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Who is God and how did man create God?

Who is God and how did man create God?

It is a wonderful moment of coming together, isn't it, when we can come to this realization that man created God. There was a need to feel that there was this separation, that it was important for us to believe that, when all along we are a part of that energy, a part of that creative energy.

That is what we will define as God - the perfect balance of masculine/feminine, light/dark, positive/negative, energy of truth, wisdom, inspiration and love; the perfect energy of peace, the perfect energy of certainty, the perfect

Energy of being. In the presence of this there is no sense of detachment.

There is no sense of want - no doubt, no fear, no insecurity. God is an energy. You are an energy and it is difficult as you look around this room and see all these individuals sitting here to wrap your mind around the idea

that beyond the illusion of this separation we are One energy and we are creating this experience as a part of that One.

Each and every individual here feeds into that perfect divine expression of truth that there is no imperfection here. There are only levels of self, aspects of the One, multi-dimensional Illusions, created for the experience that they bring to the One that we are.

As we engage this human experience in order to believe it, in order to fully delve deep into this sense of separation, we needed to limit our perception of our own divinity, of our own potential. We couldn't bring ourselves into this experience and fully allow ourselves to benefit from the idea of being Separate, if all along we knew that we were the “Ones” creating it.

Yet there was always a part of us that knew that. There was always a part of us that could tell when something was truth and something was not of truth. Mostly

when we were younger we knew that - until we were told otherwise. When we could still feel our way through the experience we could sense when something was out of alignment with that perfect source that existed within

us. That is the part of us that is God - that part of us that always reminds us when we are off track, when we're out of sync with our true, purposeful energy. It is that part of us that is always bringing us back to this idea that beyond any anger and frustration we feel with humanity we know we are connected.

We know we are One and we know we are responsible for one another.

This journey into the ego has certainly distorted our sense of knowing and isn't that wondrous? Isn't that just a glorious way to have this experience?

But ultimately even the ego knows that this is only limited. It is only for a small time that it will feel so self-empowered,

So individually defined.

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