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It is a time of forgiveness. It is a time for each and every individual on the earth plane today to find it in their heart to forgive – to forgive someone in their life they hold an anger towards or to forgive themselves for not being everything they expect themselves to be or to forgive countries, governments, and institutions that seem to be creating a lot of upheaval in the world today. We’re not going to create peace in this environment by turning to anger and by pointing anger at those we think are to blame for the inconsistencies occurring in the flow of life in this day and age on the earth. So what we want is shift the energy that we are adding to this collective experience.

When we watch the news and we see these things occurring that make us so upset and so distraught and irate we want to begin by finding forgiveness. We want to begin by approaching that energy with an energy that can counter it, an energy that can elevate it, with an energy that can create something different.

You see, if you watch the news and you get angry at all the fighting in the world what are you adding to the energy of that experience? You are adding more intensity at the same frequency. That’s where you can really see your part in creating the change in this experience; when you say, okay, I’m an energy and a part of a much bigger energy and when I hold an intention that intention directs certain frequency from my field into this collective environment I am existing in. So if I add that energy of anger at an experience that I don’t think is right I am then just creating more of that experience.

Of course we can use the Middle East as an example of this for generations have been continually adding their angers towards this battle. Isn’t it going to be when people realize that it is not getting anywhere that it will eventually stop. We do see it. We do not see this as something that needs to continue on for the duration of the human experience. At some point there will come a realization in enough of you human beings that this is not the way and that the way is truly finding that love for one another, that forgiveness for one another, and or ourselves for all of the anger that we have held on to, for all of those negative projections that we’ve thrown out there at the situation, the judgments – we judge this side, we judge that side, we judge these individual and their acts and their motivations – and all along we are just sitting in our comfortable homes judging from afar adding more of that low frequency energy to an already volatile situation.

So we challenge you here today to begin with yourself to begin to find forgiveness in your life towards others in your experience that up until now you didn’t think you had it in you to forgive. We want you to go big. We want you to go to the ones that really push your buttons and really have created an animosity between you. You want to be the one to create the bridge and it has to begin in you and then you can extend it to another or not. This forgiveness we are speaking of is internal. It is within you, within your awareness of the situation between you and this other or between you and yourself. It never need be verbalized. It is all about the intention that you hold. It is all about creating that flow of loving energy in you so that it can extend out into this world. You think you need to extend it towards that person directly but that is not true. Ultimately the angers you hold on to affect you and then you affect the Collective. So the forgiveness is really to help you feel the release from the anger.

Can you hear in that statement that it is for you to feel the release from the anger? That is what you would then be adding to this collective experience – a willingness to hold an intention that will release you from the anger. Think of that intention moving about this earth in to those areas where the fighting is fierce. Think of that giving each and every individual engaging in that fight permission to feel entitled to be released from the anger. Wouldn’t that just be magnificent, to know that you started that, that your willingness to work within your own self is spreading over the world? It is the way it works in the energy, you know.

That’s who we are. We are spiritual beings, spiritual energy flowing into a physical world and allowing this physical reality to affect our ability to maintain the structure and fortitude of the energy that we are. But this is that time now. We are saying, well, I’ve had enough of that. I’ve had enough of feeling lost in this human experience. I’ve had enough of feeling uncertain about who I am and what goodness I came to bring to this world. It is not just about what you do here, right? It is about the goodness you’ve come to bring. How many people are brought up with that understanding of life? That the whole point and purpose is for you to find the goodness that you came to bring. If we were all raised with that mentality imagine what this world would be like. Isn’t that something to focus on now?

When you engage people the inclination of the human being is to say, well, what do you do? Change that verbage to what goodness do you bring to the world? What goodness do you share in this human experience? Imagine if that question was posed to you how would you respond? Would you start reciting all of your talents, gifts, appreciations of life, recognition of the divinity in the smallest of creatures or would, by default, your mind take you to what you do in your career, what you do for a living? Hopefully, dear ones, what you do for a living is the same as the goodness that you came to bring to this world. Hopefully you’ve created that alignment in your human experience and one is not different than the other. Then you know you are living your truth, you are living your purposeful life.

