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Higher perspective is all that you need to move through this new reality. That is what you are learning to work with. That is what you are beginning to understand. You are also beginning to understand that you can’t understand it all completely. The beauty in that is now you are opening up to areas of the mind that are not defined in certainty. There is a tremendous amount of brain to work with that is untapped territory in this human experience. The more we evolve our energetic definition by expanding our intellectual understanding the more we move in to those areas of the mind and we begin to see what it is we have never been able to see previously.

We begin to notice who we are in ways that we had never allowed ourselves to know. This is what we are moving in to as a community, this global community and ultimately you know that people are at different stages of this evolutionary process and that you are each working in the fields of awareness that you have mastered and are looking to move through and beyond.

That is where you are now – just confirming for yourself all that you have ever been and recognizing that as you pull it all together in this lifetime this is the time to now move in to a new dimensional reality, one defined by experiences that have yet to be engaged by the physical world. That is what we speak of when we think in terms of evolving as a collective soul. We are each integrating our own individual perception of who we are as human beings and as those that have taken that forward position of moving into the unknowns continue to explore their divinity we each elevate according to where we are but according to where they are moving toward. So we shift according to the most expansive individual on the earth plane today. You know there is an example of that in the lifetime of Gandhi where he was able to maintain his frequency to the point of allowing those that engaged him – literally, intellectually and soulfully – to integrate the energy of peace he was able to embody and in that they each elevated to a point which asked them to let go of the lowest frequency definition that they were holding on to of themselves.

That is where possibility came in to play. Once his energy knocked that bottom peg from beneath their feet they were uncertain. They were unsteady in what they thought they knew – which was that anger would continue to maintain control. What happened was the unsteadiness made them curious. It made them open to shift and willing to evolve because of the structure of the nature of the energy of peace he was continually feeding in their direction. That is what he was doing, continually feeding his immediate surroundings and the surroundings of his country with the energy of peace. He had a literal, logical intent to be this to maintain that frequency and not give in to the lower frequencies that were all around him. So, yes, as energy we have an effect on others and it is even more powerful when we have an intention to do so.

It does not work the same with a negative intention. It does affect. There is no doubt and you understand that. When you are angry at someone or they are angry at you you can feel the energy of their anger. You can feel it being projected at you and with your awareness now you can recognize your ability to choose to engage it and match it at that level or not. So you are understanding the benefit of self-awareness because prior to your understanding the natural response to being attacked with the energy of anger was to respond in anger, to respond in fear. In other words, you are going to either match that energy of anger or go lower to the fear.

Now, with the awareness, there is an ability to choose to hold a higher frequency, to not allow that energy to come into your field and affect your definition of you and not only that but to shift them with your intention to not become attached to the energy of anger they have thrown at you. So, you see, the intention of the mind to remain neutral is how you do not attach because as soon as you intellectualize it, as soon as you give it a term, as soon as you give it a conceptual understanding in your mind, you are attaching logic to it. You are attaching a part of you to the energy of anger. You are confirming logically that definition in you.

This is a huge teaching for humanity at this time as anger is being projected in every different direction and people are so used to it at this point it has become expected as the way to deal with one another because it has become a part of our innate definition or at least we believe it to be so. Righteous indignation is an intellectual justifier for the energy of anger. You see, when we feel justified in our anger we are validated. We feel as if we are entitled to be that. So there we have intellectually guided ourselves into this lower frequency definition! The intent to choose to detach, the intent to choose to never attach, is difficult in this collective pool of anger and uncertainty.

You are recognizing now the profound difference in you in your ability to remain in your own space regardless of what is going on around you. That is what we are trying to teach here. That is what we are trying to build in you because, as with all human experience, it is a matter of those in the physical being grounded in their truth in order for it to maintain its presence of truth in this reality. The presence of truth is non-duality. The presence of truth is unconditional love. So your best efforts at moving through this moment of transition on the earth plane is continually reminding yourself that your individual experiences are only there to instigate a sense of self-awareness so that you can bring yourself to the expansive perception of life that can create in you that sense of certainty in the divinity of all experience.

This, dear one, has been your practice. This has been what has supported you, inspired you, and shifted you. This is an area of communication, as you know, and most importantly it is the area where the higher aspect of self communicates all wisdom, all knowing, all direction and all sense of self to the human aspect of self. This is where you want to focus, dear one. This area of you, the throat chakra, is where the most clearing needs to occur. This is where you commune with the will of the One and this is what you are asking for. The direction that you seek exists in your willingness to allow the will of the One to come through you without resistance and without any intellectual editing. So let’s discuss this area of resistance.

Let’s speak on the energy of resistance and let’s think about how it affects you in your reality. The energy of resistance is clearly overwhelming this human experience and the vehicle for this resistance in this moment in the human experience is anger. We will tell you something, dear one. It has shifted. For a long time the energy of fear has been the predominant common denominator in this human experience. Now it has shifted from fear to anger. Although that may seem like a low frequency shift it is still a shift. It is a still a transition from one set way of being to another. Anger creates a sense of certainty in a different way of being.

So let’s talk about the positivity of anger. Let’s speak on that because people don’t. People look at anger and think, well, that is just negative. But, dear one, there is nothing in this world that is just negative. Everything is a balance of positive and negative, isn’t it? It is all in our perception as to what we think is good and bad there. So the positive aspect of anger is self-promotion. It is a sense of entitlement. You see, now we have something to work with. Human beings riddled in fear cannot and do not feel strong enough or entitled to do anything about their fearful position.

