Messages from your 

Loved Ones In Spirit.

By Laura Mirante

Receive a message from a deceased loved one.

This is not a traditional medium gallery experience where you are among 

50-200 people hoping to get called on.

Laura is a conscious channel.


She opens a door in her mind and steps into the quantum field where all souls exist and allows the soul of your loved one to step back through that door and speak through her to you.


You can ask a particular question or just let them share about  their experience of the other side of life.


All Laura needs to find your loved one in the field is a name, the date of death or at least the year and the person’s connection to you.

Then she steps out of the way and allows the soul of your loved one to use her body, mind and voice to speak to you.

Sunday August 22nd at 2pm

Eastern Time Zone 

Live gathering in the comfort of your own home

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This is the opening message received from the guides for our group on February 13th.

You can listen below to the audio recording or read the transcript.

It is a beautiful offering of divine insight and unconditional love.  

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Take deep breaths dear ones, take deep soulful breaths. 

Breath it in, Divine love, breath it through your entire body as if with each breath there are a thousand hugs from tiny Cherubs surrounding you, as if incorporated in each breath is the wisdom of the ascended masters that are here to support you all on your journeys.


Breath deep and feel that divine hug of the ancestors that surrounds you, of your loved ones that inspire you.

Recognize that we are One and in the energy of awareness is a divine communication available to all souls aligned in the Frequency of Love 

  • It is a frequency of "being" you see.

  • It is not a state of mind.

  • It is not a place you visit.

  • And it is not encapsulated in somebody else’s ideas of you.


Love is an experience of "Being" that is beyond logic, that is free of all conditions of expectations of "being".


It is in the purest exchanges of unconditional acceptance that you feel pure love and experience your divine connection to one another.

Now think of that, it is in the soul that you love most, that you feel your deepest sense of reverence for who you are and who they are to you

  • In our children's eyes,

  • In our parent's unconditional love, 

  • In our partner's commitment to explore life in these human forms as divine love,

It is all these ways that we explore the love that we are in these human conditions.


So imagine it that way, that all souls are here with you offering you the opportunity...

  • to explore love,

  • to be love,

  • to find love,

  • And yes to choose love.


Simplify all of your experiences in that way and you will most certainly align with the love that you are and isn’t that the goal of "being" ?

When you align in that perfect state of unconditional acceptance of yourself as brilliant and a brilliant part of a perfectly orchestrated opportunity for self realization, when you frame your mind in that way its easier to find the moments of reprieve from the anxiety, from the angst, from the grief, from any sense of remorse or shame.

When you come back into that state of Oneness... and you do so by loving yourself and loving all life experiences as part of a journey to be love... when you do so you feel it, the distinct difference in you that comes with the availability of the higher awareness that reverberates or vibrates to the frequency of divine love.


It is a commitment and it is an effort to be made by yourself, for when you believe you are entitled to be love you will bring in those experiences that offer you the opportunity to see the magnitude of the effect of your pure expression of love.


And who is it that you would do this for? 

We would like to think you would do it for you - for you, you the vehicle for source energy on this earth plane, for you the divine expression of the One.

But you all [think you] need to do it for somebody else, you needed to believe that there is another more deserving of your love than you and [you think] your commitment to another somehow reflects your commitment to the divine, and it does to an extent but there must be equanimity.


There must be balance in you, in your belief that you are equally entitled to the love that you give,

Equally deserving,

Equally devoted to yourself as much as to others.

And those in spirit well they want to bring you that experience of equanimity, they want to bring you that sense of perfection that they see in you now.


They want to reflect back to you the ways that you can magnify your brilliance by focusing on you; by believing in something in you that can be built upon, that can be expanded, a light that can be ignited and spread.


The words don’t do it justice  but there’s purpose in each one of you and these souls that are in spirit, that pull you into these experiences, they are offering you the opportunity to delve deeper into the human psyche and the connection to the higher frequency of “being” that these souls trigger in you - in your inner knowing.


They speak to you on so many levels and your mind wants to make sense of it, your mind wants to interpret, it it wants to understand, hear, see, and know cognitively with great certainty the messages that these souls are conveying to you.