We bring back to you, as we always do, and we say to you with all that is going on in the world know that you are the change. What you do in you is what we see in the balance of the human experience. Today is a mighty day as a mighty energy was created on the earth today as human beings stood together, stopped their minds, stepped away from their crazy lives, and challenged the balance of humanity to live in peace. (Deepok Chopra held a worldwide meditation for peace.) It was felt. That ripple was felt throughout the universe and we want you to hear that. There was a collective effort to make a difference today and it did. What you will see as a result of that will be ripples – ripples moving in to your own experience, in to your individual personal life. How will you experience it, these ripples?

Well think about it. You are floating in the ocean. The ocean is calm. It is still and peaceful. Then suddenly there is a splash and it makes a wave. You get disturbed, don’t you? You get moved, maybe bounced around a little and you find that you are shifting in direction. Now listen to every bit of that and think that is what will happen in your experience. You will feel your world being stirred up.

Depending on how big the ripple is you will feel the wave, the movement as if your calm and peaceful life is being disturbed. Maybe you won’t like that in the beginning for when everything is flowing so smoothly and you are floating so calmly no one wants to be disturbed, right? But what if that ripple, what if that wave is pushing you in a direction towards a beautiful little island in the middle of nowhere where there is no stress, no worries, no mortgage, no wars, no struggles? It is an island abundant with goodness that you are now floating towards because you didn’t fight the wave, because you didn’t struggle to get back to where you were. You let it take you. Remember this image. Remember this metaphor.

Remind yourself now that when life starts to get tumultuous, when the wave hits and the ripples start to affect the balance and stability in your human experience, that wave is pushing you towards the island that you are looking to find your retreat, your rest, your reprieve from life. Fight the inclination of the human being to get upset about the ripple, about the wave that is causing your experience.

Embrace them and move through them knowing that something here today created the cause and the effect is the ripple moving through your experience and as you work through those ripples you are going to find clarity in your life, in your sense of purpose, and in that goodness that you came to bring to the earth. For when the multitudes call for peace in the world from a place of non-attachment of how it shows up, the Divine responds in a multitude of waves unique to each and every one of you. It is going to be individual how it shows up in your own life. Only you will be able to recognize the signs and you will remember and say, oh, this must be part of that ripple I was given a heads-up about.

You truly are moving to an age and an era that is looking to be defined by intuitive awareness. So think about what that means to you and how often you use your intuition in your own experience and ask yourself, can I use some clearing out of these lines of communication? Can I use a little more clarity in my life? Wouldn’t it be just marvelous to be able to sit in a moment, turn off the mind, and receive the answers that you are looking for? It may not be that easy at first but what we are putting forth here today is make the effort now to created that connection and know that it will be supported and expanded in the energy that you are moving in to.

That is what these waves are pushing you towards – that intuitive sense of knowing that is going to show you the goodness looking to come through you. Be willing to be one that is here to bring this goodness into the experience knowing they are not alone, knowing there are people all over the world waking up to this idea because of this wave created here today. Be willing to stand in your power, to stand in your truth, and let the life you’ve known up until now fall away so that this goodness can redefine your human experience around your purposeful soul.

Let’s define it a little differently. Let’s give you a sense that there is more occurring beneath the surface of every experience than what you are given credit for and so many of the questions that you have brought with you here tonight are a part of this energy we are speaking of. As you know, there are no coincidences and no random experiences that something brought you here tonight so that you can hear this very message, so you can be aware of what it is that is occurring in your experience.

You want to understand that this is what you are here for – to hear this, to know this, and to know that the details of your experience and the manifestations that you are experiencing now are a part of this wave. It is not that this is what’s coming but that this is what you are in. This is what you are in in this very moment – the rolling out of that wave that is going to shift the experience that you have. So you begin to create in your mind the images of how that might look and what it might be to you and you know you can’t go there. You know you can’t possibly see what it is you are looking to create in your life from this point of view.

