Messages for Parents

Laura Thank you

for an amazing experience

yesterday beyond what I could have imagined.  

It really helped my mind body and soul.  

It was everything I needed and more.  

Just amazing.  I look forward to learning more

Quote from a daughter in spirit to her mom...

"I’m going to take you to places that people don’t realize exist.  
You are going to be able to hear me quite clearly and I don’t care if your fear says that you’re not. That’s what you and I are here to confront together. You know that our love is what keeps us connected and you know that you can create an image in your mind and that’s where I want you to focus. It's a bridge, mom. It’s a bridge that pops right out of your head in to the stars 
and that’s what you use.  
You climb over that bridge,

right out of the thoughts that tell you

you can’t,

and I’ll be there."  

About Us

It all began with this post:

December 2019

"Christmas music, holiday parties, and festive decorations that were meant to bring joy can serve as painful reminders of years gone by with loved ones that have passed.
As it is for most people experiencing loss, the holiday season can be the most painful time of year for parents missing their children.
This year I would like to offer any grieving parent the gift of a message from their child in spirit..."

If you have suffered the loss of a child Laura would like to give you the gift of a message from your child in spirit. 

These messages are given in small groups in a very private setting.

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