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“More than anything, Easter reminds us that love will heal us….that life is eternal no matter our form…….and that life begins again with every breath”

Celebrate the Holy-days

with Laura, Dodi & our friends in Spirit


Share a special moment together with 

Laura Mirante and Dodi Mitchell

April 16th, 2022


We will stop, take a breath and get centered as Dodi guides us in meditation to a state of peaceful openness before Laura channels powerful, soul-nourishing insight from our brilliant loving friends in spirit.

Laura will channel as many individual messages from guides, angels or loved ones as time allows. It's always a new and unique spirit driven experience.


You can join live or receive the audio recording afterworlds (I am leaving that autocorrect!)

"Conference Call" 

​This is a live gathering with spirit in the comfort of your own home.

There is nothing that you have to do to prepare but breathe and have an open mind.​​ 


Each session is recorded and each participant receives an audio file. You do not have to be present live to receive the audio recording.

Each time you listen you open the door in your mind and invite in the energy of your loved one, guardian angel or guide and they will use that opening to help develop a more open line of communication if  you are willing and allow it.

It is always up to you how far you let spirit in to your experience.


"Conference Call" 

Live gathering in the comfort of your own home

There is nothing that you have to do to prepare but breathe 

and have an open mind.​


We understand people are in different financial situations 

so we are offering a sliding scale for these groups 

-- please pay what feels astute according to your current situation.

Thank you for supporting this work.