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If you have suffered the loss

of a child

Laura would like to give 

you the gift of a message

from your child in spirit. 

These messages are

given in small groups

in a very private setting. 

Register Here

To join a group and

receive a message


Join a group where you can receive a message from a deceased loved one. 

All Laura needs is the name of the particular person you would like to hear from to make the connection.

You can ask to hear about their experience crossing over or their soul’s interpretation and insight on your experience.

Our loved ones are always eager to prove that there is something more than this physical life by confirming these channeled message with signs and synchronicities that get your attention.


Keep your life soulfully relevant

by coming back

each month on the 11th

to hear spirit’s live channeled perspective on your questions.


You can send your questions to  

All topics will be considered and answers 

will be spontaneously channeled live each month.​​

Register to join Laura live or to receive the audio recording and transcripts.


12/4/22 or 12/18/22

Join a small group and receive a personal

message from the Higher self or Spirit guide.


2023 New Year

Higher Self Messages

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