Just remember that if they frustrate you:

it is not a punishment, it is not something you are doing wrong

They are not frustrating you and

They are not frustrated by you

They are simply existing as divine inspiration in a way that illuminates an area of resistance in your cognitive connection with your intuition or your higher awareness, thats what they do.


It's not to frustrate you, it's to allow you to recogonize where there is intellectual resistance, where the mind would doubt what the soul knows quite acutely you see.

Thats what you’re working through here, isn’t it?

You get the signs, you feel the presence, and as a human being you want to qualify it with your eyes, with your ears, with your ideas.

So the push-pull is a fleshing out of a new conversation, of a new line of communication…

New is the word I am tripping over - its not new, this is who we are as souls.

New to the logical understanding of you and thats what you are looking to rectify, it's not new.


It's deep beneath the surface but it is you and it is your ability to know your loved ones as a part of you that challenges any part of you that doubts it…

And thats the energy that appears to be frustration but it is a part of a process of self realization where if you don’t get stuck on the idea of it being frustrated you can utilize it as a process and you can say:

 “Aha focusing on frustration here will keep me isolated and separated, will keep me in the energy of frustration and in the uncertainty that that brings.”


Work with it, work with what your experience brings you, don’t identify with it, work with it.

Work with it to build upon, to grow beyond, to transmute with your intention to receive clearly, direct divine guidance from your loved ones in spirit that are always filling your field with their insight.

And you can play the game if you’d like because the mind needs things to work with so do create the image of the field, do create that idea in your mind that these loved ones exist in the field and it is for you to explore [the field] like a treasure hunt.

The treasures that they leave you - the signs & the synchronicities - Life is the field!


****** Synchronicities are moments of cognitive realization of divine intervention *******


The minute you realize the coordinated effort of spirit, you take yourself beyond your limits, you release yourself from any doubt, even if it's only for a brief moment, but you have the awareness, its there, its a part of you; 

your mind may question it and doubt it but the knowingness is there and thats the relevant experience; thats what you want to focus on. 

How often is that coming now?

Is that happening more often?

Do you have those moments when something flashes by you and you have an idea you know what that is, or who that is, or what that was, but you don’t have a tangible confirmation?


These are opportunities to explore your divinity.

And you don’t need to grab a hold of it and contain it in an idea.

At that moment you want to be present with it.

You want to breath deeper into what you're feeling and what you’re knowing and what you’re sensing.

Pay attention to that for senses are showing up now in many different ways.


******* The field is ripe with opportunity to make this connection real; to offer your loved ones in spirit a voice here and that's what they want; to be  heard, they want to be felt and they want to be known and they want to be realized.

And as would you and as will you. *******


Breath deep into the essence of your knowingness whenever your mind holds you hostage in the fear, doubt and uncertainty.


Keep releasing yourself from those limits so you can explore more of what it is your loved ones are bringing you now.


Realize that as this world goes through this metamorphosis process you too are changing, you too are rapidly advancing intuitively. 

All souls are.

And many that have left the earth-plane now in such rapid succession - they’ve created a wave that has opened the gateways, that have allowed there to be a higher frequency resonance and a greater ability to connect intuitively with your loved ones in spirit.

Be aware of the way life gets your attention now.

Be aware of the support system in place now. 

Don’t fear not knowing!

Open your mind to embrace the unknown so that the divine has a greater platform to create on.


******* Intellectual certainty will inhibit the souls ability to speak clearly! *******


So when you project your expectations at your loved ones; you are not giving them the freedom to speak from their advanced knowledge which is where you are looking to grow form.


We are all here as One to explore the human experience as divine energies of unconditional love and unconditional love brings us into that cohesive movement of Oneness. 


So when you close your eyes to the external world you open your mind to the internal Connection.

It does help, it does make a difference.

These souls you look to connect with, they are not physical, they don’t manifest in that physical way so you are now looking to receive them where they are,

yet your mind requests them to come where you are.

When you close your eyes and your mind to expectations

then you are free to explore,

then you offer that energy that says:

“I accept you as you are.

I receive you as you are now and

I open my mind to understand our continued connection in this way.”

Channeled February 13, 2021

via Laura Mirante

Eastern Time Zone 

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Anyone can Join and listen for $22.00


Eastern Time Zone 


"Conference Call" 

$55.00 for a Personal Message


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