elevate it, with an energy that can create something different.

You see, if you watch the news and you get angry at all the fighting in the world what are you adding to the energy of that experience? Anger.

You are adding more intensity at the same frequency.

That's where you can really see your part in creating the change in this experience;

when you say,

"okay, I'm an energy and a part of a much bigger energy and when I hold an intention that intention directs a certain frequency from my field into this collective environment I am existing in. So if I add that energy of anger at an experience that I don't think is right I am then just creating more of that experience."

The Entity Michael

Channeled November 2014

via Laura Mirante


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