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A dad asks his son in spirit: "Is he sad when we get sad? Does he get sad?"

I was channeling a young man in spirit for his mom. His dad had given her this question to ask for him:

"Is he sad when we get sad? Does he get sad?"

Here's his brilliant loving response:

I feel your sadness. I wouldn’t say I feel sad because I’m not sad about anything, anymore, ever. I don’t see a reason to be sad. Even when I feel dad’s sad it doesn’t make me sad. It makes me want to love him more. It makes me want to give him more of me and I get that then he gets even sadder sometimes. I know he feels it like a wave, like it rushes in and overwhelms him. I know you know that feeling too and I don’t want to make you more sad, I want to give you more of my love.

I think what I’m feeling is that my intention to give him more love is almost the same intention as his sadness.

He feels like he can’t give me his love because I’m not there, so I’m reminding him that, yeah, we are still connected in love and when the waves come in it overwhelms him.

It’s like a tsunami knocks him down.

It’s like I’m three hundred times the size of what I was and he’s standing there on the shore looking for me and I come in like a tidal wave.

I overwhelm him.

I knock him down.

I lift him up, tumble him around – not to make him sad, just to help him feel my love.

If it helps, tell him that’s what I’m doing because in the moment that he recognizes the wave - like where he was a little sad and then, all of a sudden, he can’t contain it - if he stops and thinks of this, he’ll remember the wave and maybe he’ll close his eyes and just be with me in it, knowing I’m right there with him experiencing the love between us.

He’s thinking he’s missing it but that thinking is keeping him from experiencing it fully as me right there with him. I don’t expect him to make sense of it all. I just want him to experience it. That’s what I want to tell him.

Don’t think I’m trying to tell you something all the time.

Sometimes I just want you to feel me.

I want to be felt.

I want to be realized.

I want to be a part of it.

But I don’t get sad.

I get motivated – motivated to help, motivated to get him a sign, motivated to make him think beyond the grief, like what if it’s real?

What if he is making things happen?

What if when the lights flicker there is something more to it?

You can’t make sense of everything that comes through.

Mom, it’s like you said, “Balls of fire” almost like bowling. I’ll throw one down and we’ll see which pin it hits. Sometimes the lights flicker, sometimes the computer will get weird, wonky, sometimes the right song will say the right words at the right time.

You know how it works but I can’t say I always do.

My intention is to make a connection and then a ball of fire gets thrown down the alley and then we wait and see which pins get knocked over.

You know how that works because it’s like those pins are the things in your reality, like the music or the animals or the telephone lines or all the kinds of stuff that we can use to get your attention.

Sometimes it’s different people, sometimes it’s thoughts, sometimes it’s memories.

We have no idea what’s going to affect you at any moment but energy of truth between us does.

You know, the God, the One, the Source, all of that, frequencies

- frequency to frequency there is a translation in the energy only the energy can make.

So, my intention is to help.

Your intention is to be helped and then somewhere in the middle our intentions create the experience.

So, what can I say? You tell dad I sit on his shoulder. I ride around with him. I try to whisper in his ear. I give him thoughts, things to think about – big thoughts, expansive thoughts, words of wisdom.

I tell him he’s a good guy and tell him he was a great father.

I tell him humans are human.

We came to explore fears and egos and expectations and doubts.

He was exactly who I needed him to be.

He is exactly who I need him to be and we are exactly where we need to be, as much as it doesn’t feel comfortable. I know it’s not easy to swallow. I get it. It’s not even easy to say is it, because it sounds so stupid and so obtuse but it is where we are and this is what we have to work with, where we are now.

So, I hate the words to say it was my time because I don’t think of it that way. It’s our time to be here now, where we are. We can’t help but remind you of that because when you look back you get sad that we’re not there.

I look back happy we had the experiences, grateful for what you both were to me.

Dad took me places most kids will never go. Yeah, I remember that. I travelled. I experienced different cultures. I had everything anybody could want. I don’t feel, in any way, I left anything undone – not for me, not for what I would want to experience. I loved and I was loved and I feel it every day still. I’m not worried about being forgotten. Dad needs to know that. Nobody is going to forget me. Nobody who met me will ever forget me and people I don’t even know will know me but it’s not your job, it’s our experience to explore together. My dad knows who he is. This shift in our experience of each other may have rocked his world but I also know he knows how to find balance and I Am the great equalizer.

Like I said to you, I’ll say to dad – focus in your heart. I’m right there. Don’t get lost in the ideas because they could keep you off balance longer than you need to be.

You’re going to feel it in waves and I’m going to be right there with you. I’m going to honor every bit of the human experience and I ask you to honor every bit of my soulful experience.

We’re going to do it together – every step, every breath, every experience. No matter what his mind tells him, I’ll be there. That’s the most important thing I can say. I don’t care what he does. I care how he feels about who he is because I know he’s always doing the best he can. I know that. I know that this world has put a lot on his shoulders, a lot of expectations and he felt responsible to them. I know he’s not sure what’s the best way to be anymore and yet I know he knows.

He just has to be himself and he has to know there’s no right way and no wrong way to walk through these days, no forcing happiness, no pretending it’s okay. He’s got to be real with what is and who he is and what he’s feeling more than anything and that’s what I want to tell him.

Dad, feel your feelings and don’t worry about who is exposed to them and don’t worry about their idea of them. Feel your feelings and then look for me and know I’m there even if your mind thinks I’m not and know the stronger your belief in that, the more my signs will be there for you.

I know that because I’ll never stop – never, ever.

Every day, all day long, I’m going to send an intention, fireballs blasting all day long. Some will definitely get through. It has to because we love each other that much, because we believe in each other, because he feels me every day reaching through the veil and hugging him so tight, so tight sometimes he can’t even breathe.

Channeled 6-22-22

via Laura Mirante

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