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Masculine and Feminine Energy

Masculine and Feminine Energy

We can certainly engage this conversation and bring forth some illumination as far as the purposefulness of the experiences that you are considering. There is a wave of intensity moving through the earth plane and most definitely inciting a sense of self-regulation. It is important for humanity to understand because self-regulation is most definitely the way to inner balance and peace. But it comes with an effort made by oneself to investigate one’s choices to follow the patterns and the inclinations of the human choices and decisions and there you are, right in the mix with all of that. You are most definitely utilizing your human experience as a process to self-awareness and that is, without a doubt, the name of the game here.

That is why we come into physicality. That is the purposeful use of this human experience. It is not to get all caught up and invested in the external environment, the material world and society as it is currently defined. That is the illusion. That is the challenge. It is a matter of self-awareness. Throughout your experiences where are you with who you are as the soul that you are? How are you allowing yourself to be experienced by others? How are you experiencing your own frequencies built by your choices and decisions, actions, inactions, and interactions? All of this is what we use to find ourselves - the questioning, the state of observation. That is a most empowering state of perception to the soul seeker. It is most definitely the place where illumination can bring about the self-realizations used to open up to the most authentic expression of self.

That is where we are as a culture, as a community, as a global community at that. We have been working towards this for quite some time and the soul is most definitely a part of the process – a key part of the process, the instigating part of the moments of self-realization. That is the purpose of the soul in this environment. It is to bring the human being to the experiences that will allow the human being to see how it is choosing to be, who it is choosing to be, and what frequency it uses to create its reality. That is the stuff of the true seeker. The wisdom of this awareness is profoundly affecting and there you are utilizing all of your experience to know yourself on a deeper level. This is most humbling as far as the energy that you are in relation to the souls here in spirit. We are humbled by your efforts. We realize the difficulty in authentic expression in physical form and we want to bring to light so many of the inconsistencies in the interpretations of being human that human beings have. So we bring to light for you the idea that each and every individual aspect of the One is expressed as an individual soul here, as an individual human being.

So we talk in terms of energy. You are a unique energy form and each individual you know is a unique expression of the One that we are: each in its own form creating its own expression. So there you are as a drop in the bucket, each of you. Each of you affected by the All That Is; each of you assimilating the feminine, the masculine, and the overt definition of the divine in some individual expression of humanness. You want to pay attention to that idea. There is masculine energy and feminine energy combined in every individual aspect of the One expressing itself as a human being. Now some are more defined by feminine energy, others by masculine energy, and it is not always in conjunction with the physical representation of their energetic creation.

They are defined according to the energies that they came in to use and influence this human experience. So each individual has a different frequency. Each individual has a different combination of masculine and feminine energy. Each has a different configuration of positive and negative energy, each coming in influenced by previous experiences in these physical conditions, each coming in to a society with an inclination in one direction or another. Most energies of global communities in this current environment are defined by the masculine energy being the overt defining energy in society but you know that is shifting. Does that mean that feminine energy is taking over? Well of course, that is the human interpretation – that in order to overcome the patriarchal society we need a matriarchal society to take over but then we would be overextending ourselves in that direction. So it is not that we want to go completely in the opposite direction. We want to find balance and so more human beings are being born into this world with more of a balanced energy, with less of an overwhelming sense of either masculine or feminine defining themselves.

Now they are born into the physical bodies which are currently still defined with those masculine or feminine traits and so then we have to choose, don’t we. Who do I honor – the body I’m born in to or the energy that I feel that I am? This is where we are as a society and that is why we are creating human beings that are more evolved, that have more of a balance, that aren’t just one or the other and that cannot find themselves identifying as one or the other, and it gets confusing for logic and only logic. Souls know who they are. Souls don’t need permission to be who they are. Souls find it more comfortable to be in balance. Human beings are the aspects of the expression of oneness that are looking to identify with either masculine or feminine. It is only logic that asks us to confine our truth into those tiny little boxes because for quite some time those boxes were labeled as relevant, purposeful and important to the individual. They are not important to the individual or the collective. They have been to create the experiences in these realities that we have created but ultimately, as souls, we are just energy – different configurations of the same basic harmonious energies.

So as we move in to a more enlightened state of being our energies are coming into balance and as they come in to balance they don’t need to feel so adept in one particular influence or the other. Yet the societies we exist in are still based on those structures and limited by those structured configurations of our intellectual interpretation of our definition. So, you see, where the problem truly lies is in our reliance on intellectual interpretations here. That we can define ourselves according to logic is redundant, is limited, and is creatively frustrating. That is our truth. We must begin to look outside of logic for our truth – for our definition, for our inspiration, and for our authentic expression. That is where it lies. We will not create our future from logic. We will not create a new reality from the intellect. We were created from the divine essence of who we are as we allow ourselves to have those experiences, as we feel entitled to allow our truth to come into this reality. Yes, it is a matter of change. Yes, we are in the midst of transition. Yes, the old ways of being take offense to these new projections of creativity. That is it in a nutshell.