It is a matter of energy moving in to your awareness and then manifesting through your willingness to not define it intellectually. That is a stretch for the human being. That is a stretch for the human mind and for the way that the human experience is currently defined. That is why you are here in this moment – to take that challenge and to be willing to stretch in that way; to be willing to stretch in your mind, to stretch in your ability to perceive beyond the situations right in front of you, to be able to sit in a situation that is challenging you, to breathe through it holding an intention that there must be a higher purpose.

There must be an energy looking to develop through my willingness to not attach to a negative interpretation of what I’m experiencing. You want to watch what you mind attaches to as far as interpretations of life. You want to be aware of how tightly you hold on to the negative interpretations of your experience. It is very easy to fall into that mode, to fall into that victim head and say, well, I am experiencing this and this is all that I can handle so I can’t possibly be a part of a bigger experience, a bigger challenge. I must hold my focus on me, on this individual that is struggling so to make it through each and every day.

Well, dear ones, that is where you get stuck. When all you can do is focus on you, that individual that is stuck, you are keeping yourself there. It is when you allow yourself to remind yourself that you are bigger than that, you are more expansive than that, and if you can focus your intentional energy on that aspect of you that exists beyond this physical reality – that human being having that exchange – and say I know there is a more expansive aspect of me aligned with the higher purpose of this experience and I look to let that aspect of me redefine how I perceive the situation. If you use these words, if you use this intention, and then you hold the space without expectation you will feel a lift. You will feel a shift.

You will feel a freedom and a flexibility to move that wasn’t there before. It doesn’t mean that the answers to everything will come dropping down into that space that you are holding. The energy of that awareness may but the logical interpretation may now show up at that moment. You just want to hold the space and know that by holding the space you are allowing the energy of that awareness to enter your field knowing it will be translated into logic at the exact appropriate time. Learn to hold the space for yourself. That’s how you want to see it – that there is a part of you, the higher self, the soul, that has the answers, that has the awareness, that has the insight that you are looking for and if you can hold that space the energy will come. We challenge each of you to create the space and learn to hold it in faith, for that is what will guide you through these next few challenging months.

Holding the space

How do we hold this space? Do we use a mantra?

Well, dear ones, that is going to be individual, for each of you is finding their own way to that space. That’s what you are going to find. You are going to want to try many different tools – the mantra is an excellent tool. There is no doubt that when you hold a mantra you are focusing all of your energy and intention on this one specific resonance. That helps to bring your energy into alignment with truth; so the mantra is a very powerful thing to work with. Now there are those that will challenge themselves to sit in complete silence, complete stillness, and we say most certainly that is a way to get the space. That is the way to create the space and make a connection. It is a challenging one for the human being – to quiet the mind long enough to sustain that kind of detachment. So if you are unpracticed in this you want to start with a meditation - even guided imagery will assist you. Guided imagery helps you learn to focus the mind, to focus your intentional energy.

Now there are those of you that just can’t sit, that just cannot sit still, and we say that is fine. Follow what you know about you. If you need to move, move. Meditation doesn’t need to be not moving in your physical body. It is about the mind that you want to slow, the mind that you want to calm. So get up. Go outside. Take your shoes off and go for a walk. Touch the earth. Breathe deeply with every step and focus your attention on the step, on the breath, on the cohesiveness of the movements that you make, and the energy rising up from the earth coming into your beingness through your feet. Focus on the birds singing in the background, on the heavens above you, and the tiny little ant you just walked by.

Mindfulness, dear ones – keep your focus where you are. Don’t let it run wild. Don’t let it go for a walk in your mind while you are walking in the park. There are other ways. You all know the modalities – the yoga, the Chi Gong, karate - all of these forms of movements that have you focusing your intention on your energy. Once again, with these you are learning to create space in you for the connection to your higher self, the Divine, the limitless awareness available to you. There are many ways, dear ones, many ways. You can find yourself staring at a leaf on a tree and getting lost in it - whatever it is that will take your focus away from that mental maze that keeps you suspended in the physical reality

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