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9/11 - 20 years later; Firefighter's Perspective from Spirit

These questions were put to 2 of the firefighters that passed in New York on 9/11/01

— Since that fateful event, what have you and your brother witnessed watching us here as 20 years have lapsed on earth?

— What kind of impact did all the souls leaving earth during the “current” pandemic have on the energy for you already in spirit?

— Was it as overwhelming to you as it has been for us?

— Are you able to hold an energy of joy there and do you feel the lightworkers here are creating the shift that has always been talked about?

— What is it like for you when the parades are held in memory of 911?

— Do these memorials help heal the souls that were lost or does it continuously hold us in a loop of despair?

— We never want to forget but how do all those families move on from the grief all these years later?

— What would you and your brother like to share with us about the mass loses in these past few decades?

Seeing as you were fun-loving individuals, I hope you can shed some soulful humor with us.

Here is the response as channeled through Laura Mirante:

We were each born with a sense of purpose, especially the firefighters. We know.

We really all do know we couldn’t live if we weren’t giving, if we weren’t serving, if we weren’t fighting to save people. It’s who we are.

I don’t think I ever met anybody who did it just for the paycheck. There’s a certain caliber of Soul that comes into this reality and says,

“Hell yea, if I’m going to live I might as well live to serve and if I’m going to die, I want to die in service.”

We all have that ilk about us, that sense of purpose that overwhelms us. That’s the thing about it.

None of us felt like victims.

We felt like heroes.

We still do.

When we’re remembered that way, it’s kind of cool, even though most of the people who knew me knew I was just a goof.

Just somebody living my purpose day-to-day, living my life, doing what I needed to do just like everybody else, just in the right place at the right time.

Although I know family and friends might think otherwise, we all know.

We all knew, we did, somewhere in our gut. For days we felt something building but so much of our life was excitement, so much of our life was uncertainty, that you just chalk it off to another day on the job – never expecting anything like this but kind of always knowing.

Always knowing I’ve got a big purpose and I’m doing this thing right now, meeting some vow of my purpose.

How many people go through life day-to-day like that, thinking they’re just doing their job?

Just because my job on that day was a part of something big, people think I’m special.

We all think you’re special – you who stayed through it, you who lived to feel all the pain of the ideas of it all. We’ve sat with every one of you.

We sat there in the wreckage.

We held so many of you as you tried to pick apart the ruble, always reminding you you’re not alone. That was the thing. Everybody felt so alone in it and yet nobody ever felt as connected as we did then.

I think the one thing I really want to reiterate here is the idea that it’s nice to be remembered like that but it’s not like that for us anymore.

It’s not like we get any glory being a hero.

We gave our lives in a way that our Souls knew was for something so much bigger than whatever it was we were doing in our lives. We brought a wave of compassion, kindness and love to the world.

That’s what means something. That’s what we remember.

We feel for our loved ones and the kids in the next generation and the older generation that doesn’t want the younger generation to forget their pain but I think it is time not to remember the pain because we don’t. We remember the effect our lives had and still have and hope that it’s a reminder to help each other out and not need things to get so bad before we realize we’re here to help each other out.

I’ve got to say it. It’s not like we see that a lot and yet there seems to be a lot of opportunity now. We don’t know what it is, what’s going on with people.

It’s like people would rather fight than find ways to have fun with each other.

I don’t know what it is but I guess maybe it’s the end of an era, maybe this is the ultimate fight for our future.

Let’s make each other laugh.

Let’s forget about all this stuff that makes us fight and let’s find something that we can hold on to and give to our future that says we didn’t do it all for nothing.

We shouldn’t be fighting anymore.

Didn’t we learn that? Who won?

Who won the war, huh?

Nobody. Nobody ever wins the war.

We’ve got to get that straight.

We can’t keep fighting.

We can’t keep fighting and thinking it’s going to get any better.

We’ve got to see that.

That’s what our lives were for.

That’s what our deaths were for.

It’s like the lack of accountability — nobody feels better because of the war.

Did anybody feel better?

Did anybody’s lives come together now because we had all these wars and all these kids died and now, we have kids committing suicide?

What are we doing? What are we thinking?

Let’s make a different statement here.

Let’s wake up and stop fighting each other.

I love you guys.

You love you guys.

Be kind, you guys.

Everyday make somebody happy.

Wasn’t that what we were trying to do?

Think about it. After 911, that’s what you teach the kids. This is what it is supposed to be like. This is what they died for, so we could be kind to each other, so we can remember how good it feels to Love each other.

That’s all I want. That’s all I want anybody to know.

Those parades – what if you took all that money and everybody got to do something nice for somebody else that needed it?

Wouldn’t that be the energy that we really created? Isn’t that the legacy we want?

Yes. We’d all be a part of that. We feel you were going to honor your grief but if you really want to honor us make a statement. Make a statement like we made. Make a statement that says,

"I’m going to be Love so everybody else feels the need to be Love."

Life is nothing if we’re not Loving each other.

That’s what we learned, isn’t it?

Let that be the lesson. Let that be the education we hand down.

We didn’t die in vain.

We died glorifying the Love that connects us all because that’s where everybody felt it, isn’t it?

Our hearts and our Souls felt the need to Love each other.

I know, a lot of people said we’ve got to fight each other but really what we felt first was,

"We’ve got to Love each other."

That’s the statement we want to make and be remembered for.

You know it. You’re each trying.

Don’t give up. It’s worth it.

Fight the good fight.

Be the love.

Kindness is more powerful than any weapon of war.

Channeled 9/11/21

via Laura Mirante

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