Gay Movement and Orlando

Those who are resisting the movement of the gay community are the old energies aligned with separation and division. They are the energies that have felt comfortable in their sense of authority and in their sense of control intellectually. That’s the thing. The ego became comfortable with this intellectual hierarchy. There was a sense that the intellect itself could define for the human being the direction and the purpose of life but that has simply been dismissed at this stage of the game. We are coming to the realization the that intellect in its current capacity is limited by the inclination of the human being to egoically define this reality and we have let that ego run wild in our systemic process. So we are now coming to the realization that the ego is taking its direction from the intellect and the intellect itself was created as a memory box, a place of interaction of thought and creative inspiration. But, you see, the memories became the authority and the ideas of who we were here to be are coming from that limited perception of our abilities and capabilities. Now, in order to create this new reality, we must dismiss the authority of the intellect. We must move beyond it knowing that there is awareness in the existential field of this reality that can come through the individual and create a sense of direction and a sense of purpose in the individual of what it is here to add to the collective creation of this next generation.

That is how you are maneuvering through your reality – with that sense of surrender to the Divine, always knowing as I pay attention to me I will be guided to the most magnificent expression of me. This is your truth. An expression of you does not necessarily mean it must a material configuration. The expression of you is your ability to sustain and energy of love in a condition of intensity in an experience defined with anger or with fear. When you are able to detach from the anger, when you are able to detach from the fear and go to that place of acceptance, you are having the most profound effect on this reality that a soul can have. What you are saying is, “We can do this differently and I’ll show you how.” You don’t have to get up on a platform and speak that truth. Being it has the effect that we are looking for and being it is much more difficult than souls realize before getting into that physical body and having that physical situation affect your ability to remember your divinity. We recognize that which is why we are humbled by your efforts. It is because the earth plane itself is intensely inundated by anger and fear now and there are so many human beings using anger and fear to create their reality that it has become the norm. So there you sit with your inclination to be love in an energy of fear, doubt, anger and insecurity and that is a difficult task because you are only a drop in that ocean and that ocean is predominantly fear-based and angry. But you feel the power of the love and you know you cannot dismiss it and you cannot lose yourself in what it is the balance of your reality is existing in. You know that your ability to sustain your frequency illuminates the path for others and you are coming to the realization that it is not the spoken word that has the greatest affect but your true effort.

Now recognize the option here for you in this moment with the intensity on the earth as it is now with this experience in Orlando affecting so many and bringing to light the need to find love. That is the purpose here and all souls involved in that experience knew that. Just so you have a sense of that – these are brilliant warriors for truth that gave their lives over for the love that we are to show this world what is needed, to show this world what we can do when we come together. Believe us, dear one, we do come together – energetically and physically. There is such a wave of compassion for the gay community now as far as how we are experiencing our ability to embrace this as a natural evolutionary process. That is what it is but you know human beings and their resistance to change and you know that once a human being gets comfortable in its own interpretation of life it likes to remain there. It likes to accommodate the interpretation that makes it feel safe, secure and comfortable because that is what human beings want. Change is uncomfortable and that is what souls want. Souls want to change. Souls want to continue to evolve, to continue to create new ways of experiencing life in physicality – and this is that change. We are mixing the energies of the creative process and humanity itself is being given the option to choose what direction do we move in?

You know the United States have a heavy influence on the global community, as well as on the individuals that are affected by the efforts of the United States to reach other countries. You understand, as well, that there is an illumination going on on the earth plane that is instigating major change in all major institutionalized systems. There is relevance there and it is important for people to pay attention. All of the institutions are up for redefinition now. The banking systems, the educational systems, the conglomerates and corporations are being brought out in the open. All of the deception is being out in the open. The technological era is most definitely bringing the importance of transparency to the surface of the human consciousness and it is interesting to watch how even the individuals are fighting the shift even though they understand its inevitability. Transparency is inevitable. We are moving in to a culture, in to a global community that will ultimately be available to all. In other words, what you can tap in to energetically here in spirit will be available to all. There are more and more channels waking up to their abilities, more and more mediums coming to the surface, more and more psychics being born with awareness, and that is all because ultimately we all are One and what One is is available to all.