So, you see, when we shift to a state of anger we have said, “I have a power and now I want to do something with it to change my experience.” Yes, sometimes anger in the human condition is expressed as blame. So we do look to others and blame others for our experience in anger but ultimately what that does is give us the opportunity to remind ourselves that we really have no one to blame; that our life is a combination of choices, karmas, and contracts and we can’t point blame at anybody in the physical for any of that.

That is the hope of the soul – that the human being will release themselves from the anger just like they have released themselves from the fear and shift to a more neutral position of acceptance or reason, something we can work with even at a higher level but we have to move through the anger to get to the other side of it. We have to find the courage to feel entitled to move beyond the anger as well.

It is hard in the beginning because the anger is the emotion that was stirred with the sense of entitlement. They came forward hand in hand. So now how do we use that same sense of entitlement to move beyond that? The only way is to see the negative effect the continued energy of anger has on our individual experience. Not many people can do that. They get lost in their intellectual interpretation of the anger and the necessity for it in this experience and they create quite an identity around it. You are seeing that on the global stage at this point. You are seeing it from many different communities - the intensity of the anger and the validation that the ego gives. It is difficult when every aspect of your humanness defends your right to be angry. It is difficult to find your way to that realization that the anger is what is keeping me stuck. The anger is what is keeping me stagnant and limited here.

We bring this up because, dear one, you are swimming in it. You are swimming in an ocean that is overwhelmed with the energy of anger. There are people that are finding it difficult to hold their anger in where previously they were able to create the façade of a comfortable sense of self. They were able to create the illusion of some accommodation in this physical reality but we are so far from our truth as a society that we each feel it innately and the level of consciousness of anger is reminding us of who we came to be and the frequency we want to maintain. Do we feel entitled to be peace? Do we feel entitled to be joy?

Not when we look around at society, you see, so it is that same struggle between the mind and the heart, between the wisdom of the intellect and the awareness of the soul. We can justify our right to be angry when we look around at society and everyone that is so angry but we will never get anywhere other than a deeper understanding of anger and what we can create from that level of consciousness. So it is our individual duties as a part of a collective soul to choose to believe we are entitled to create from an energy of love in this society. That has to begin individually. There has to be a willingness in each individual to take a look at what instigates the anger in themselves and then what they do with that.

This is a part of what you came to educate others. This is an area of conscious awareness that you are looking to tap in to because you have a way of affecting people in a positive direction. It is time to put some words to that. It is time to feel as though you have given enough of your human experience to this journey of self-exploration where you can begin to speak in these ways and to convince people of their own entitlement to move beyond the limitations of fear, doubt and anger.

Hold on to this awareness. Do not feel in any way responsible to create some intellectual interpretation of what this means to you and how this will manifest to you. As you know, this is the place where the seeds are planted. This is how the energy begins to expand in your field. It is the willingness not to define it. You have understood this. You have worked with this. You are aware that this is the way you move through your reality now.

Now recognize, dear one, how many people are searching for peace of mind, how many people are searching for something other than anger to define their reality. Regardless of how much they defend their right to be angry, ultimately you know they do not want to feel angry. Humanity knows that that is not our most astute definition and the intensity on the earth plane now is the resistance of the elevation of the frequency of the collective. We are collectively expanding, collectively elevating in frequency, collectively exploring new ways of being individually and as the individuals keep taking these steps into the great unknown they are pioneering into an area that those that are uncertain with what they are already dealing with are too afraid to even consider possible.

So as a part of a collective experience the individuals are feeling that collective resistance in their own individual experiences. So often it is not an individual’s own state of perception but rather the resistance of the collective they are a part of that is affecting their ability to go forward and it is those human beings that think that this is a direction I want to move in – what is this resistance?

What is this resistance in me? And it is there that they get stuck because they are trying to identify it as the individual that they are, not as the tiny aspect of the One. We do this in every area of our life. We are always looking at it as this individual human being, never recognizing that maybe this has something to do with what is going on in the collective experience because the duality requires that egoic interpretation of the importance of the individual.

But the shift in consciousness is towards a less defined state of duality. That is the way we will put it to you. We need duality to be physical - there is no doubt about that – but to what extent? How far from our truth do we have to go to create the illusion of physicality? That is where we are testing right now. We are testing the waters of what it will be like when we come closer to our truth, when our soul becomes a more predominant part of the human experience.

Isn’t it interesting that the world is fighting religious battles still because of the desire of the soul to be a proactive engager of the human experience? As religion of all forms has been incomplete in its ability to sustain the frequency of truth these barriers of logic are breaking down. We do not intend to dismiss religion altogether. We intend to recognize its position as a part of an evolutionary process. Each religion itself has a place, has a position, and each individual can benefit by moving through the many different doctrines of each different religion.

So keep looking for more. That’s what we would say. In every teaching, in every institution, keep looking for the areas where there is an opening for expansion because that’s what you are going to notice. Things are shifting now. Do not listen to the egoic interpretation of what is occurring on the earth plane because the ego based on fear will create the illusion of chaos when, in truth, this is a masterful plan, perfectly positioned and divinely inspired.

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