If you have suffered the loss

of a child

Laura would like to give 

you the gift of a message

from your child in spirit. 

These messages are

given in small groups

in a very private setting. 

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To join a group and

receive a message


Join a group where you can receive a message from a deceased loved one. 

All Laura needs is the name of the particular person you would like to hear from to make the connection.

You can ask to hear about their experience crossing over or their soul’s interpretation and insight on your experience.

Our loved ones are always eager to prove that there is something more than this physical life by confirming these channeled message with signs and synchronicities that get your attention.


Keep your life soulfully relevant

by coming back

each month on the 11th

to hear spirit’s perspective on 2021

and finding our way through this major moment of transition. 


It’s not easy in this world to stay in

Faith and open to spirit

when everyone around you is overwhelmed in fear of the unknowns.


This is a 6 session introduction to working with the pendulum series done in small groups 

(4-7people) taught primarily by spirit guides channeled through Laura. 

Each session is tailored specifically for each person by spirit as the classes come together to guide each person on how to identify and expand their own intuitive connection. 

The pendulum is an excellent tool to use to open your intuitive lines of communication. 

It can be used to receive messages from loved ones in spirit or for very practical guidance on day to day situations from your guides.