Privacy and Protection, the Collective Awareness and LGB Community

So there is a need to embrace the idea of transparency and as people fight for privacy you can know those who are fighting for privacy are those that holding on to the old systems in place as well. Privacy implies some need for individual security, individual safety, and that is redundant in itself because we are not individual, we are one. We are individual expressions of one divine energy and in that awareness is the truth that there need not be a sense of isolation or a need for individual protection. We are all One and when we come together in that Oneness there is no need for protection - protection from what, protection from who? When you can look into another soul and see all that they are, there can be no deception and then there need not be protection. We are One and we are willing as souls to share our truth. On the higher levels of self we do this constantly. With every experience we have we immediately share our perception of that experience with the one that we are and then anyone looking to tap in to the One and align with that perception can.

Now imagine if we are just walking billboards for our personal perceptions of our experiences. If we could offer immediately our perception of an individual experience for another to benefit from, wouldn’t that create a reality where we fully realize the benefit of the interconnected nature of our souls? That is what we are looking to create in this reality. Simply put, it will be defined by our ability to communicate telepathically and when words are no longer necessary the intellect itself will redefine itself. There will be no need for this heavy imprinting that the current educational system does. Ah, but you see, what that does is then take the power away from the few in charge and gives it back to the All that experience life. So you know the resistance comes from those that are heavily imprinted with that intention to regulate our individual experiences - those that want to continue to see us as individual, those that want to continue to experience life as individual. We want to have an experience defined through an individual perception of life but we want to remember that ultimately we are all one; that we are experiencing our life in the way that we do individually for the benefit it has to the collective awareness.

So this that you are experiencing through the actions in Orlando is a grand illumination for so many that have no idea the state of perception of the LGB community. I see more than I am. That is what we are bringing to the surface. The idea that human beings can begin to understand other people’s perceptions of life is what has been triggered here. That is what the Internet has brought to the surface of the conscious awareness – the availability of these different states of perception, these different perspectives of life. It is time for humanity to accept that we are here to have unique individual experiences and to share them and to grow from them - not to judge them, not to resist them or deny them. It is something to have an effect on another through your own experience. It is a powerful manifestation in the physical to have an experience that can have a profound effect on others. Think of yourself as a part of a community that is making that wave in this reality, showing the world that it is important to trust the inner sense of knowing and not deny it because the external environment that that innate sense of knowing was born in to. We are here to create our reality from our sense of knowing. That is where we allow our truth to come in to this creative process and define our individual experience. But in a world defined by rules and restrictive regulations defined by a limited, logical interpretation of our capacity and capability? Well, that creates the challenge, doesn’t it? Because the soul is always giving us a sense of who we came to be and then logic gives us another direction to move in and we have to choose. So choice brings us the opportunity for growth - either direction we move in will be an experience to grow from and we choose in which direction we move in. Are we ready to challenge ourselves to know our truth or do we want to swim in the energy of the illusion for a little bit longer? Everybody has that choice in every moment throughout their entire human experience. You have come to the awareness that your purpose is to be love, your purpose is to find the most love you can in every situation because your ability to do that shifts the situation whether you know it or not.

You know, as an example, this experience has brought about much anger, much fear, and much hatred on both sides of the fence. So as you add your energy you recognize that that is what you are doing. Do I want to add more anger to an angry situation? Do I want to add more hate to a hateful situation? Do I want to add more fear? All of that seems to be redundant and you recognize that. How other human beings to not see that redundancy is amazing when the soul is there saying, “No, don’t go in that direction.” The human being feels so uncomfortable in their anger and their fear yet they do not realize it because they project that uncomfortable sense outside of themselves and they think it is the experience itself that is to blame for it or the human beings that are involved in the experience are to blame for the uncomfortableness they feel. What they do not realize is that it is their choice to engage the experience in anger or fear that is to blame for their uncomfortableness.

So go through this experience as the light that you are, projecting the love that you are in to the experience knowing that the experience purpose. Those souls gave their energy over to the transition we are in the midst of. That’s what they did. We said, “We will light the way for our community to feel entitled to be a part of this transition process.” What a wonderful and glorious way to give your energy over to the creative process. They are true heroes on an energetic level and many human beings will recognize them as such. Many will realize that they did, as the souls that they are, choose to define themselves in this way so that they can have this impact on this world. Do not feel bad for those that have left the earth plane. They are in a glorious state of perfection. It is those left behind that you want to send the love to, that you want to project the light of inspiration of the purpose of the experience toward. That is what they can find solace in. That is where they can glorify the energy their loved ones – in the light of the love for humanity that those souls had to give themselves over to this kind of dramatic shift in consciousness.

So for yourself you can find comfort in knowing that that is how they experienced this transition – as a magnificent extension of their energy in this human reality where their lives are now a bridge to a sense of knowingness that exists in every human being, where people themselves have to step back and say, “Have I truly given love over to this community or have I judged, have I condemned, have I sent anger and fear into that energy?” Many people are coming to that realization and this experience has brought them to those considerations.

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