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Leap of Faith

All those here in spirit see those there in the physical maneuvering through this earth plane experience like blind mice - and here knowing all along that the way to open the eyes is by looking at life through the soul, through the heart of compassion that defines the souls inclination.

Yes it is time to come to this realization; it is time to wake up to the Truth of the divinity of humanity so that humanity can begin to add some of that divinity to the earth plane experience.

Join your physical world cohorts there in nature. Join the beautiful animals, insects and birds; join the elemental kingdom in adding your energy... YOUR the earth plane experience, cause can't you see that's what's missing?!

The animals hold true to their individual divine definitions; the birds, the insects, they all know the role they are here to play innately, intuitively; they have the knowingness. They understand that their purpose is to follow the knowingness, to allow the knowingness to direct the experience...

There's an expansive awareness available beyond the intellect at the core of our beingness that comes through the center of compassion in our heart. That is where our knowingness is, that is where our soul speaks to us, that is where the divine force of life guides us and every time you dismiss or deny that sense of knowing you turn your back on your own divinity and the divine support that is here for you, that knows where it is you are going and the most supportive direction to get there...but it is up to will gives you the choice to deny your divinity and humanity has perfected the art of that... it is time to wake up and remember who we truly are and how we find our way back into the flow of the divine creative force of life that moves through each of us.

It is All Always available in us. All it takes is a shift in the direction that we look for our answers; all it takes is a leap from the mind into the heart, a leap of Faith.

A leap of Faith, that's what that is, it is a jump from the concrete reality of intellectual certainty to the ever-flowing expansive awareness of our divinity. It takes a belief, a belief in the power of Faith..."

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